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Haley is 8 weeks!

She turned 8 weeks yesterday!  We’ve had quite a busy week…  I think she is going through a growth spurt too and have been quite a bit fussy.  This week, Haley slept for more than 6 hours at night at least 3 times!!  She slept nearly 8 hours last night.  I woke up in the middle of the night for her usual feeding and found her still asleep and didn’t know what to do with myself…  I just went back to sleep.  Of course, I woke up couple hours later checking on her to make sure she was okay.  Still sound asleep.  I will take what I can to get as much sleep as I can. 

This morning after her feedings, she fell asleep while I rocked her.  She didn’t stay asleep for very long and got fussy.  So I adjusted to make her as comfortable as possible and couldn’t get her to settle down.  I turned her around so she is facing out but still on her side so I can see her face.  That did calm her down quickly and we settled ourselves in this position.  Few minutes later, Ian came inside right when I looked at her face to check on her.  I realized then she was sucking her thumbs!!  She’s been trying to suck her thumb for a while now but this time, her thumb was IN her mouth.  Whoa!  It went on for a good few minutes before she startled herself and jerked her hand away from her face.  I kind of thought that was awesome and figured if she can do this, she can soothe herself when we aren’t around to give her the paci. 

However, this past week, poor girl seemed to have a bad case of gas and maybe backed up a bit.  That called for a lot of patience to help her pass this part of her fussiness phase.  It does make the day seem to go by quickly.  When I get up, by the time I have her setttled down, I realize it is very late in the afternoon or Ian would be due home from work.  Sometimes those days I find myself still in pj’s.  Last night after one of her feedings, Haley gave us this huge pouty face and we couldn’t help but giggle for a little bit before offering her comfort.  Poor girl, I hope she passes her gas soon.  This past week, we tried various of things from her baby swing, bouncer, and even to the Moby.  The Moby is pretty awesome.  See picture below.  The Moby settles Haley down pretty quickly.  (I am also showing off my new haircut here…)


We have also seen a lot of rain lately.  We did have a Tornado warning which was really weird to see that happening in an area where we get heat advisory especially in the summertimes.  It also meant lazy days at home with Haley.  We had tried to go out once and it started raining really hard and had to turn back home.  Haley had a lot of tummy time and floor time lately.  I wanted to change up her floor routine and decided to find her an activity center of some kind.  Score!  With a lot of kicking from her (which she seems to like doing), I found this center at a baby botique and brought it home.  She didn’t notice it at first, but eventually she saw it.  Each time she kicks the bottom board, the overhead would light up and have some music (like that would help her, haha!).  I think she also enjoyed the floor mirror I got for her.  The toys near her were gifts from the baby showers I’ve had.  She’s not quite reaching out for them and is only interested in kicking and more kicking.  Strong girl.  No interest in attempting to roll over whatsoever, but I know she will eventually discover that she can do it. 

Next week, we will find out how much Miss H have grown in ounces or pounds and her new length, if she’s grown any.  I am fairly certain she is heavier and longer.  Here’s my prediction:

22-23 inches
8-9 pounds



Bottle Rave

I have to say that since having introduced new bottles in Haley’s feedings, things have been so much better as far as spit up, gassy baby, less mess, and everything.  I had a sample bottle from my doctor (wide, not standard) and she took to the bottle pretty well from what we had.  Wednesday, after Haley’s appointment, I stopped at BRU before coming home to pick up more bottles (we had a starter gift from the baby shower).

Also, Haley is nearly due for her 2 months follow up appointment with her pedi and my prediction is:  22-23 inches long and 8-9 pounds.  I am fairly sure she is gaining well and getting longer.  Nursing her feels different for sure in terms of length as I have her at sort of an angle.  We’ll see!


All Thumbs…

As I sit here and writing this post, I see Haley in her mini-swing trying to figure out how to get her thumb into her mouth.  So far, she’s able to figure out the knuckles part of her hand.  I had predicted about 2 weeks ago that she’d eventually find her thumbs.  She is well on her way to finding them at this point.  Once, she thought it’d be a good idea to try and put both thumbs in her mouth.  Oh Haley, it doesn’t quite work that way…  Hehe. 

Also, while I was holding her after feeding her, I had a strange realization.  I had her on my chest and her head is against my chin and bottom lip.  Then I felt…  ::bump bump::  ::bump bump::  ::bump bump::  What was that?  I looked at the top of her head and closer.  Hmm, I could see the top of her head pulsating.  It was so weird to see and feel it!

Morning Pilates

I think I had the busiest morning ever!  After all was said and done, I decided to do some pilates when I saw Ian had put her down on the Boppy quite a bit drowsy.  The pilates was about 30 minutes.  I could feel the areas being worked, mostly my belly and thighs.  I had a realization a while back that having Netflix meant I could play some videos off the computer.  Hmm, the wheels in my head turned and experimented with some exercise DVDs and found it worked.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  Oh well…  I choose Crunch’s Pick Your Zone Pilates.  It wasn’t so bad and felt it focused a lot more on my legs and the core.  Having taken a pilates class couple years back at a local community college, I remember my arms being worked more than what I followed with the DVD.  I would have liked some more arms, but there wasn’t much on the DVD for that.  I liked what I saw/did anyway.  I thought it was sorta like an express pilates.

Truth be told, I find it encouraging to write about what I did for my exercises and hope to keep it up in the future. 


Haley is 7 weeks!

Today was quite the day for everyone!  Haley turned 7 weeks which means she is almost 2 months!!  Where did the time go?  Haley’s floor time is increasing including tummy time.  I remembered it didn’t last very long but she’s getting better.  She is trying to rock herself to the side.  Even last week or so she was on the changing table on her side but not actually rolling over entirely.  Smiles are becoming more frequent.  I am breaking down the series of event today that was major for both Haley and I…

Hearing Evaluation:  Because Haley’s hearing test at the hospital didn’t pass (which doesn’t always mean she failed).  The hospital’s testing only goes up as high as 35 db (normal is 20 db).  I woke up 6am to get ready and dressed for the day, which meant she couldn’t have her feeding.  I let her sleep and got both of us ready to head out for her appointment.  When I arrived for the appointment, we waited until the lady could meet us.  Haley was sleeping since we left the house.  What a champ!  The test required for her to be sleeping at the least.  The lady tested her ears first to make sure there’s no ear infection and a real quick test.  When she got the baseline information, she moved us into a different room for the real test.  The lady cleaned her forehead and behind her earlobes, started hooking her up with some wires.  Haley started to look a bit of a cyborg baby.  Her right ear completed the test and learned there was a profound hearing loss.  No biggie!  Onward to the left ear and halfway into the testing, she woke up and we had to stop the testing.  I fed her and was able to get her back to sleep and we completed the test.  Left ear, profound loss as well.  Still, no biggie!  Ian and I were diagnosed when we were about 18 months while Haley is at 7 weeks, big difference!!  The whole day was just a surprise, especially this morning!  Wow, house full of loud noises continues!  ::cranks up the TV::

Trip to Store:  Having had my post-partum appointment Monday, the doctor cleared me for driving.   Yippie!!  Today was my first time to be out on my own in the wild.  Ahem, I mean, out in the world fully functional.  Of course, I still have to take it easy if I feel I’ve gone too far.  After finishing the appointment, I made a trip to the store to get more bottles (the bottle I got at the baby shower worked like a charm and I went to get more).  At this point, she’s still sleeping.  I realized she lost one of her socks, one of the socks I really like.  Rest in peace brown sock…  Is it lame that I actually took a picture of it to remember what it was?  I browsed through Babies R Us for a while, found the bottles I wanted, browsed some more.  Decided to head home to get myself some lunch and before Haley wakes up for her afternoon feeding.  It was hard to resist buying clothes for her!  I figured I had so many onesies, I would try to find one more pair of jeans that can fit her right now, but no luck.  She has two other jeans, 0-3 months and 3-6 months.  Even the 0-3 months were too big for her right now.  I checked the sizing chart and turns out it is on the bigger scale than most companies.  Oh well…  The jeans had a snap-open kind of seams to make the diaper an easy access. 

Chest Time:  I don’t even know if chest time is even a word in baby world.  I think it’s a modified version of tummy time but more inclined/upright.  Anyway…  Ian arrived home from work.  Haley JUST woke up probably 2 hours prior to Ian coming.  Before he came home, she had some floor time and tummy time, much longer each time we do it, which is great!  Ian had some cuddle time with her on his chest and Haley was nearly vertical (I got it on video!) and she’s done really good with that.  I figured with chest time, with progression she’ll be able to tolerate more horizontial position.


Date Night and Yoga Mat

Last night was the first time that Ian and I had gone out together for a long time since Haley was born.  We did go out together but it was to pick up some food and come back while Haley was being watched.  This time, we went out for maybe a good 3 or 4 hours.  After a pathetic showing of the Cardinals-Saints game, we headed out to the restaurant, ate our dinner, and chatted.  When we were finished, we went to pay (with gift cards we received), the restaurant had a store as well.  There was so many cute stuff but for my sake, I kept it simple and browsed instead.  I did pick up some pancake mix and their syrup as well.  Ian said the pancake (he had that for breakfast) was pretty good.  I also picked up some oil-like container that comes with wooden reed.  I have to comment that Ian believes candles to be “industrial waste” and have said this many times whenever I light up the candles I have.  Of course, I don’t light it up as often as I would always hear “industrial waste”.  He didn’t mind the oil version of the scent and I was really excited to finally have the luxury of a nice smelling object that I can put around the house.  For now, I am starting with one. 

After that, we made a trip to the store for him to pick up a few things.  On the way to get those stuff, I spotted a yoga mat in one of the asile.  I don’t know why, but I just had to pick up a mat for myself.  I felt like I needed something like this to help encourage me to exercise at home more.  While looking around, I also made a realization that if we had Netflix, there had to be a section for fitness as well.  Not only that, but they do have instant play.  Hmm…  I put two and two together and planned to look it up as soon as I could remember (which was today).  Sure enough, there was an instant play collection.  It’s not much, but it is still something.  So far, I’ve tried one DVD, which was okay, and the free DVD that came with the yoga mat.  I have to admit that the yoga/pilate DVD I checked on Netflix was a much needed stretch since the c-section especially in the lower body area. 


Haley is 6 weeks!

Has it really been 6 weeks since delivery day?!  I thought today was Wednesday which is the days she would turn weeks and realized it was yesterday.  Yikes, time really flies.  We are falling in a routine where it is getting pretty much better these days.  At first, we had no idea what our day would be like but the past couple weeks have been a bit easier.  She continues to find her hands and starting to become more vocal.  Sometimes she gets fussy.  After I realized she is less fussy when I change her diaper, I started putting her on the floor for some floor or tummy time some more.  The first few times at around 3rd week didn’t go so well that I decided to wait some more before trying again.

In fact, yesterday’s tummy time, she tried to push herself off the floor like some mini-push-ups about 3 or 4 times.  She does really well with holding her head up while on our chest, but floor time proved to be a big milestone for her in my opinion.  To each babies their own.  I finally caught on my camera a shot of her making some bubbles with her mouth and making raspberry noises.  From what I read, babies do this to prepare and exercise their vocal chords which would give way to babbling for language development.  Hmm, interesting.  Whenever we make dumb noises at her, she responded by cooing and smiling.  We get the biggest smile if Ian does it.  It is funny watching Ian make funny noises. 

In this past week, I was able to get out without Haley for half a day which was really nice.  In other words, Ian kicked me out of the house (not literally).  I had my mom drive me to my haircut appointment and a little bit of shopping too.  Lunch was in the mix as well.  It was nice to get out although not being able to drive can be sucky at times…  I bought a pair of jeans for Haley at different ages.  I may not be able to use it for another month, but scored on them as they were used with gift card credits AND being on sale too.  Being a December baby sure has its perk, for one, year-end sales.  Haley and I are sure lucky!  She is still in newborn size clothes.  We were running out of diaper and about to go for a diaper run but wasn’t sure if we would move her to size 1’s or continue with newborn.  Sure enough, size 1 was just too big for her.  Hmm, must be a tiny baby for her age.  I dunno.  Her next check-up isn’t until she is 2 months old.  I know for sure she’s gained some weight, but it’s how much that we don’t know.  I have been doing the daily walk.  Not exactly daily, but I’m working on it and have been out 3 times.  I think…  I really like the stroller and it was not all that bad and glad we went this route over travel systems.

I think I also earned yet another “Mommy Badge” this past week.  I was trying to calm Haley down from being a bit fussy and was about to put her down and adjust her blanket.  Next thing I knew I felt warmth on my left feet and left thigh.  I had no idea what it was since I was holding Haley at this point.  I looked down and what do I see…  White gold everywhere.  Yuck…  Cosmo decided at that point he wanted to be a good dog and help me clean it up.  Ugh.  So I hurried to fix her blanket, set her up in the Boppy which did calm her down for a while, and went to change my jeans.  Somehow, none of it had touched my shirt.  For the first time this week, I was able to lay down on my stomach (this was while I was keeping Haley company on her tummy time).  I can’t remember the last time I could do this.  Here’s Haley at 6 weeks from one of our floor times…

6 weeks

Cosmo can sing!

After feeding Haley, changing her diaper, waking up from her nap, she was quite a bit fussy for the evening.  So I decided to try and rock her in attempts to calm her down.  With her in one arm and a phone in the other, I browsed on YouTube for some songs for her to listen and help her fall asleep.  I found a lullaby and started playing it.  It was Hush Little Baby and she started dozing off and having a huge smile on her face with eyes rolled back.  I played the song several more time and turned over to check where the dogs were.  Leila was MIA and Cosmo was on the couch howling with the lullaby.  It was so hilarious I had to play it few more times.  Silly dog!

Random Thought…

I just realized today was January 10th, 2010.  I made another realization that at 1:10am and 1:10pm today had two different things I did…

1:10am on 1/10/2010 - I was just finishing feeding Haley and rocking her to sleep.

1:10pm on 1/10/2010 - I was writing my paper for my online class to finish my degree (2nd to last class).

Tiny Sneezes, Squeaks and Smiles. Oh My!

I’ve found that Haley’s tiny sneezes are farking adorable!  She does ‘em once or twice.  Sometimes she has her binky in her mouth and it pops right across me.  Quite the distance on that one.  There’s everything I love about her.  When she eats, she rolls her eyes in a way where she’s totally in lala -land and satisfied with herself in the process.  It was also today I caught her smiling at me for the first time.  She may have smiled at Daddy (Ian) but no way for me to know.  I was talking to her after one of her diaper changes and there it was.  Awww…  I’ll have to try and catch it on picture, if not, for sure at a later time. 

The other day, Haley did have hiccup and I’ve found myself still a little bit emotional from remembering what it was like when I was carrying her.  The little kicks, nudges, and the bumps that felt like muscle spasm.  I miss those.  She is growing each day and I try to encourage her development with floor time, tummy time, even some Boppy time.  I’m suprised she’s done so much already.  I don’t think she likes blanket that much and even kicks them off.  Oh well.  I’m even more suprised that at night time she can sleep like usual without being swaddled.  Not to mention, her tiny squeaks that comes out of her.  Sometimes she lets some out while we feed her, sleeping, napping, any time, really.  It is almost as if she’s making an effort to have a big sigh but it comes out as a squeaky voice.  So cute!  I also think she is making effort to make bubbles with her mouth.  When she yawns, she tends to stick her tongue out.