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I had an “off” night last night from exercising Sunday and Monday.  I figured like I told Ian, two nights on and one night off.  You should have seen the look on his face.  I was determined I could make this work until I can aim for everyday.  I don’t want to have to drag myself into the car with wobbly knee and figured it was the best way to get into a routine.  First two nights were pilates.  I decided to change it up tonight and did a bit of weight even though I don’t actually have one.  I pretended to be holding it.  This time was Self: Bikini Ready, Fast!  I actually enjoyed it even if my knees was about to buckle underneath me.  I think having the baby put down for the night and exercising right after that works, so far…  This one got my heart rate going quite a bit and thought I’d break a sweat right there. 


I’m feeling pretty good about myself these days.  I think mostly because I’d like to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, set a good example of myself for Haley in leading an active lifestyle, or even doing things that makes you happy.  For me, it was probably a moment that I can have to myself without the baby.  Of course, I was constantly eyeballing the monitor, but Haley was a good girl and went asleep, fast!  Get it?!  Huh?!  Nah?  Moving on…  I’ve been wearing my pedometer from work.  I’m not sure but I think something is wrong with it since I did move around a lot outside of the office.  I might ask for a new one tomorrow.  I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow, probably back to pilates or some stretchings.  We’ll see!  Until then!

Wellness Assessment

Okay, so I found my wellness assessment from last year so I can compare it to this year…

The weight is probably out of the picture since I’m working on getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I know that for sure.  I have 10 pounds to go!  I feel as long as I stick to it, I’ll get there!  The lady who did my stats said that nursing will help me get there if I keep up whatever I’ve been doing last year.  Last year, I did an experiment by cutting out all sources of pop (I should do that this year), I lost 10 pounds because of that.  I know one thing I have to keep in mind is my shape is somewhat different now.  My hips have been wider than last year because of carrying Haley and that was to be expected.  No idea if it would actually “shrink” back, but not expecting that.  Anyway…  Stats are here…

Blood pressure:  110/78
Total Cholestrol:  129  *desirable
HDL:  70  *optimal
LDL:  21  *optimal
Triglyceride:  192  *borderline-high
Ratio:  1.9
Glucose:  78  *fasting

Blood pressure:  100/70
Total Cholestrol:  118  *desirable
HDL:  60  *optimal
LDL:  37  *optimal
Triglyceride:  104  *normal
Ratio:  2.0
Glucose:  85  *non-fasting; I had a cup of coffee with milk and sugar
Weight:  9 pounds higher than last year as baseline (and it’s also my pre-pregnancy weight)

All in all, looks like everything is just about the same except my weight is higher and my triglyceride levels is a lot lower.  I was surprised at this!  I did try to eat well and everything.  My HDL did drop a bit and the LDL raised a bit but still in the optimal range.  The ratio is not all that different.  I need to find out how that is calculated…  They want to see 4.0 or better.  Mine only went up by 0.1, not all that crazy of a difference.  That’s good right?!  Not to mention, my blood pressure is lower from last year.  Hmm, I know I moved around a lot since having Haley but not really exercising.  With all thse movements, it’s nearly as if I exercised, but not really.  I would run around the house, get as many things done as quick as possible while she’s asleep!  Superwoman!  Considering my weight increased and triglyceride dropped.  Even with not “fasting” this year, my number was still lower than the non-fasting by a lot.  See below for the levels of what is optimal, normal, or even high risk:

Blood pressure:  optimal <120/80 mHg
Total Cholestrol:  Desirable <200 mg/dL; Borderline-High Risk 200-239 mg/dL; High Risk >240 mg/dL
HDL:  Low <40 mg/dL; Normal 40-59 mg/dL; Optimal >60 mg/dL
LDL:  Optimal <100 mg/dL; Near Optimal/Above Optimal 100-129 mg/dL; Borderline High 130-159 mg/dL; High 160-189 mg/dL; Very High >190 mg/dL
Triglyceride:  Normal <150 mg/dL; Borderline-High 150-199 mg/dL; High 200-499 mg/dL; Very High >500 mg/dL
Ratio:  You want to have lower than 4.0 overall (I need to find out what makes this ratio…)
Glucose:  Normal fasting <100 mg/dL; Normal non-fasting <140 mg/dL

Morning Pilates

Phew!  I SHOULD be exercising, haha!  But I’ve been putting forth more effort on this.  Ian helped me figure out how to get Netflix to our TV since I was frustrated with my laptop going to the sleep mode with no mouse activity.  So I have to constantly keep it active.  Plus the screen is tiny and I would stand or sit and adjust accordingly.  With the TV, it’s a lot bigger and can move around a bit more freely, if you will.  With the fooseball table donated, I have been using that space a lot more.  Haley plays there, I exercise there, the dogs play there a lot more, I noticed.  Yeah, it was pretty good.  I did the Pick Your Level Pilates.  It felt more defined in the arms.  The Pick Your Zone Pilates does a bit more lower body if I remember.  I actually enjoyed having my own mat.  Perhaps I’ll whip up a pilate tote to keep me motivated or something like that.  Maybe when Haley gets older, I could do some after work pilates. 


Haley got a bit frustrated while I was doing the pilates (this one was 30 minutes) and Ian put her on the floor near me to watch.  I think she got a kick out of me doing my breathing.  Oh yea, the breathing is really important during pilates otherwise you won’t feel like you’re “purging” the “bad air” according to my instructor when I did take pilates a while back.  I actually enjoyed that but hadn’t had the chance to register for her class.  With the video and following it at home, I can get back in the groove of doing that.  Or even do it often enough that I can remember my own routine to do it anywhere!  I’ve been working on walking the mile at work.  At the grand opening, the employees were given a basic pedometer.  Since then I’ve been using it.  I think basically, the goal is to try and achieve 10,000 steps a day.  The highest I got was I believe 7,000 steps.  That’s total, usual office duties, walking around, and doing the mile too, plus some home activities.  I should wear that pedometer again.  I didn’t wear that during my pregnancy since I had no front pocket to attach that to.  I had back pocket but it doesn’t work that way.  I hope my battery is still good!  The screen seemed to fade a bit.  I could stop by and see if I can get another pedometer.  I love that stuff.  :)

Not to mention, I’ve been taking advantage of our work’s wellness program.  They offered lipid checks.  I’ve done it twice.  I did that last year when I did not realize I was pregnant with Haley.  Yea, serious!  I think they said my numbers were very good.  Now I think about it, I should try and find the figures from last year and this year to see what the difference is…

Date Night

Last night, we went out for a date night.  Why weeknight date?  Well, see, it was our anniversary.  3 years!  Wow!  It was probably one of our best nights we had in a long time.  Nearly 4 hours of bliss.  Just the two of us.  My mom was babysitting Haley.  She’s such an easy baby for her.  We arrived at our restaurant.  The same one that we went to 4 years ago when he proposed to me.  We walked through the front door noticing their giant banner advertising their happy hour.  We asked about it and settled for patio seating.  It was gorgeous outside!  The bar and patio is the only place you could get happy hour prices for the drinks.  Mama was craving some wine, and wine she got!  I ordered Marchesi De’ Frescobaldi from Italy while Ian ordered Leinenkugel Classic Amber.  Yes, he’s a beer guy.  While happy hour drinks meant half off, we both ordered 2 for the price of 1!  I think we enjoyed our drinks rather well!

After being shown where we would be sitting out on the patio, we started out slowly with getting in the converstation with each other.  First thing we both said, wow, no baby.  What in the world do we do now?!  We didn’t know what to do with ourselves!  So we started talking.  It simply started by saying hi to each other.  Oh man, it was 4 hours of bliss, going from all kinds of subjects, even talking about our future as a family, what we hope to see in ourselves as a family.  Of course, I nearly got in a blubbery mess!  We ordered our steak.  Oh man, the steak with my wine, divine!  I didn’t get halfway through with my dinner and asked for a box.  We moved on to dessert.  I had my cake, he had his coffee dessert.  Actually, two of them!  He just loves his post-dinner coffee with a little bit of spirit in it.  I believe he had his with Brandy.  I had asked our waitress to take a picture of us before we left.  I don’t think we could have grinned any bigger than it was in the picture!  Like I said, 4 hours of bliss.  It was a spactacular night!  So worth it for us.

The happy couple…

We arrived to pick up Haley and saw this…

Haley is 20 weeks!

On Saturday, I woke up and Haley was in a pretty good mood.  I decided to play with her instead of feeding her right off the bat when we woke up together.  She played on the floor and held her head up pretty good.  I flipped her over to her back.  I made funny faces at her and she giggled thinking I”m crazy.  I spied my camera and brought it with me and flipped Haley back onto her tummy, wanting to take a video of how well she’s doing head control during tummy time.  Welp, she rolled over right then!  Of course, I was so shocked that I actually gasped loudly.  I played the video back later, it was louder than I expected it to be, but yeah, that was my pure reaction right there.  She rolled over 5 times total that day!  Yippie!  She even rolled over just for daddy too after I was running all through the house yelling that she did it!  Ian was trying to figure out what was going on while the dogs are going crazy with excitement. 

Haley also continues to STTN.  Yippie!  It appears she gets up once a week, twice max, to eat at 3am.  That’s one less private time with just both of us.  That makes me realize that the breastfeeding session just before her bedtime is probably the only time we are together during the weekdays.  Weekends, I actually try to avoid bottles as much as I can, mostly for her to empty my bewbies as much as possible.  Until then, I’m trying not to obsess much about it and enjoying it while I can.  I do love my private time with her. 

Then there’s this other thing Haley have been doing lately, deciding to be a rock star and sticking her tounge out a lot.  She would also rub it over her gums.  Teething, maybe?  Who knows?  I did pick up some Baby Orajel just in case and to be prepared.  What she also did, not cool in my book, was jamming her gums on me pretty hard when I was feeding her.  Twice!  I closed shop and popped a bottle for her.  Oy.  That was definitely not fun.  Later that day, we both made the trek to Hobby Lobby and swung by Babies R Us armed with couple of coupons.  I had a productive shopping trip and she was even awake the entire time.  And such a good girl too!  Didn’t even make a peep!  I had a lot of old ladies cooing over her and how good she was being the proper lady, if you will.  During the Hobby Lobby trip, she was so fascinated with all the bright and bold designs and products there.  I would pull them out for her to show her all the cool crafty stuff.  I think she loved it!  The end result was a brand spanky new diaper wipey case (see post below). 

Ah yes, she found her feet recently, only this time she figured out how to stick it in her mouth.  Nom nom!  These days, you’ll find her in her bouncer with the following:  both hands, paci, burp cloth, AND one of her feet.  Not to mention the blanket too.  She must have all those items and she’s easily amused by any of these.  We haven’t really played much with her toys.  She did spend some time in the exersaucer and even started jumping in it a little bit.  Yippie!  She’s getting stronger! 

All in all, Haley is growing like a weed! 


Diaper Wipey Case

I spent the evening yesterday to do a craft.  I found an empty wipes case from a box given to me by a friend of mine.  The box was full of baby stuff.  Aside from that.  I had it in the trash until I cleaned out the trash lately.  I found it again and it got me to think, I could do something with it!  There were a lot of tutorials out there and many have different ways of putting the case together.  I decided to go with what I felt would work the best with me.  Sure enough, I learned so much on this project.  I even learned how to order by the yard the right way, whoops.  The lady was really nice and helped me.  Despite some left over fabric and battings, I will be having them for possible future projects.  For sure making more keychains with it.  I didn’t have luck finding the same clips I had gotten for my project on that. 

Warm up your glue gun…


Trace top and bottom of the case onto scratch paper and cut it out.  Attach to batting (and fabric later) and trim an extra 1/4 inches to 1/2 inches.  The batting was pretty thin, I think it could have gone thicker so it can smooth out the lines of the top open area and the bottom too.  But really, turned out just fine!  I’ve seen some ask for foam. 


Open the top part of the case (where you would pull the wipes) and glue the area of contact shut.  I think it’s optional, but would hate to see my hard work destroryed by accidently opening the top through the inside.  Better safe than sorry! 


Glue batting onto both sides of the case and trim away the excess as close to the edge as possible.  I actually started over after my first part since I glued over the top which didn’t turn out right and you could see the outline of the dried glue.  Ew.  So I ripped it off and started again.  This time, I glued and attached the batting on the edge which was a whole lot better! 


Iron your fabric for a smoooooth finish!  Otherwise you could do it without ironing, just it won’t look as crisp, I think.


Apperently, I skipped out the whole part of where I did the attachment of the fabric part and forgot to take pictures of that including the attachment process of the ribbon.  I did get into it and wanted it to be perfection!  Whoops!  What I did was attach it the same way I did with the batting with excess area to give you area for trimming.  Since my scissors wasn’t good for fabric (I know!  It was the only thing I had on hand and was the best I could do with…), I carefully trimmed the fabric as best as I could.  With being afraid of a frayed area, I did cut as short as I could but long enough that I could fold it inside the edges to give it a clean look.  Once I’m happy with how it’s folded inside, I would glue and attach it as hard as I could so I can have the glue kind of seep through.  It turned out a lot cleaner than I thought!  This is definitely where patience comes in! 

The ribbin part was a bit easier but still have to attach it carefully.  I sealed the edges each time I cut it.  The top part of the case, I decided to dress the top lengthwise and glued the entire part of the ribbon onto the top for a good attachment without running the risk of it accidentally coming off.  For the top and bottom edge of the case, I started the ribbon on the back and glued as I went around.  Again, making sure all of the ribbon is attached to the fabric for good attachment.  Remember to seal your ribbon edges!  It gave a clean look.  Top and bottom are both done!  Be sure the 2nd edge is attached in the same direction as the first.  I actually had left over ribbon and in the last minute created a tiny bow and put it on the top ribbon in the middle.  I used the center of the snaps to line it up.  So cute! 

The next step is to AW my completed project with top view and side view.  Isn’t the little bow cute!  Gives it a bit of a dainty look. 



All in all, I ordered 1 yard of fabric (which was kind of too much, but blessing in disguise so I can use it for future projects I have in mind), 3/4 yard of batting (again, blessing in disguise), 1-3/4 yards of ribbon, hot glue gun (mine was low heat and lets me work fast enough but not too hot for my fingers), scissors, empty wipes case (or buy new one and take out the wipes until you finish the project to put it back in), ironing board and iron (obviously…), about 4 hours of your time, and lots of patience!  Truth be told, now I know what it takes to do another case (if I do…) that it could go faster than 4 hours.  It makes a great gift for a mom-to-be, yourself, or whoever has a little one.  I am pretty sure once the baby doesn’t need wipes, it can be used for other purpose.  Exactly what, I don’t know.  No way I’m going to give it up over many hard labored hours.  ;)

Haley is 19 weeks!

Another week?!  OMG!  In the past week, we’ve been pretty busy.  Who isn’t busy with a baby?!  :)  Haley met more family members and had met another baby for the first time!  Not that I prevented it, just not a lot of my friends have babies around…  Both babies were a hit at the gathering when my cousin and his family was in town.  Show me one person who can resist a baby!  Haley had a surprised look on her face, “Who is this little person?”  They are not that far apart in age, in fact, they are 2 months apart or so.  Mama even had her first glass(es) of wine in ages!  I think it was more than a year and half since my last glass of wine.  Man, some cheapo wine can sure taste goooood!  Doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy wine that costs a gazillion dollars. 

We continue to have STTN in our household!  Whoo hoo!  I really feel like a new woman with the extra sleep.  These days I always feel so tired.  I am not sure why.  I’m pretty sure I’m exhausted from all of the nursing.  We had Haley try some rice cereal and she wasn’t sure what was going on with that one…  Haha!  I think Ian took some priceless photos.  On the other hand, she’s been extra fussy lately.  I’m not sure exactly why.  All her needs were met, including cuddle and play time.  Methinks she may be teething.  I am not sure.  She is sort of thrusting her tongue out trying to push something out for some reason.  You know, like when you rub your tongue against your teeth, kinda like that.  She’s been more drooly these days too.  I’m amazed how a little thing can produce that much saliva!  She continues to drink her bottles as if she’s thinking realllly hard. 

Confession:  I tried Haley’s rice cereal after she was done with it to see what it tasted like.  Hey!  Gotta be sure what she’s eating.  So…  b.l.a.n.d.  Yech.

I look forward to making our own baby food.  I should be relatively easy! 

19weeks a

19weeks b

19weeks c

19weeks d

19weeks e

Baby Clothes!

I found bunch of baby stuff online (yes, still…).  Hehe.  :D  Besides, I’m looking around for good buys for the gift card we got from a friend.  I’m sort of waiting for a sale so I can maximize the purchase or something.  These are what I love.  I’m not sure what it was, but I think they’re Baby Gap or Children’s Place.  Of course, they had some purple stuff too.  :D  I just had to add them, wishful thinking that she may love purple too, just like mama!





Haley is 18 weeks!

I just realized…  Haley is just about as old as a college semester would be.  Imagine!  18 weeks!  I also had a crafty day and busted out my mom’s sewing machine.  I tackled on a simple project.  At first it was scary, but truth be told, I actually enjoyed it.  Now I’m toying with the idea of actually having my own machine.  I dunno yet.  I’m still looking around though…  Haley also had her 4 months with the bear taken.  I couldn’t believe the difference from the first one! 

These days, Haley is grabbing her toes and pratically stuffed them in her mouth at her pedi’s appointment.  Of course, she wasn’t happy to get her shots…  As always, she bounced back as a tough peanut.  We had her first Easter and we all had a blast.  Even on Easter morning, she rolled over from belly to back!  I was only few minutes into my shower (I had played with her on the floor previously) before Ian came running to let me know.  Whoah!  Talk about determined girl…  Rolling from back to belly is more of a 6 months milestone yet she decided to tackle on this first before attempting rolling from belly to back.  It was this past week she met her Great Grampa for the first time on Ian’s side of the family.  He was really pleased to have met her finally.  We tried to have as much time together as we could so he could visit and gobble her up!  The first night he was in town, we all went to Organ Stop Pizza.  His favorite place.  Turns out Haley was so fascinated with the flashing lights that she started having this startled look. 

This past week, we had her well check at the pedi’s and holy stats!  She’s now 25 inches long and 25 inches now!  She’s 12 lbs 4 oz too.  She’s still in her 3-6 months onesies and size 1 diapers.  I don’t expect to move her up anytime soon, I think…  One of the things I look forward to right now is the summer and putting Haley in a baby swimsuit…  Color me crazy, but I remember my summers as a girl being so much fun.  My brother and I would cycle nearly everyday to our local swimming pool as early as possible and stay there as late as possible or until we get all pruney.  Her Easter dress came with a sun hat that can also double for her hat while wearing a swimsuit…  I’m almost tempted to buy her baby sunglasses too..  :D 

18weeks a

18weeks b

School is Out!

I know I posted about it, but I just had to do it again!  I’m done with schoooool!  Ian told me a package arrived for me and it was my cap and gown!  Woot woot!  Time to plan the par-tay!