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Jumping on the Bandwagon…

Well, looks like that I will be jumping on the blogging bandwagon.  This probably started when my husband started his blog for a car project.  He would blog the progress on his car, post pictures, talk about the changes he had done, and sometimes random thoughts were posted. 

A little bit about myself as the first introduction to the blogging world would be to talk about my hobbies.  First off, I enjoy reading.  I had gotten back in the routine of reading since completing my Bachelor’s degree.  Having a Kindle makes a world of difference.  I also enjoy scrapbooking, both traditional and digital.  I had not had much time on this part as I am currently enrolled in my master’s program.  At this point, I am halfway through, due to complete my last class in March 2010. 

I am married to a wonderful husband of 2 years.  We both have two adorable Boston Terriers.  We adopted them from a local rescue group that specializes in Boston Terriers.  We didn’t have the heart to go to a local shelter nor did we want to support puppy mills.  Leila came to us first at almost 2 years old and will turn 4 years old at the end of this year.  A year after adopting Leila, we decided to bring in another addition and playmate for Leila, Cosmo.  In the four months we have had Cosmo, the two dogs have been inseparable. 

That’s about it for who I am for now!  Toodles!