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Haley’s Stats Updated

It is now 77 days until my due date.  Actually, the original due date used to blog my process is 12/11.  I’m especially thrilled that Haley is showing growth with the weight she has gained (which also counts towards my weight gain too).  

9/25/09  heartbeat 141 bpm  2 lbs 8 oz.
9/18/09  weight gained to date 20 lbs.
9/4/09  heartbeat 136 bpm  1 lb 10 oz.
8/21/09  weight gained to date 13 lbs.
7/24/09  weight gained to date 10 lbs.
7/10/09  heartbeat 154 bpm
6/26/09  weight gained to date 8 lbs.
6/19/09  weight gained to date  5 lbs.
5/26/09  heartbeat 168 bpm

Baby P is a Squash!

How far along?  29w0d
Total weight gain?  I’ve been up to 20 pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight.  This was from my last doctor’s appointment last Friday.  We are no longer doing every other 4 weeks.  We are doing every 2 weeks.
How big is baby?  2 pounds 8 oz. at our ultrasound appointment this morning.  Yayy for progress!  She is up from 1 pound 10 oz. about 4 weeks ago.  The ultrasound doctor wanted to keep an eye on the weight gain as well as my OBGYN.
Maternity clothes?  Yep!  Maternity bottoms and mix of maternity tops or pre-pregnancy tops.
Stretch marks?  Nope.  I am currently on tube #4 of my Palmer’s cream.  Love that stuff!
Sleep?  I’m getting them.  Since starting using my old pillow for stomach support, I’ve been sleeping better.  Without that, my stomach would feel sore or in pain from trying to sleep.  Another plus was we’ve moved the dogs back to their crate.  This means 2 less body heat from the dogs.  The sheets can sometimes get too hot for me during the night so I cover up or throw them back pretty often during the night.
Best moments this week?   Several moments…  People still comment on how tiny I look!  They don’t believe I am 7 months pregnant.  No, seriously, I really am 7 months people!  Haha!  My clothes aren’t that baggy, they’re actually showing off my belly.  I passed my GD test and really excited about it!  Maybe that’s why Haley and I were on the smaller end of the pregnancy.  My linea nigra is getting darker plus it is now going beyond my belly button, not below it.  Haley gained weight as we’ve learned at the ultrasound today.  We also found out both her feet and hands were on her face.  Both of ‘em!  She was giving the ultrasound tech a hard time getting a good picture of her face.  Wouldn’t even budge after she jiggled my belly a bit.
Food cravings?  Continues to be salsa.  I nearly wiped out a pint size of ice cream the other night.  I had wanted to spread it out, but no, I nearly finished it in one sitting.  Yikes!  I do enjoy having cheese too.
Food aversions?  *yawns*  Still boring in this area…  Maybe this means she likes pretty much anything we eat?
Labor signs?  Nope.
Belly button in or out?  It’s pretty shallow but hard to explain.  Part of it is trying to be out, part of it isn’t ready to be out.  The belly button area is pretty dang soft.  I always feel like I’m playing with it.
What I miss?  Now I have something new to add!  I miss giving myself a pedicure!  I didn’t realize how much I really enjoy doing this (although it’s nice having someone else doing it for me).  I told Ian that tomorrow I plan on getting a pedicure done for few reasons, I think I deserve it and my feet is in serious need of loving.  It’s looking quite a bit boring with barely any color on it.
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks?  Getting a few things checked off my baby to-do list.  I am looking forward to having a maternity photo session.  We might go to someplace like Sears or JCPenny and get their digital photo CD.  We prefer to print it ourselves.  Plus I can digiscrap it or print it when I need them.  The first thing that would take us closer to Haley being here is to pre-register at my hospital soon and register for some classes too.  

Baby’s energy is surging, thanks to the formation of white fat deposits beneath the skin. (Have those kicks and jabs to the ribs tipped you off yet?) Baby is also settling into sleep and waking cycles, though — as you’ve also probably noticed — they don’t necessarily coincide with your own. Also this month, all five senses are finally functional, and the brain and nervous system are going through major developments. 

It is funny with the above’s caption of the squash after graduating from eggplant, I don’t feel those jabs to the ribs just yet.  She’s been a pretty mellow baby.  Heck, all of her ultrasound, she was more mellow than actually moving around.  Now that she’s bigger, the tech was trying to get a good shot of her head picture for 3D profile, but that just didn’t work today.  We did get several pictures, not like the other ultrasounds where we had a lot of them printed for us.

I Passed!!!

I passed my GD test last Friday and my iron level checked out just fine!  Whoo hoo!  My nurse, Jessica, mentioned that the urine samples I gave them last Friday shows I have UTI, lovely…  I don’t think I’ve ever had it.  I don’t even know what kind of symptoms to watch out for.  She said that most wouldn’t have symptoms.  So she’s sent in some prescriptions for me to pick up to start off the antibodies. 

Today, I am 80 days away from my due date.  Wow…  It’s getting there!  Jessica also scheduled me for my next ultrasound this coming Friday so we will be seeing Haley again to check on my low lying placenta.  Not only that, but to monitor the weight gain of Haley to make sure she’s on track.  The doctor of the ultrasound office didn’t show any big concern with being a bit on the smaller side but had mentioned most likely the doctor would want to send me back to keep an eye on it.  That’s it for my quick update.

Haley’s Stats

With the last few appointments, I am amazed to see how much Haley progressed as we get closer to 12/10 due date.  Not to mention that my FMLA from work is approved!  The doctor said at each appointment the heartbeat continues to be strong.  I always love to hear and see her heartbeat during the ultrasounds.  Those are when they can actually measure them while the doppler at the doctor’s office is more of an estimate. 

5/26/09  heartbeat 168 bpm
6/19/09  weight gained to date  5 lbs.
6/26/09  weight gained to date 8 lbs.
7/10/09  heartbeat 154 bpm
7/24/09  weight gained to date 10 lbs.
8/21/09  weight gained to date 13 lbs.
9/4/09  heartbeat 136 bpm
9/18/09  weight gained to date 20 lbs.

Baby P is still an Eggplant…

How far along?  28w0d
Total weight gain?  I had my weigh-in at the doctor’s appointment and I am now up 20 pounds.  Keep in mind I don’t have a scale at home and no way for me to know between appointments.  But I did feel heavier when I walk as my hips sometimes would hurt or things like that.  I knew I was gaining weight, just not how much.
How big is baby?  1 pound 10 oz. at our last ultrasound appointment.  I am pretty sure she’s probably gained some weight as well.
Maternity clothes?  Yup.
Stretch marks?  Nope.  I am currently on tube #4 of my Palmer’s cream.  Love that stuff!
Sleep?  I’ve actually slept well with the new pillow we bought plus having the dogs sleep in their crate at night really helped too.  I use my old pillow to “hug” at night time and for support.
Best moments this week?   I realized earlier in the week that Haley had hiccups.  It was so cool!  At first, I thought she was kicking, but it became too pattern-like.  Thump thump thump thump.  I remembered my doctor telling me it might feel like muscle spasm.  It was close to muscle spasm only it wasn’t exactly that.  Ian still gets a kick out of when Haley moves and makes my leg twitch too.  Today, I had to do the diabetes test.  The doctor had me drink a sugary drink, fruit punch and wait one hour before they take my blood to check the levels plus the iron levels.  It was sort of icky.  Imagine kool-aid or HI-C but really wired or amped up with sugar.  The kind of stuff kids would want to drink, I assume.  Haha!
Food cravings?  Not so much lately, just continuing to be salsa or anything like that.
Food aversions?  *yawns*  Still boring in this area…
Labor signs?  Nope.
Belly button in or out?  Umm, I’m not so sure now.  Haha!  It’s shallow but at the same time it’s still in.  If I push down outside of the belly button with my fingers, it moves up ina shape of a crater or something.  That area is pretty soft.
What I miss?  Not a lot I miss at this point, perhaps it is because so far it’s been rather easy.  I’m always expecting it to be the worst, but it doesn’t happen.  Maybe not just yet…  I do miss sleeping on my stomach or laying down on my stomach sometimes.
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks?  Continuing to see Haley move (we can see her move from the outside too).  We will be pre-registering at my hospital soon and some classes too.  I am especially excited as tomorrow is the day we’ll start putting together the bedding for Haley.  My mother-in-law is helping put it together.  It will be an aqua color theme.  Haley’s room is painted in a neutral color, kind of a desert tan color, while the furniture is almost like dark chocolate color.  Hmm…  Aqua color with dark chocolate color, excellent… 

Baby’s lungs are mature enough that, if born right now, she has a pretty good chance of surviving (with help from medical technology).  Her skin is still pretty wrinkly (one byproduct of living in amniotic fluid) but will smoothen as fat continues to deposit.

Few more things I wanted to add…  I’ve noticed that I would usually get light headed, dizzy, increase in mucuous  or stuffiness, and even having nosebleed more often.  Sometimes I can’t breathe well.  Sometimes when I find myself laughing out of control, I lose control of my urine (whoops).  Or even have coughing fits.  I even asked the doctor about the pelvic pain I had, usually when I’m walking.  She said that it’s entirely normal since I am gaining weight and the baby is heavier and pressed down on the pelvic region.  She also thinks it is the ligament being stretched as the weight is pressed down.


I picked up a book today from Borders with what was left of my gift card.  Not only that, I found an online coupon for 30% off, whoo hoo!  Go me!  I have a gestational diabetes test this coming Friday and needed to bring something with me to keep me busy.  That means possibly 1 hour to 1 hour and half at the doctor’s office for the test itself.  Not only that, I will be waiting to see the doctor as well.  I have Twilight and New Moon in paperback.  My plan is to finish this series before switching to to buy eBooks for our Kindle.  I do love to read but just don’t have that kind of space for the books.  I think if I read on a weekly or biweekly basis, our house will fill up with books.  Ian wouldn’t like that.  Hah!  I’ve been meaning to pick up this book since it’s release but had put it off for a while until today.  Obviously, my next book is Breaking Dawn.  In case you’re wondering for Xmas idea, gift card is one of them for me to pick up some eBook copies.  *grins*

eclipse book cover

Baby P is still an Eggplant…

How far along?  27w0d
Total weight gain?  So far it’s been 13 pounds, but it feels like I’ve gained some more.  I’ll know for sure when going back to my doctor for my follow up appointment.
How big is baby?  1 pound 10 oz.
Maternity clothes?  Yup.
Stretch marks?  Nope.  I started tube #4 of my Palmer’s cream.  Love that stuff!
Sleep?  Since we moved the dogs back into their crate, I’ve been sleeping a whole lot better.  Mostly I think because the body heat from the dogs is uncomfortable on top of my own body heat.  With the new pillow we bought for ourselves, it’s been helpful as well.  I used the old pillow as a support and it does help when I just cannot lay on my side.
Best moments this week?   I was putting together a progression picture collection and I was amazed to see how much I’ve grown in the past weeks.  A lot of the pictures taken shows some of the common shirts I wear.  It’s amazing I wore the same shirt in different weeks with different results.  Also, continuing to feel Haley move is incredible.  Occasionally, I’d find some hard spots on my belly.  I think it’s probably the head or the knees where she’s pressed up really hard against the wall of my belly.  Ian had developed this sort of game with her where he’d kind of move my belly and she’d respond.  They go back and forth with each other.  It’s kind of funny.  There’s been a few times she kicked and it made my leg twitch, like I had no control of it.
Food cravings?  Just tonight, I’ve had to had something spicy.  So we went up to one of the local New Mexican style restaurant.  That did hit the spot.  Of course, I couldn’t finish it (I never do).  It makes an even better left over as it only gets hotter.
Food aversions?  I’m pretty boring in this area.  Still…
Labor signs?  Nope.
Belly button in or out?  It’s still in…  I don’t think it’s much of a belly button now.  It’s more…  bleh.
What I miss?  I might be weird for saying this, but I think I miss zippers at this point.  I don’t remember much what it feels like to have a belt and zipper.  All I have to do is pull up my pants putting it on or pull it down.  I defintely miss sleeping on my belly.
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks?  My ultrasound tech said I may get frequent ultrasound, depending on what the doctor says which I will find out next week.  I am looking forward to planning a few things:  booking maternity photo shoot (nothing fancy), signing up for childbirth class, baby showers, and many other things.  I’ve been good in resisting to buying clothes since I know people would buy Haley clothes.

Baby’s lungs are going through some major developments these days, which (combined with the opening of previously plugged nostrils) means he’s now able to practice inhaling and exhaling. The lack of air in your womb means every “breath” is filled with amniotic fluid, but hey — it’s progress.

I did have my dentist appointment today.  My hygienist was thrilled (they knew probably through Ian or his family as we have the same dentist).  They asked me all kinds of questions.  She also asked me if I’ve been having bleeding gums which is common among pregnant women.  I’ve actually had minimal.  She was suprised I’m in a great health and not having a lot of issues.  I think it’s been rather an easy pregnancy so far (knocks on wood) to a point where I make sure I take care of myself.  When I do take care of myself, I feel happier.  When I’m happier, it means Haley is happy.  Of course, visiting the dentist today meant I’d have my toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss that I could pack for my hospital bag.  It’s getting closer!


Baby’s Heartbeat

I just realized in the three ultrasounds I’ve had to date, Haley’s heartbeat started out high and slowly decreased.  Everything is checking out so far perfectly! 

5/26/09  heartbeat 168
7/10/09  heartbeat 154
9/4/09  heartbeat 136

The doctor placed my estimated due date to 12/10/09, that puts all of my updates 1 day ahead than I really indicated but I figured I’m not going back to change all the dates for that reason.  I will continue to take pictures of my belly growth and mark them as if the date is 12/11/09.  Although I am 26w1d today, I thought it’d be fun to post up comparison of my belly picture I took at 14 weeks, 19 weeks, and 24 weeks.  The shirt is the same in week 14 as it is in week 24.  Enjoy! 

14 19 24 weeks belly comparison

On a side note, the music that Haley seems to like so far includes Weezer, Green Day, Christina Aguilera, Ottmar Liebert (especially Santa Fe), and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, and maybe few more that I forgot to include.  Sante Fe, Haley really moved a lot to this new age music, more than most music we’ve heard to date.

Baby P is still an Eggplant…

How far along? 26w0d
Total weight gain? So far it’s been 13 pounds.
How big is baby? 1 pound 10 oz.  Today, I had the chance to see Haley for about 1 hour through ultrasound.  She is measuring small but considered normal and healthy!
Maternity clothes? I love my maternity jeans.  They’re so comfortable.  The secret belly panel makes it comfortable that my belly doesn’t feel as “heavy”.  Not sure if that even made any sense!
Stretch marks? Nope.  Stocked up on some more Palmer’s.  About to finish tube #3 and starting tube #4.
Sleep? We decided to move the dogs back into their crate few nights ago and I slept like a rock!  Must be from having additional body heat and trying to move and be comfortable whenever they move.  So it’s a win-win situation for Ian and I.
Best moments this week? Had to be today’s ultrasound appointment I had plus few days ago when I realized I may have felt Haley’s head.  The ultrasound appointment went great!  I spent an hour with Haley.  She gave us some great side profile pictures.  The appointment was more focused on her anatomy rather than taking bunch of pictures.
Food cravings? Still salsa whenever I have the chance.  Earlier this week, I had Subway and I asked for jalapenos (usually I don’t add it).  It hit the spot just right!
Food aversions? I’m pretty boring in this area.  Still…
Labor signs? Nope.
Belly button in or out? It’s still weird…  It looks like the belly button shape is becoming more oval and less defined as a belly button.  Ian says whenever I cough, it sorts of peaks up.  I have a feeling it may pop by the time I am ready to deliver.  We shall see!
What I miss? At this point, it is just having a good deep breath.  Moving the dogs to their crate was the reason for me sleeping harder this week.  I actually woke up in a pool of drool on my pillow.  Oh!  New pillow too!
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks? My next doctor’s appointment is in 2 weeks and will talk with her on the ultrasound results since the tech said Haley is measuring a bit on the smaller end.  Heck, my mom said I was born a tiny baby in contrast to my brother…  The tech said with the report she will send to my doctor, the doctor may want to keep a close eye on the development and how Haley is doing.  Which means I may get additional ultrasound appointments more often!  Yippie!  Which means more pictures and DVDs!  Then again, at the follow up appointment, that means I will be taking the 1 hour sugar test.  Note to self - bring a book!

Baby’s soaking up your antibodies, getting her immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and she’ll soon be practicing the blink…perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.

Haley’s profile shot from today’s ultrasound…  The doctor said that Haley is in a partially traverse lie position.  She said not to worry much since naturally the baby would and should flip heads down before delivery.  She also said that my placenta is moving on its way up!  Yippie!  My last ultrasound, the doctor reported that I had low-lying placenta.  That was the reason I was sent back to my ultrasound today for level 2 ultrasound.  I do recall seeing the placenta awfully close to my cervix and now seems further away this time.

Haley's Side Profile

100 days!

Wow!  Today marks 100 days before I am due.  I can’t believe I made it this far!  Many women would say things like they can’t wait until they get bigger, baby to kick, or other certain things, but I’ve been soaking in each day as I could.  For the days I felt like crap, I still soaked it up because I know it is because the baby is growing.  Some of the sleepless nights I’ve had didn’t matter much but can say that I was tired for a good reason.  I am approaching 3rd trimester very soon!