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I love reading book and would every chance I get.  I have a bit of my own library, not much, but there are some books I have kept from high school English classes or as gifts.  About 6 months ago, my husband purchased Amazon Kindle but have not used it much.  I have been using it the most and have lovd eBooks.  You could have many books in this one Kindle without having to have bookcases after bookcases.  This is a big thing with me as I do not like using up space.  Currently, the eBook I am reading is called A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander.  It is book three of Lady Emily Ashton’s adventure.  I am nearly done with it and I love how easy Kindle makes it.  I had purchased the book on Friday March 27th, approximately two weeks.  I have no clue what my next book could be.

Thank you Flergs!

You are probably wondering about the design of my blog.  As you know, I am a digiscrapper and wanted to buy one of the kits.  There were soo many designers to choose from and found one I liked from Studio Flergs.  Since we were in the same forum for digiscrapping, I shot her a private message talking how I loved her designs and how much I loved them.  I also mentioned how I was in search of a kit to use for my blog I was about to develop (with the help of my husband).  The only thing I had left was to convince him to let me buy the kit.  To my suprise, Flergs provided a complimentary kit from her store.  Oh yes!  So I picked up a kit called Grasshopper Kisses from her store.   Thanks Flergs!