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Funny thing about burping…

We were talking today about burping and making sure Haley was able to get some trapped air out before eating some more.  That is accomplished by burping her.  It usually doesn’t take very much.  Sometimes it’s as quick as picking her up.  I mentioned that I had a few more burps with her to go before feeding her some more.  Ian decided to come in next to me and help me out.  He takes her, positions her for the burp duty and literally one pat on her back, she spat up a whole lot on his jean.  We looked at each other and just broke out laughing because we were JUST talking about that.  Haley was propped up by Ian, not having a clue what was going on.  All I knew was that she was rooting for the bottle.  She could care less.  After getting her fed and burped, she was all set.  Well, all that white gold from nursing her was a moot effort on my part.  Oh well, what could I do?

Haley is 4 weeks!

In the last few days, I’ve noticed Haley is gaining weight.  I didn’t judge this by stepping on a scale.  Mostly, it was from noticing all those bottles she has been eating on top of the breastmilk from nursing.  When I pick her up and hold her, I can tell that she is a bit heavier.  I suppose you can call that a mother’s intuition.  It was confirmed from visiting my parents when my mom mentioned that Haley looks more chubbier in the face.  Even Ian thinks so too.  At the least it is a good sign she is eating well.  I just can’t believe such a tiny thing would eat so much! 

Monday morning, I gave her a bath and it was the first time she didn’t cry much.  She must enjoy it.  Given that it is winter, I don’t blame her if she cries from being cold.  I tried to give her as warm a bath as possible for her comfort.  She actually enjoyed herself and looked around more than she was crying in the last few bath I’ve given her.  I had covered her up with a warm washcloth while getting her other areas washed down.

She did have some tummy time since then and she was doing pretty well.  She’s really working on lifting her head.  Even while I am holding her upright on my chest, she really does well with holding her head up for few seconds.  Of course, no muscle control just yet.  Still wobbly in this area.  In the past week, I’ve wondered while she sleeps, what babies dreams about.  All the facial expressions I’ve seen Haley do makes me wonder this very question.  Also, this past week, she had the chance to meet more family members…  She met my aunt from PA, my uncle and his two daughers (out of four) from CA.  They were all excited to meet her.  They cuddled with her and she was a good camper with them.


Law and Order

I just realized… ever since having Haley, this was our show of choice to watch during our waking hours.  Literally, there is a Law and Order marathon  Both Criminal Intent and Special Victim Unit.  Even at my 5am feedings, it’s what keeps me awake because there is enough drama happening to hold my attention.  What choice do you have when you are choosing between informercials and Law and Order?  I think I will choose the latter, thank ya.

Baby Gap

So we have a gift card to Baby Gap and seeing all the cute stuff they have, it was hard to choose. These are the ones I like so far. I think I’m dying with cuteness…
ladybug-shirt baby-jeans

What I like the most about the jeans is the fact that you can snap it open and close rather than taking the whole jeans off… I see several purchases of those kind of jeans in the near future…  It is hard to believe Haley will be a month old very soon.

Haley is 3 weeks!

Has it really been 3 weeks?!  Lately, Haley seems to be more aware of someone or something being in front of her and it appears she is trying to focus on it.  We also had some family time for a tamale day.  It was a lot of fun even though it was strange I barely participated this year to care for Haley.  Everyone got distracted with her cuteness.  Good reason for a break, right?  We even have her help in for one second with the tamales by having Nana hold the hojas.  Gotta start ‘em early, right?  I know I did have quite the early start. 

first tamale

There was a couple suprises here and there during her diaper changes.  Ian wasn’t kidding that she could get quite a distance with her golden arches.  Gotta be quick with her during those diaper changes.  I can say that for sure…  I still get a bit emotional every time I see or feel her hiccuping.  I’m also healing pretty good.  I still haven’t worked up the courage to sleep on my stomach but I do sleep in my usual position pre-pregnancy and it was nice being able to do that.  I also realize I have not worn my bra since 12/2 and can definitely say I sure miss it.  I have been allowing myself some time before searching for a nursing bra as I don’t know what size I would end up.  In the meantime, the nursing tank top is a lot easier to work with except that sometimes I’d fight with my shirts since the top and the tank top layer are so much alike, but not too much of a trouble.  It was a matter of knowing which layer to pull.

On a side note, couple days ago, Ian had bought me a new purfume.  It has a winter feel (or should I say smell?) to it.  It has a hint of woody and mostly vanilla smell to it.  It makes me feel like I want to bundle myself in a thick blanket of warmth propped up in front of a fireplace.  I love it! 


Haley is 2 weeks!

Haley is 2 weeks today!  Time has gone by much too quickly for my comfort.  She is back at her birth weight, 6 lbs 2 oz, after finishing her pedi appointment.  We think it is so cute whenever she squeaks.  Sometimes she would have a smile at the same time she squeaks.  My incision area tapes have fallen off.  Some sort of peeled off and lost their adhesive, so I pulled it off myself.  We also have decided to bring our dogs home tomorrow and to introduce Leila and Cosmo to Haley.  We have not seen them for 2 weeks and miss them dearly.  Healing from the c-section, I cannot imagine being home for the first week while being in the most pain would make it any easier.  I am fortunate to have someone help care for our dogs.  Not to mention, being with their friend, Pandy, for nearly 2 weeks.  I can imagine all the fun and play they’ve been doing with Pandy.

Haley is sleeping a lot and I am still able to participate in my online classes program as I finish up the final stages.  I will be on winter break from classes very soon.  This would mean upon returning from winter break, I will have two classes left before I am finished with my program.  In the meantime, I am able to squeeze in an hour or two of reading and writing for my papers and requirements.  If I am not working on my classes, I may be either showering and getting myself cleaned up, eating, resting, or anything I may want to do during that time.

I also bathed her for the first time today even though Ian has done this several times already.  I wasn’t exactly strong enough to do this myself with some back pain from the spinal tap but it’s gotten better.  With the spinal tap, it was rather difficult for me to bend over for more than a minute before sending my back in a muscle spasm or lock.


I did it…

I did it…  I trimmed Haley’s nails.  It was getting rather long and quite pointy since delivering her.  She would sometimes scratch herself or poke herself in the eye and scream for a short time afterwards.  After one of her feedings, she was out like a light and asked for Ian to bring me the clippers.  After I was done, I looked at the clippings.  They are TINY!!  Haley have been eating a bit more than usual since the hospital stay.  Perhaps she is gaining her weight back as her doctor wants to see.  We won’t know for sure until tomorrow.  I also noticed her eyes are becoming less blue than her delivery day.  It looks like it is turning more grey.  I think it might turn either hazel or close to brown.  We shall see!  Her head is full of hair, just like mama!  Only I hear that my hair was much more darker.  Haley also enjoys her Soothie pacifier.  I’m afraid of losing it and hope to pick up some more. 


As far as how I’m doing today…  I am doing better each day.  I have an occasional pain from coughing, sneezing, or even getting up too quickly.  It is amazing how quickly the time in the day goes by so fast before I realize it is bed time.  It wasn’t like that before having Haley!  I’m just simply amazed…  Not only that, but working on getting myself back in a routine and taking care of myself so I can take care of Haley.  I figured if I feel good about myself, I would feel better overall.  That was how it was during my pregnancy and probably why I never felt miserable or cranky.  I actually enjoyed my pregnancy and slept rather well despite the breathing issues at night.  Most of the rest contributed to having a SleepNumber, even now, it still helps very much.  With the back support dialed in at any moment’s notice does make a difference.  Getting myself out of bed can be a bit of challenge as I try not to use my abs while it heals.  I need to position myself in a way where I can roll myself over and push myself up rather than using my abs.  Perhaps by this month’s end, my arms will be toned up from all the pushing?  Hehe. 

Here’s what I would love to have right now:


Oh yes…  Manicure, pedicure, haircut, and eyebrow waxing.  The works…  Wait, that’s not all!  I’d love to have a massage now that I can be on my stomach!  Heck, even massaging m own feet was so good.  Must be from dropping the pregnancy weight and feeling good without those strains.  Well, maybe not exactly a massage yet until I can be on my stomach without pain.  It is sure weird being on my stomach after maybe 6 months of not being able to sleep on my stomach.

Haley is 1w4d!

How far along were you when you had your baby?  38w6d
Total weight gain?  33 pounds total
Total weight loss?  I am not sure yet, but will find out in few days at my post partum appointment.
Birth weight?  6 lbs 2 oz.  I predicted she would be on the smaller side, between 6 to 7 pounds.
How long was labor?  I was not in labor at all.  In fact, I don’t recall having contractions.  I delievered via c-section.
Back in your own clothes yet?  Err, sort of…  I fit in all of my tops as long as they are friendly for nursing…  I have not tried to get back in my pre-pregnancy jeans.  Not that I am afraid of trying, just mostly for the sake of my incision area and letting it heal as much as possible.  Prehaps I am waiting until the tapes are off to see how it looks like before I make my choice.  I’m only barely 2 weeks post partum!
Stretch marks?  Not at all!  Whoa!  I think a lot of it was from not gaining a lot of weight at a crazy speed or within a short period of time.  I also put on my lotion every morning or whenever I feel itchy.  The only thing that remains is the linea negra above and below my belly button.  It’s slowly lightening up in color, but it’s still there.
Best moments this week?  Seeing Haley’s eye open up for most of the day, her u-cord fell off, going to first doctor’s appointment, watching Daddy cuddle with her, and lots of bonding time with her.
What I miss about being pregnant?  Feeling her move inside of me.  Most of all, her hiccups.  When I held her during her hiccup bouts, I actually cried.  I was a mess.
What I don’t miss about being pregnant?  I can finally breathe!!!  My heartburn went away too…  It’s amazing how many things during the pregnancy made me realize some things shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Zipper is a simple thing yet does so much.  I am able to zip up my hoodie even though I still look few months pregnant.
How big is baby?  As of last Wednesday, she weighs 5 lbs 8 oz.
Baby’s temperament?  Pretty mellow…  She cries when her diaper needs changing, hungry, or wants to be cuddled.
What I am looking forward to?  Spending a lot of cuddle time with her and a lot of father-daughter moments.  Those moments makes me fall in love with Daddy all over again.  He’s very gentle with his daughter.  I love seeing her smile, looking at us, and exploring her environment.  She is getting stronger and determined to push herself up and her head up already!


You Might Be Wondering…

Have you noticed it’s been a while since I updated my weekly bump post of my pregnancy progress?  Sure you have!  I am happy to say that I had a good reason!  We had our daughter a week early than anticipated.  I won’t go in much details as I am working on the birth story as I want to remember them as much as I can when I look back years from now. 

I am happy to say that each day, Haley is getting stronger and even holding her head up already.  Of course, no actual control over it, but she’s able to push herself up.  I’m amazed at the determined little one!  In fact, few days ago we noticed she had her eyes open a lot more during the day.  We’re soaking in every bits of her.   

Today, her umbilical cord fell off while Ian changed her into a clean diaper.  It was funny, I had changed her early this morning and had a feeling she’d lose it anytime soon when I was having a closer look.  She still have some remaining u-cord on her belly button, but those are small fragments and will fall off in time.  Many of our family members came to the hospital the day she was born and met her for the first time.  We also had some visitors at home that spent more time with her or met her for the first time as well.  We are very happy to have the support of our families and friends that have shown us the love and support for us and Haley as well.

I have been asked many times:  “How are you feeling?”  I am healing just fine and couldn’t be happier with the way the past several weeks have turned out.  Granted the first week and a half or so was tiring as I recover, adjust, and getting better.  I was able to get out of the hospital bed the same day of the c-section by dinner time.  I feel today is my most comfortable day to date in the recovery process.  I’ve had some swelling throughout the day and think as long as I keep the swelling down, I’ll be just fine with the medications.  In the past week, we’ve already had Haley’s first doctor’s appointment.  I have to admit that filling out the paperwork for her at the office had me fumbling with the fields a bit, the same way I had done when filling out forms for my name change after my wedding day.

Right now, I look as if I am 3 months pregnant.  I am amazed at the human body and its capabilities of how it recovers from pregnancy on top of the c-section procedure.  I will have my post partum follow up appointment very soon and I am curious to see how much I’ve lost since Haley was born.  Throughout the pregnancy, I’ve gained 33 pounds.  I have also set up myself on the bed to the point where I can lay down almost completely from the incline position that I have been at since the hospital. 


Happy Family


Yet another set!  Obviously by now, you can tell I’m pretty simple on outfits, not a lot of patterns going on, really.  I like ‘em clean and crisp!  You like?