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Haley is 16 weeks!

This past week really flew by so fast, I felt like I only posted about last week yesterday.  More like the blink of the eye.  Not a lot happened this week except her usual routine of sleeping, waking, eating, playing, rinse and repeat.  I think as of late, I’ve been adjusting to being a working mama.  We met with her parent advisor, basically for them to help us with any resources or providing us help with Haley.  It was nice to know that the service is available for such things like speech therapy, aiding her transition to school, providing resources, or anything that may benefit us as a parent and for Haley.  She continues to enjoy her bathtimes.  I even took off the canopy part of it and she’s sitting up on her own with some help to make sure she stays upright. 

Last Saturday, I even pulled out the exersaucer we got from a friend of ours.  It took few minutes to get it open after looking at it closely, which I didn’t really do when we first got it.  She loved it!!  I let her sit there for a few minutes and she just kind of hung out there.  I even got some pictures of her in there including video.  She is starting to become a little bit more interactive.  Sometimes we would sign to her and she would either respond to us by smiling (which she does a LOT), squealing, cooing, laughing, or just staring at us.  I look forward to developing a relationship as she becomes more interactive.  I also like watching Ian interact with her.  I get a lot of comment from people who thinks Haley looks a lot like Ian these days. 

This past week, I met few co-workers who I have not seen since my pregnancy leave.  They basically commented on how I looked like I never had a baby.  They meant that in a good way.  I think that is great!  I’m feeling great about myself.  Not that I am obsessed about my body image post partum, but I would like to try and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight which is slowly approaching.  It took me 9 months to gain the weight for the baby, it will take 9 months to lose it, right? 

Finally, to wrap it up…  Haley hit a huge milestone this week, in fact, today!  She rolled over.  YES!!  R.O.L.L.E.D.!!  This was from back to front.  I basically started crying when I heard of this.  Most of it was because she’s getting so big!  ::checks off rolling over for her 4 months check up::  I hope to be able to see her roll over just for mama and daddy. 

16weeks a

16weeks b

16weeks c

Mother’s Day Wish…

Wow, Mother’s day is coming around the corner… 

I have no idea what I’d like to have on my first Mother’s day.  We didn’t really count last year.  But I know I’d like to have a combination of a few things:

  • Flowers - I know that I told Ian that it was a waste of money, but I’d love some flowers.  I’ve come to like few types of flowers on top of the traditional roses which are the Lily family including the Peurvian Lily, Cherry Blossom, and of course, anything that smells sweet and looks pretty!
  • Brunch with the little family - I’d love for the 3 of us to go out for brunch. 
  • Cards from Ian and Haley - as much as that is sentimental, I think I’d be a sappy mess if I got 2 cards, one from each of them.  Even more sappier if I can get a handprint and foot print from Haley or something. 
  • Manicure/Pedicure - then in the afternoon, he’d send me to get my digits done.  Nothing else than having someone do it for you.  It’s a lot different than doing it yourself.  I think it’s the feeling of the pampering.
  • Gift - for a while now, I’ve been wanting a digital frame to showcase my favorite photos.  It’s hard to just pick a favorite picture to frame it.  I figured a digital frame is best as I can show many pictures without running out of room on the wall or on my desk. 
  • Ring - as sappy as it sounds, but I hope one day I will have an anniversary ring from Ian to mark the wedding (since our anniversary is coming up soon), I’d like it to complement the wedding ring I have now.  This I hope to have sometime down the road but the others mentioned above would be nice to mark off the first Mother’s day. 

I would like to share a post I found last year about surviving Mother’s day last year.  Let me elaborate…  Ian and I decided not to tell the families just yet as I didn’t have an opportunity to see my doctor which wasn’t until May 21st.  I got a positive test on May 7th, Mother’s day was May 10th and to have dinner at my uncle’s with family members.  It was so hard because everyone was talking about my cousin’s wife who was pregnant as well.  She was about 3 months ahead of me which would have made her about 6 months pregnant at the time.  You have no idea how hard that was not to say anything.  The reason being when my uncle announced for all mothers to get a plate, there was my Gramma and my mom.  I made soo many trips to the bathroom that day hoping no one would notice or ask.  Luckily they didn’t.  We weren’t ready to be outed yet and much too soon.  I actually had the opposite effect, I got a lot of comment on how I looked great as if I lost some weight.  Umm, thanks!  :D

Haley is 15 weeks!

Weekly update time!  This week, there’s been a lot of things happening yet no milestone or development occurances.  Yesterday, Haley turned 15 weeks yesterday.  I couldn’t believe THAT much time has passed.  Haley is becoming more alert what is happening around her lately.  She’s also fascinated with TV.  That’s a given since I believe with a loss of a sense, the other senses increases.  She’s very visual.  We have been watching American Idol Season 9 and one of the girls was voted off and I saw her laughing at the TV, it was hilarious!  I even caught it on video!  You gotta be quick these days…

Ian tells me that the best part of his day is going home to pick Haley up from his family who have been so nice to watch her since I returned to work.  As soon as she sees daddy, she squeals in excitement and becomes a little bit spastic.  I don’t blame her, she absolutely adores Ian.  She also gets excited when I sign to her that it’s time to eat (aka booby time).  She seems to recognize the word “funny”, “milk”, “hungry”, “eat”, and “booby”.  Yes, booby, what else?  Hehe. 

In the past week, she ALMOST rolled over.  She would plant one feet down near her tushy while the other leg is stretched over and using that leg to give her some motion.  I think if she uses her arm, she can roll over.  She’s made so many attempts in the past week, more than in the past.  I really feel it’s just around the corner, maybe before March is out.  She still loves her bath times.  Who doesn’t like warm water?  Defnitely not her!

Haley also has a bald spot on her head from looking left to right and back so many times that she rubbed the hairs off.  She would do this in the bouncer, boppy, PNP, anywhere.  I swear she would look back and forth so often that she’d probably start a fire or something.  She continues to eat well and sleep well.  Speaking of sleeping, she goes longer with her sleep.  I would put her down maybe 10pm and she’s up at around 4am.  Sometimes she’d be still asleep when the alarm goes off at 6am. 

I’m still breastfeeding her, I’m not ready to give up that special time with her.  Not only that, it has benefits for both of us.  I would have to pump at work to maintain my supply.  One day I came home and started to store what I’ve pumped.  I poured it in the plastic bag to freeze and out of the blue, I thought, what does it taste like?  Mind you, as gross as it sounded, it was actually sweet and thin.  Don’t get me wrong, it was out of curosity.  The next thing that happened was Ian making the comment somewhere along the lines of: “Ah yea, you got skim milk, that’s probably why Haley need to have formula afterwards to fill up some more…”  I couldn’t get past the skim milk and just burst out laughing.  Can you say mooooo?  Of course, I’ll close the post with pictures from this past week.

15weeks a

15weeks b

15weeks c

Haley is 14 weeks!

I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing “weeks” because I like updating weekly if I can.  I think mostly because I get to choose a picture for the week.  I love it!  People have been asking me about being a mama.  I love it very much.  It’s put a lot of things in perspective for me.  I can’t quite explain it, but it really does.  These days, wrapping her in a blanket for bedtime is becoming to the point of “do we have to do that”?  Haley find ways to get out by “grasshopper” movements but backwards or so Ian says.  I think it’s true since you could put her on the floor and few minutes later, she would be some degrees around from when she first started out.  One day she’d be 90 degrees counterclockwise and the next she would be nearly off her blankets.  That tells us she’s getting stronger on her legs.  Who knows, she may roll over anytime soon once she figures out how to swing her legs over.  Ian had his day earlier in the week to watch Haley and he told me she really laughed at him for a long time.  He made goofy faces at her and she’d laugh at him for a while. 

There were few days in the past week where she would get home from the day and I come meet her.  She would be excited to see me and have our special sessions together.  Not a lot has changed except she’s getting bigger by the day.  I feel so fortunate to have a mellow baby like Haley.  We don’t have to be on our tip-toes when putting her to sleep.  Truth be told, we’ve always put her down awake.  There would still be times she would be fussy and they’re mostly because of a dirty diaper, gas, or going through growth spurt.  Speaking of growth spurt, we are going through this again.  I think this time around, it’s quicker.  Our first growth spurt seemed like it took a long time for her to get over it. 

We met with my family at a pizza place, which was really good.  My aunt and uncle wanted to meet her.  I think she stole the spotlight with one of their waitress.  She even brought Haley a cute t-shirt!  That was unexpected!  Haley was really alert through the dinner other than being a bit fussy due to being a bit warmer in the building.  We had her stripped down to her onesies (after taking the jeans and socks off) she was a bit comfortable but not for long.  Her uncle and his girlfriend came by too.  They made her an adorable beanie hat which she modeled just for them. 

Since having Haley, I have to say my photography skills have been improving.  I’ve been toying a lot with my camera, playing with some settings and things like that.  I’ve been using a bit less of the autmoatic or pre-settings and manually changing the settings.  Once in a while I would toy with the features to see what comes out.  I love sunny days since I get more natural pictures rather than flashes where it makes everything look washed out.  I even tried out the macro setting.  It was awesome!  I don’t think I could choose one photo but to show what I’ve done, I posted several.

14weeks a

14weeks b

14weeks c

14weeks d

Haley is 13 weeks!

Well, our household has had quite the week!  It was a myraid of activities this past week.  Let’s see if I can try to sum it up…

  • Mama returned to work
  • Almost rolled over but not quite…
  • Mama and Daddy went out for sushi (it was heaven for me considering raw fish is a no-no in pregnancy)
  • Watches her hands opening and closing these days
  • Enjoys pulling things towards her (blankets and burp cloths), sometimes she enjoys kicking them off afterwards
  • Turned 3 months yesterday!
  • Sleeping at night with both arms out of the swaddle
  • Lots of smiling
  • Lots of sucking on hand and finding her thumb faster
  • Upgraded baby seat to the next slot ::tears::

Wow, that was quite a handful…  All in all, it was quite a busy week.  I feel like I am back on that “getting in the groove” thing each time a new dynamic is thrown into the mix aka me returning to work.  I am keeping it this short this week mostly for that reason.