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Baby P is still a Honeydew!

How far along?  34w0d
Total weight gain?  Since my last appointment, I’ve gained another pound so I am up to a total of 30 pounds so far.
How big is baby?  No idea how big she is now, but I can imagine she is getting bigger.  We have not had an ultrasound in a while as the doctor hasn’t ordered one for us lately.
Maternity clothes?  I’m still amazed I can get by on few maternity items.  I can admit it can be tempting to buy more with cute clothes out there.  I’ve been doing good on that part.  With the weather becoming cooler, it is starting to become needed for long sleeves or anything to stay warm.  While I do not have maternity style for these, I’ve gotten away with some of my zipered hoodies and not zipping it up.
Stretch marks?  Nope.  Right now, my belly is getting a bit dry.  I try to keep it as moisturized as possible.  I’ve moved on to tube #6.
Sleep?  Eh, not even sure if I’ve been getting my sleep.  It appears she makes it routine to be up as early as 2am in the morning to play a bit or her hiccups wakes me up.  Sometimes after peeing it helps to get back to sleep.
Best moments this week?   Not much on big moments this week but mostly happy to feel Haley move.  Many people have asked if I get tired of her moving at all.  I tell them it doesn’t get tiring.  It’s comforting to know she is moving  and continues to be healthy whenever we go to the doctor.  The pregnancy have been pretty easy on me so far and I couldn’t be more thankful (although I expect the worst at some times).
Food cravings?  No new food cravings lately except the usual salsa, hamburgers, and cheese.  I’ve started to notice that I am getting a bit of heartburn.  I’ve never experienced heartburn before and it’s no fun.
Food aversions?  *yawns*
Labor signs?  Nope.
Belly button in or out?  Still in.
What I miss?  Being able to pick up anything from waist down or even bending over.  It’s becoming a challenge to even do that.  I feel like I have to plan it out.  That includes getting in and out of the car.
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks?  Actually, now I think about it, our first birthing class is next week.  I am looking forward to that.  Plus the baby shower is coming up which means for some people, they may see me for the first time or have not seen me for a while. 

Baby can recognize and react to simple songs…time to start practicing your lullabies! In fact, baby will recognize frequently sung tunes after birth and probably find them soothing. Less cute news: She now urinates about one pint per day. Get the diapers ready!

Baking Day

Today was a baking day and really felt like it.  I had made a store trip yesterday after work to pick up a few things for two recipes.  Yup, that’s right!  Two recipes.  Go me!  I still have about 1/4 can left of the pumpking puree I picked up.  Most likely would finish it off next weekend if I can decide what to do with the remainder puree.  Pictures to come soon!

Baby P is a Honeydew!

How far along?  33w0d
Total weight gain?  To date, it has been 29 pounds total.  The doctor is happy with the weight that both baby and I have gained.
How big is baby?  Haley graduated to a honeydew!  We have not had an ultrasound since 31w and know she has grown.  I am quite curious how long she is measuring.  The movements from her have been getting quite strong.
Maternity clothes?  What else?  Haha!  I do still fit in some of my pre-pregnancy tops, not the fitted shirts.
Stretch marks?  Nope.  I am on tube #5.  Speaking of which, I need some more!  ::scribbles down on shopping list::  I’ve been awfully itchy lately.  Argh!
Sleep?  I have been fortunate to have good sleep.  These days I would get up frequent in the night to pee or waking up pretty itchy.  When I do wake up itchy, I put on more lotion.  That seems to help.  These days I feel a bit sleepy and tired.  Like I want to take a nap, but I just cannot.
Best moments this week?   I finally called to make a photo session appointment.  I have also made arrangement for our childbirthing class.  It felt like I accomplished so much in the last few weeks.  I think we have found our pediatrician for Haley.  In the past week, Leila have been very protective and stayed near my belly or hanging out with Haley.  I have a picture of her doing that.  As having previous litters, I think she knows what is coming and want to make sure Haley is protected too.
Food cravings?  Add some hamburgers to the list…  I don’t think I’ve had so many hamburgers in the last month.  Just the thought of having a hot and juicy burger makes me drool.  Not to mention the cheese too.  Yum!
Food aversions?  *yawns*
Labor signs?  Nope.
Belly button in or out?  I don’t think it is making up it’s mind…  It’s weird I tell you…  Some days it looks like it’s gonna pop, other days it is normal.  Sometimes the shape is warped, sometimes not.  When Haley moves close to that area, you can see it being pushed out a bit, but when she moves away, it’s fine.  See…  I told you it’s weird.
What I miss?  Oh boy, I’m really missing beer.  Watching Ian try different beer is making me miss it much.  That meant the holiday brews are out too.  I know my time will come.  My time will come…  My time will come…  Not to mention sleeping on my stomach.  I love sleeping on my stomach and it’s my favorite position for naps.  I haven’t had a nap since this summer.  It isn’t the same without sleeping on my stomach.  I do find myself on my back sometimes when I wake up in the mornings.
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks?  Getting closer to our due date plus we have an upcoming doctor’s appointment.  I am fortunate to have such a stable pregnancy.  I am sure I still have few more things left on my to-do list. 

Baby’s senses are continuing to improve — when light peeks in through your (extremely) stretched belly, those tiny eyelids and irises blink and dilate. And, baby can now recognize and react to simple songs… time to start practicing your lullabies! Growth (at least inside your womb) is starting to slow, and you may notice baby descend into your pelvis at the end of this month.

Haley’s Stats Updated

10/16/09  weight gained to date 29 lbs.
10/9/09  heartbeat 137 bpm  3 lbs 8 oz. (24th percentile)
10/2/09  weight gained to date  24 lbs.
9/25/09  heartbeat 141 bpm  2 lbs 8 oz. (9th percentile)
9/18/09  weight gained to date 20 lbs.
9/4/09  heartbeat 136 bpm  1 lb 10 oz. (6th percentile)
8/21/09  weight gained to date 13 lbs.
7/24/09  weight gained to date 10 lbs.
7/10/09  heartbeat 154 bpm
6/26/09  weight gained to date 8 lbs.
6/19/09  weight gained to date  5 lbs.
5/26/09  heartbeat 168 bpm

Baby P is still a Squash!

How far along?  32w0d
Total weight gain?  I had my routine doctor’s appointment today and I am up another 5 pounds which brings the total to 29 pounds so far.  The doctor said that I am healthy and the baby is healthy.  No real concern yet.
How big is baby?  Last we checked at our ultrasound appointment on 10/9, she was 3 pounds 8 ounces.  She may weight a little bit more.  I do wonder how long she is though.
Maternity clothes?  Yep, what else?  Hehe.  I’m still fitting in most of my pre-pregnancy tops.  I can admit that I’ve had some shopping urges but they would need to wait until later this year so I can get more clothes, not a maternity item.
Stretch marks?  Nope.  I am on tube #5.  I continue to have super itchy belly.  Maybe that means the belly is continuing to expand?
Sleep?  I’ve had better sleep this week.  Last week was difficult for me.
Best moments this week?   Haley have been moving quite a lot this past week and this week.  She’s much more active after I have some Root Beer.  Thankfully, I love Root Beer!  I would be disappointed if that was one of the aversions.
Food cravings?  Root Beer seems to be more of cravings too.  But really, they’re so darn good!
Food aversions?  *yawns*
Labor signs?  Nope.
Belly button in or out?  It is still being weird.  The belly button itself could be defined as in or it becomes more shallow.  But it’s definitely still in.  I do wonder if eventually I would pop as I get closer to the due date.
What I miss?  I’m starting to miss beer quite a bit.  I know my time will come to being able to have some again.  Just not at the time being.
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks?  Next week doesn’t seem to have any appointment.  I realized that I have had an appointment on Fridys for nearly 2 months now.  Next week is the first time in a while that I didn’t have any so I’m definitely going to enjoy that.  So far, nothing have been planned except for some more research on few things.  I do look forward to getting some things knocked off the to-do list. 

Ready or not, baby’s getting ready to emerge. She’s probably in the head-down position by now, with her bottom facing up. This is the comfiest way for her body to fit in your increasingly cramped womb and will make her eventual exit (only a few months away now!) much easier. (If she’s still head-up, don’t panic — there’s still time for a flip before birth.)

Right now, I am 8 months pregnant and closer to December 10th.  Right now, I am 8 months pregnant and closer to December 10th.  My co-workers are actually starting to make comments when they think Haley will be born.  I’ve had some saying she’ll be early, late, night baby, or even morning baby.  We will see!

What is Sleep?

Geesh, I must say today have been quite the day for me…  It all started last night when I got home instantly feeling uncomfortable.  Most of it was trying to get comfortable with falling asleep which didn’t last very long.  I eventually drifted to sleep only to wake up again at midnight to pee, of course, what else?  I went back to sleep and woke up again 2 hours later to pee yet again.  This time, I couldn’t go back to sleep.  It was just overall uncomfortable.  I sat up for a little bit with my pillows to rest a bit and get comfortable again.  That didn’t seem to help a bit.  I decided to move out to the living room, make myself comfortable there and watch some TV.  I even did some of my UOP assignments - at 3am!  At some time later, Ian realized I wasn’t in bed and came to check on me.  I assured him I am okay and just couldn’t sleep being uncomfortable as I am.  He double checks that I am okay and to come get him if I need anything. 

Three hours later, my laptop battery is running low with about 1 hour left of battery life, I got sleepy (finally!) and started getting ready to sleep again.  I turned off the TV, turned off the lights, and put my laptop away.  I settled down on the couch to see if that helps rather than go back to the bedroom.  This was around 5am.  I woke up again 2 hours later to find that Ian is up and about with his morning coffee.  I vaguely remember seeing him come out of the bedroom with the dogs.  They even took turns sleeping with me.  I knew today was quite the busy day as it was the day I planned to take Ian out for his birthday lunch with a couple of our friends.  After all, it is his favorite local brewery and I couldn’t say no just thinking about their food.  So good!  ::drools::  I got up and dressed for the day.  We were out well until about 2pm.  We weren’t coming home after the brewery, we went to my parent’s for a Turkey dinner.  My dad wanted to practice for Thanksgiving day.  Haha!

At this point, I haven’t had a nap as I thought I would.  However, I did work a bit on my online assignments (it wasn’t until we got home that I realized they weren’t due until next week!) and was finished by the time people starting arriving.  We left after dessert so we can take care of our dogs.

The highlight of my day was registering for a childbirthing class which was literally 30 minutes ago!  It’s becoming so real right now!  I know it will all be worth it in the end even if I have more sleepless nights like last night.  I can’t believe how far we’ve come.  I think back to when we found out we were expecting at 11 weeks and think where we are now, at 31 weeks with two more months to go!

That was my day up to now… I hope Haley will allow me to sleep comfortably tonight.

Haley’s Stats Updated

It is now 63 days until my due date.  As of late, I’ve been such a farting machine.  I don’t have any control of it.  When I think I do, it fails me.  Of course, I could care less with the looks I’ve been getting.  What was I supposed to do, I’ve got a little one growing in me thinking it’d be fun to hold my gas until it builds up for the most impact. 

10/9/09  heartbeat 137 bpm  3 lbs 8 oz. (24th percentile)
10/2/09  weight gained to date  24 lbs.
9/25/09  heartbeat 141 bpm  2 lbs 8 oz. (9th percentile)
9/18/09  weight gained to date 20 lbs.
9/4/09  heartbeat 136 bpm  1 lb 10 oz. (6th percentile)
8/21/09  weight gained to date 13 lbs.
7/24/09  weight gained to date 10 lbs.
7/10/09  heartbeat 154 bpm
6/26/09  weight gained to date 8 lbs.
6/19/09  weight gained to date  5 lbs.
5/26/09  heartbeat 168 bpm

I leave you with Haley’s 3D ultrasound.  You can see a little bit of her face as she is a bit shy. 

31w0d face profile

Baby P is still a Squash!

How far along?  31w0d
Total weight gain?  So far it’s been a total of 24 pounds since my pre-pregnancy weight.
How big is baby?  3 pounds 8 ounces from today’s ultrasound.  This is in the 24th percentile as they said.  Two weeks ago, they said she was measuring in the 9th percentile.  Wow!  Go Haley!
Maternity clothes?  Yep, what else?  Hehe.  I’m still fitting in most of my pre-pregnancy tops.
Stretch marks?  Nope.  I am on tube #5.  I did have few days of super itchy belly this past week.  Instead of scratching away, I lathered up in the lotion.
Sleep?  What is sleep?  I felt like I cap-napped through the night this past week.  I’ve gotten up so many times in the night to go pee.
Best moments this week?   I’ve narrowed down to from 7 to maybe 3 pediatricians close to home and need to make a decision on the place for maternity photo.  The best moment of this week had been today’s appointment at the ultrasound office:  Haley has hair!  The tech showed us what the hair looked like on the screen.  It was awesome!  Although Haley wasn’t cooperating much today at the ultrasound, she did show us a little bit of her face.  She didn’t move as much.  Afterwards, we went out to lunch and left for work.  All of the sudden, she’s bouncing around and such.  What?!  I realized I had some Root Beer.  Of course!  That’s her favorite thing!  Every time I have it, she’s moving like crazy.  Perhaps I should try that before our next ultrasound appointment.
Food cravings?  Not much of cravings this week, more thirsty than really craving for anything.
Food aversions?  *yawns*
Labor signs?  Nope.
Belly button in or out?  I’ve been having sort of fun in this area.  I’ve discovered that in the morning, my belly button hole is more defined as an innie.  As the day progresses or as little as 2 hours, it becomes mushy and sort of shallow.  It’s a bit closed too, less defined of an innie too.
What I miss?  Being able to do a lot of things without feeling vulnerable, I think…  I didn’t think something so simple like tying my shoe would make me miss that a bit.  You don’t think twice about being able to bend over freely and reach your feet easily than it is pregnant with a bump in the way.  Not that it’s a bad thing, it just put some things in perspective.  Very interesting.  I feel like I have to plan each move if I’m going to do anything, bending over, picking up from the floor, setting things down, or even as simple as getting in and out of bed.
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks?  I’m looking forward to spending time with family.  I don’t have a lot of things planned as far as baby things.  I’ve done most of the registry stuff and that isn’t needing much of my time.  This weekend will be quite busy:  going out with the in-laws to dinner, going out with couple of friends for early lunch, then there’s turkey dinner with my parents.  My dad claims it is to practice before Thanksgiving day.  Hehe.  In training huh? 

Baby’s going through major brain and nerve development these days.  Her irises now react to light, and all five senses are in working order.  (She won’t pick up anything from his nose until after birth, though — smell is transferred through air, not amniotic fluid.)

How Cute?

Warning:  Cuteness in Post

I was browsing through clothings while “window shopping” online during my break from studying and writing my paper.  I came across a lot of cute baby items.  I felt if I’d wait until the baby shower to get whatever we’ll need that we do not receive.  I am pretty sure I will be given all kinds of things including clothings.  That’s why they call them baby shower, right?  “Shower” with gifts?  Hehe.  For now, I am showing off what I’ve found…





Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!  Cuteness overload!

Baby P is still a Squash!

How far along?  30w0d (10 weeks left!)
Total weight gain?  We had our check up today and I gained another 4, so make it 24 pounds since my pre-pregnancy weight.  The doctor is happy with my progress.
How big is baby?  My doctor this morning said the high risk doctor is wanting to have another ultrasound to monitor the growth of Haley.  Considering I’ve gained another 4 pounds since my last appointment, she might be more than 2 pounds 8 oz. at our last ultrasound appointment.  The doctor mentioned to us today that our ultrasound on 9/4/09, Haley was measuring at the 6th percentile of her weight and had me come back for a follow up appointment on 9/27 which placed Haley at the 9th percentile of her weight.  The important thing is that Haley is healthy and growing the way the doctor would like to see.
Maternity clothes?  Yep!  Maternity bottoms and mix of maternity tops or pre-pregnancy tops.  I’m surprised I still fit in my Forever21 shirts except the fitted shirts I have which obviously is too short to cover my belly.
Stretch marks?  Nope.  I just cracked open tube #5.
Sleep?  Eh, they’re okay.  I don’t really remember what a good night sleep is as I’m always tossing as Ian says.  I woke up at midnight to a really bad heartburn.  I’ve never had them before.  I started experiencing them just few days ago.  By now, I’m pretty much used to an okay sleep.
Best moments this week?   Ian experienced what it was like for me to feel Haley’s hiccups.  It had a rhythm to it and he thought it was pretty cool.  I also had a pedicure yesterday.  It was heaven.  My feet needed some loving.  I got several things on my baby to-do list checked off:  called for maternity photo pricings, pre-registered at the hospital, researched on the pediatricians close to home.  I started with almost 30 possible in-network doctors from my insurance’s website.  I am now down to about 7 after eliminating those that are obviously a trip from the house.  My doctor recommended for me to find something that is close to home.  I even updated my registry some more and feel better there’s more things there.  Sometimes I feel it’s not going to be completed but always a work in progress.  Mostly because some things are not being sold anymore and needing to find a replacement product.  I’m trying my best to finish as much as I can before the shower (and not peek into it).
Food cravings?  Continues to be salsa however, the last few days I just couldn’t have enough pineapple at my uncle’s house.  Few days later, I didn’t have enough of it but was not successful in finding them while I was at work.  This morning, it continued to be a cravings and stopped at Jamba Juice and got Aloha Pineapple.  That hit the spot since they used some pineapple juice and sorbet.  Thus far, it’s been fruits that I’ve been wanting.
Food aversions?  *yawns*  Still boring in this area…  Maybe this means she likes pretty much anything we eat?
Labor signs?  Nope.
Belly button in or out?  This is where it is weird.  I noticed that it’s starting to be a normal belly button in the morning.  As the day go along, it becomes shallow again and mushy.  The top part of my belly button seems to be trying to be out while the bottom part isn’t sure what to do, in or out.  I can say one thing, it’s really soft too.
What I miss?  It’s starting to be the point of being able to sleep and stay asleep.  I also miss being able to bend over without thinking about it.  I feel like I have to plan on how to not lose my balance.  That includes strategically getting in and out the car.  I also miss having a good deep breath as sometimes I feel like I didn’t get a good set of deep breath.
What I am looking forward to the next few weeks?  Continue to get things checked off my baby to-do list.  I am looking forward to having a maternity photo session.  I’m close to making my decision of where to go.  I also look forward to finding a plain white and/or black shirt that I can wear for the shoot as well as few baby props before the day of the shoot.  We have been told we’ll have another ultrasound next Friday so we’ll see Haley again!  Yippie!  (Hopefully she’ll cooperate this time to show us her face.)

As baby’s skin smoothes out, her brain just keeps getting more wrinkled. All those grooves and indentations increase surface area, meaning more room for that oh-so-essential brain tissue. She’s also adding some brawn — her grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger.