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Balance Outta Whack!

What’s so interesting about tonight when I was doing pilates, I felt like my balance was outta whack.  I tried to focus and just couldn’t seem to get it in check.  This time I did level 2.  I noticed few subtle poses with level 2 and didn’t realize it first few times around.  Whoops!  It did feel challenging, maybe that contributed to the lack of balance of my core.  I could feel my overall pose a lot better when I stand, sit, or walk aside from the occasional lounging position at home.  Thank goodness for pilates mat otherwise I would have been slipping all over the floor (no carpet here although we have an area rug).  It was NOT a good idea for me doing matworks with my hair clip, claw, whatever you want to call it.  Should have had it pony-tailed.  Oh well, live and learn.  I’m not sure if it’s me or I’m noticing a bit different shape about my body these days.  Not that inches are dropping at this time, just there’s different shape.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I think it’s there.  I didn’t take any measurements of what the body was before for an after comparison.  I just never really bothered with it.  Heck, my jeans I bought before returning to work is loose.  LOOSE!  It was loose about 1.5 months after I got back to work and it’s been 3 months since I returned.  Talk about defnite inches lost right there…  Not sure if I’d jump into buying a better fitted jeans yet or wait and see.  Sure, it might bug me with some baggy areas, but would rather see how it goes until the end of the year.  If my pants practically falls off, then yeah, time for a new set.  What’s odd is my shirts are fitting me just fine like nothings changed other than some storage in the boobies. 

With more pratice, I may not need to follow the DVD and may have it memorized.  I’m curious to see what level 3 may bring although I could see the level 3 lady there, it seems with my balance issue, I could topple off!  Now I think about it, the weather hasn’t been friendly to my inner ears, it could be contributed to the weather.  For now, the 3 videos I found is good but am on the look out for more so I can have them in rotation.  I would have been discouraged (not given up) if I stuck to only one.  Come to think of it, I haven’t weighed myself since mid-April.  At that time, I had about 8-10 lbs. left to go.  With conscious eating, reducing my soda intake, and increasing my water intake, I should be back on track.  That’s on top of making attempts to exercise on a regular basis.  I think this month I’ve been more productive in my efforts than last month or even the month before that.  It’s about baby steps, right?   


Swiffer Re-Vamped!

I picked up fabric for my latest sewing project.  I was actually a bit nervous about this but turned out to be mind-blowing easy!  Made me wish I ordered more yards in fabric!  I was a bit conservative so I don’t blame myself when doing a project for the first time.  Once again, excitement got ahead of me that I didn’t take ANY pictures of my process.  But I did follow a tute.  What was my project?

Swiffer Duster Cloth

Yup!  It was actually fun!  I mean, I never really like using the refills although I love the Swiffer in general, really easy to use.  I followed Sew Much Ado’s tute.  It was probably 30 minutes, very easy!  I learned quite a few things in this project.  First off, I thought I had pins and couldn’t find them (like 20 of ‘em went missing somehow).  I might have brought them over to my mom’s.  Who knows?  Hubbs brought home some more pins and I was definitely surprised!  Points to him!  It actually made me squee with excitement!  I think my first mistake with this was pre-washing the flannel (1/4 yard in pastel yellow and 1/4 yard in pastel green).  Now I know, I’ll just cut it straight outta the bag from the store.  I did wish I had some kind of see through ruler.  I’ll have to find out what they are called.  I’ve been slowly adding onto my crafting supply.  So far, I really like sewing.  I figured to start with easy projects, that way I’d get comfortable with sewing and bigger projects.  With two different colors in 1/4 yard, I was able to make one Swiffer duster cloth.  I am pretty sure if I had ordered the size in 1/2 yard instead, I may have gotten away with 2 or even 3 duster cloth.  I plan on mixing up the colors though, so…  Yeah.  My finished product:

Old Swiffer

New Swiffer

Pear Adventures

Last night, I made Haley pears.  Yes, pears!  She LOVED it.  Enough to actually lunge at the spoon while feeding her.  Sometimes she would pull to the left missing the spoon entirely.  Umm, sweetie, work with me.  Anyway, this one took a bit more effort to make, actually.  The squash was easy peasy.  I followed Wholesome Baby Food’s website on making the pears.  While pureeing the first batch, I did ask myself if it was supposed to turn that brown, like it was some burnt applesauce or something, but it wasn’t.  I think it’s just how the air was in contact with the pear.   You know how if you leave your fruit out for a while, it turns brown.  It was sorta like that.  Except with the pureeing process, it’s being, well, pureed with blades whizzing by the pears.  Thus, making it brown-er faster.  I just continued on like I usually do.  Hubbs got me about 6 pears I think.  First, I peeled the skin off, quartered them, and pitted the seed and stripped it of the stem or the core.  Whatever you want to call it. 

The first part of it was weird, I put maybe 1 1/2 pears and started the puree process.  It didn’t seem to go as smoothly as the squash.  It seemed like it chopped it up more than puree.  With my spatula, I just pushed it down and puree again.  Rinse and repeat.  Since there was still some, I added more pears and it went a bit better.  Just a bit patience and it will become pureed.  That was where I got perplexed about it turning brown.  After tasting it, phew!  So I just continued on about my business.  It took me about an hour and half for the whole process from gathering what I need to putting the ice tray in the freezer AND a nursing session somewhere in there.  

I ended up with 30 cubes or 30 oz.  The squash was 18 oz. total.  I even asked for the receipt so I could calculate and compare like I did with the squash.  No go on that part.  He tossed the receipt.  Total bummer.  :(  Maybe next time I make the pears, I’ll be able to calculate the difference.  I’m pretty sure I still would save a whole lot making our own rather than buying from the store.  Well, actually 29 oz.  I gave Haley one of the “cubes” before I put it in the freezer.  She LOVED that.  It was one of the smaller cubes out of the tray.  I must say, this is the second time I’ve made the food.  The process isn’t all that hard.  No more than 2 hours of your time.  I still have some squash left (didn’t go through them as quickly as I thought since poor girl was a bit constipated so I backed off on the food for a while and just nursed her as much as I could). 

My happy helper

Pears before…

Pears after…

Haley is 25 weeks!

So much happened in the past week!  She’s 25 weeks?!  Nearly half a year old?!  Hold me!  In the past week, she discovered the exersaucer.  I say this even though she played in it, but really discovered it.  She found she could rotate herself in there pretty good, looking around at the toys AND reaching out for it.  She’s fascinated with the toy phone.  Even though you press one of the two buttons, something is being said, she loves the lights that comes on.  She tried to figure out how to get it to come back.  Even pulled the phone off where it was being held.  Wow.  It was like from one week she didn’t really do much with her hands to the next week where BAM, she’s using her hands more often now.  I don’t think it will be long before she attempts at signing. 

Another example of grabbing things, I held her paci in front of her in the palms of my hand.  She would either grab it, bring my whole hand to her mouth, or cries because she can’t get it as quickly.  She really is starting to reach out for things around her.  I had tried to drink my coffee the other day and she reached for it.  Don’t worry!  She didn’t get it, but she tried!  Hubbs even got a video of her undoing his shoelaces and ended in frustration because she thought the shoelace “moved” or something from looking at the video. 

Oh yea, she’s using her Bumbo a lot more often these days but not yet sitting up on her own.  If putting her on your lap with legs between your thigh area, she could balance herself pretty well and making sure you’re ready to catch her.   I started feeding her in the Bumbo lately and she’s doing very well.  In the bouncer, it was nice that she just sort of incline there.  It was my plan to get the Bumbo as soon as I could anyway.  In there, she’s almost like the baby bird, she’d stick her tongue out and say “ahhhhhh”, letting you know she’s ready for the next bite.  OR.  She would lunge at the spoon full of food ready for the next bite.  Whoah!  Easy girl.  It’s coming at you.  It’s nobody but yours…  I love her determination.  These days, holding her bottle is getting a lot better.  Practice pratice!  I noticed that she would use her leg to kick around at the end of the bottle to get the milk moving far enough to fall into the nipple area for more milk.  Genius huh? 

Last night was a good example of one of her feedings.  I had fed her a new food (coming soon).  We finished it up, basically giving her a sample to see how she likes it rather than starting big.  Somehow she grabbed the spoon and tried to chew on it.  I couldn’t believe it!  I feel like hubbs and I are encouraging her independence as much as we could.  It did feel good she felt confident to attempt those things.  Then again, she probably has mama’s determination.  You know, where you are told you are wrong but you know you are right!  Not that I’m implying anything about the hubbs, he’s determined too.  She’s so much like her daddy, but I need to show off the mama part of Haley.  So there.  She has mama’s determination. 

One exciting thing I noticed was her attempts to get on her knees during tummy time.  Her attempts at getting on all 4’s will be around soon.  Which means CRAWLING is coming soon.  Ahhhh!  Time is too fast!  It needs to slow down somehow but at the same time I love watching her grow into her own person.  She’s tolerating tummy time a lot better these days.  I haven’t seen a lot of attempts to roll over.  She prefers her back to her tummy.  Then there’s her STTN habits.  The last few days were weird, she would wake up at strange hours.  I contribute that to constipation.  Hopefully soon, she’ll return to STTN habits quickly.  Not that we don’t want her to wake up and nurse with me, but would like to continue encouraging good STTN habits.  Which makes me wonder about couple nights she woke up screaming.  Do babies have nightmares at an early age?  Do they have bad dreams?  I’m pretty sure.  What do they dream about?  Bad man taking bottles away?  Beats me. 

Currently, her personality is very laid back.  When she’s upset, she definitely will let you know.  If she’s not sure what you’re doing, sometimes she’ll give you the side eye or the stink eye.  That even includes daddy’s ability to raise one eyebrow dramatically.  I can’t even do that, I barely can do it on purpose.  I think I do it when I really mean it, not on cue or will.  I even came across the earliest video I took with my camera and compared it to the latest one.  I couldn’t believe how much has changed in the past 5 months.  ::gasps::  It will be almost 6 months, but she’s close enough to be considered that, but I keep saying 5 months to make it seem longer.   

Then there’s her new food adventures.  Pears!  I had a pretty interesting (learning) time making pears.  Hubbs threw away the receipt before I could calculate the cost per oz and it’s killing me!  Gah!  I made more cubes than the squash, nearly filling up BOTH trays.  The squash had 1 tray and 2 cubes of the 2nd tray.  The pear had maybe 4 or 6 cubes left empty in the 2nd tray.  After all was said and done, things put away, and all that jazz…  I brought 1 oz out to have her try it.  WOW.  She LOVED it!  In her Bumbo (remember I’m using it for feedings, right?!) just before I had fed her, I set out the bowl, spoon, wet cloth for cleaning afterwards, and her bibs.  I set her in there and she started stiffening up her body = excited!  Whoah.  I barely started.  I put on the bib.  STIFF (and a bit of shaking from the excitement).  She’s locked onto the bowl because she sees the spoon there.  She knows it’s hers.  Hubbs and I giggled at this.  So we began.  The first few tiny tastes were like umm mama, what’s this?  After having her taste, she LUNGED into the spoon.  Whoah girl.  There was a few times she would find my hand and jam it in her face aka jamming my hand with the spoon in her mouth.  Yeah, that’s how much she loved it!  I think we have a happy eater on our hands!

Haley was fascinated with the toy phone that was attached to the blue ribbon
25weeks a

Chilling in my Bumbo!
25weeks b

What you mean, it doesn’t come off?!
25weeks c

I’ll show you how it’s done!
25weeks d


Urgh…  My legs are jello-y.  My arms are jello-y.  Heck, my nose is jello-y too!  This is the second time I’ve done this exercise video and I think all I could say was holy batman!  Pretty much the whole body.  Not to mention, I broke a sweat doing this.  I’m pretty proud I did some exercise last night and few days before that.  It’s been an improvement if I can say so myself.  They are both 30 minutes however this one felt longer.  Maybe 45 minutes?  Not to mention that while letting the hubbs finish up his TV show, I did random stretches, exercises, and attempted at push ups.  So maybe that was another 10 to 15 minutes.  Longest ever.  The push up was a fail since my right wrist hurt pretty bad.  I banged it on my desk earlier in the day.  In the corner.  o.u.c.h.!  Even doing the modified push up, it still hurt.  I sort of opted for pilates style push up, if you will.  To boot, Haley actually woke up.  Poor girl is a bit backed up in her plumbings.  So with my jello-y arms, I could barely hold onto her.  Wowzers!  After helping her and tending to her, she was good to put back down.  She did wake up during my session and hubbs was taking care of her. 

If wanting to know the title of the DVD, it’s Self: Bikini Ready, Fast!


Jello Legs

Yeah, my legs!  It sort of feels Jello-y at this point.  Thankfully, Haley is down for the night so I don’t have to worry about making sure my legs don’t buckle under me.  This time, I chose the Pick Your Spot Pilates.  I followed the video for nearly all of it with exception of having to follow the modified version.  Some of it wasn’t shown on the video that I remembered from my old pilates class.  Some of it I stopped and did the rest pose for the sake of my incision.  I could feel the tension, so I didn’t want to push myself too much but within reason.  I also noticed that I haven’t had much to eat or the size of my portion reduced.  Lately, I would bring an empty tupperware to work with my lunch bought from Fresh and Easy.  When I nuke ‘em, I would immediately half the portion size and I’m good to go!  I also try and have more fiber in my diet although I shudder at the word “diet”.  What is “diet” anyways?  I really don’t follow a diet…  I eat anything within moderation.  I minimize my soda intake, as an example.  My water habit is still pretty good from my pregnancy although there are days that I completely forget about it.  How I know I forget?  I don’t make as many trips to the bathroom.  Yah, that simple.  Because with the trip to the bathroom, I go to the furthest one possible which means I’m walking.  Genius!  Instead of walking to the nearest bathroom, I go to the furthest one.  Of course, not the ultimate furthest one, more like further than usual.


Haley is 24 weeks!

It’s creeping closer and closer to the 6 months mark.  ::gasp::  Haley’s half birthday!  I could just fall over!  She’s had quite another busy week!  She’s learned how to hold a bottle after my struggle in showing her how.  It wasn’t until my mom showed me another way.  ::slaps head::  Of course, so simple!  Blah!  When she sees her bottle, she gets quite excited.  And I mean excited…  She can’t contain her excitement and tries to lunge forward at the nipple.

She loves her exersaucer.  If you put her in there, she’ll seem shy at first and just sort of looks around.  Just last night, she was in the exersaucer and saw that there were interesting toys and made attempts to reach for them.  Wow…  She reached for the phone thingy on it since it flashes lights each time a button is pressed.  She even tries to reach out to my phone while I play some games on it.  It was almost like picking the flowers off her burp cloth only to find that she didn’t actually pick it off.  We have a laid back baby.  In the last few days, she went through some constipation issues.  Poor girl was trying to poop but it hurt so bad that she stops after trying.  Only in turn to make her more constipated.  Thankfully, she passed most of that Monday morning.  I was surprised she STTN even with that.  There had been a day where she is really cranky.  I decided to experiment and turned on Law and Order series (they have a marathon, ya know?) since that was our go-to show early in my leave.  Sure enough, that settled her down.  Wow.  Just… wow…  She spends a lot of her time focusing on smaller things like grabbing her toes, looking at them and things like that.  These days, she would nom on her toes. 

I had some people asking what toys she loves at this age.  ::cough cough::  Nothing really…  We do have toys, offer them to her and all…  Here’s what she likes.  Pacifier.  Burp cloth.  Looking at our dogs.  Looking at people signing.  Sitting in her exersaucer doing one or any combination of the mentioned.  Same thing for her bouncer.  Same thing for her Bumbo.  But she does have fascination with technology.  Well… That’s what she gets for being born in the digital age where she will never know what an LP record is or VHS for that matter…  Heck, or even a cassette tape!  We have a lot to tell her what the good ol’ days were including other of our family members…  I have an easily amused baby.  Maybe that would be the case for now.  We just go with the flow, see what may be needed at the time.  We didn’t get a lot of toys at the baby showers, just stuffed dolls.  She loves just one of them so far, her pink giraffe. 

She does standing up pretty well and can hold her own weight.  Lately, I’ve been using her hands to clap for her.  At first, she would have her fists hitting each other.  Then I’d show her with my hands.  The cycle goes on until she’s tired of it.  Then one day, I did this and her fists became an open handed clap.  Woot!  A step in the right direction!  On top of all this, she is also teething.  Once again, I’m surprised she’s STTN.  Looks like it is her bottom left teeth. 

24weeks a

24weeks b


My last official post was probably end of April, shame on me…  But really, I had maybe one or two in between that post and this one.  But still…  I am continuing to do my best to aim for a daily basis.  I even did The Pick Your Zone Pilates at level 2, a bit more challenging.  Wow…  I got used to the level 1 and figured I’d give it a shot.  Somehow I convinced the hubbs to join me.  It was actually nice to have him with me.  I challenged him to join me and he completed the warm up part and somehow went off doing something else.  Probably some computer stuff.  Then pulled him to come back and finish it with me.  We’re only talking 30 minutes.  Personally, I am trying to get in the best shape I can before the end of this year.  Ideally, my pre-pregnancy weight but to have an overall tone, obviously.  I won’t expect too much, but I’d like to aim for it.  Truth be told, I love wearing my bikinis mostly because I have cute sarongs to go with it as a cover up, tied on the sides, or as a skirt.  Whatever that may be, I’d like to feel good about myself.  Level 2 was definitely a challenge to my balance system and could SLIGHTLY feel the tension of my incision so I didn’t push myself too far.  For regaining the balance, I took an extra rock or taking an extra second or two to regain the balance.  Not to mention, I’m focused on balancing.  Hubbs talked about joining me which I’m honestly excited about too. 

Also, I’ve been attempting to eat well such as food conscious choice.  Example?  The work cafeteria choice is quite greasy and you could probably inhale the grease in the air.  Not to mention super expensive.  I could buy 2 slices of pizza for $5.  FIVE dollars…  For $5, I can get from Fresh and Easy’s kitchen meal, two of their bowls pre-made.  Usually, I eat half of it to carry over for the next day.  If that’s the case, I can have 4 meals from 2 bowls for $5 as opposed to the cafeteria’s 1 day’s worth of pizza slices.  $1.25 per day or $5 per day?  I think the choice is obvious.  Not to mention fresh and tasty!  Until next time!


Another Haley Funny!

Lately, our girl has been really funny as you probably have seen.  Here are some more…

She had some more squash tonight, thankfully, no raspberries from her.  Yay me!  I was waiting for her to finish what she had in her mouth.  The spoon was greeted with a grunting from her, tongue sticking out rocker style, and eyes fixed on my spoon where it’s being moved.  This time, she nearly scarfed down 3 oz of squash.  She was fixated on that.  Boy.  She really loves that stuff already.  I thought first time was a fluke and was sure that she’d resist it, nope!  Wow…  Definitely a good food to start with.  I barely needed to thin it out if it was too thick or add cereal to thicken it.  It was just perfect.  She was fed in nothing but her diaper and bib.  I think she enjoyed that too! 

She also finds it funny to fart.  Just like daddy…  As soon as she farts, you would see her let out a huge sigh of relief. 

Then we have this flowery burp cloth, more Pooh bear theme if you will.  Anyway, I saw her focused on that like she was going to burn a hole into it.  She attempted to pick off the flowers with her fingers.  It was really interesting to watch her surprised that the flower wasn’t picked off and somehow vanished into thin air.  Rinse and repeat.  Come to think of it, I think this is the first time I’ve seen her attempting to use her fingers.

Finally, I was going to pick her up today from her day care.  I was told that she attempted to try and get up on all fours.  As if she was trying to get in the crawling postition.  Umm, eep!

Haley is 23 weeks!

Yet another week has passed!  I can’t believe how far we have come from her birth day.  She’s had a busy week!  Starting off with graduation party with my friend’s wife, Mother’s day, sitting up on her own (sort of), and baby food.  The graduation party was a lot of fun.  The drive was far, but it was worth it to see our friends.  I had the intention of putting her bathing suit on but didn’t have a lot of luck findingn a swim diapers in her size so I opted not to put her in the kiddie pool.  However, I did bring her hat and sunglasses.  She rocked it!  Then we had Mother’s day, which was spent with family.  I also had her Bumbo that I picked up.  I finally caved in (not really) to buy her one since I found a gift card and only paid $10 out of pocket for it which justified my spending on it.  I feel it was well worth the wait.  Haley loves it!  Even in this, it looks almost as if the Bumbo is swallowing her up!  Then there was my baby food making the other night.  I actually enjoyed it!  I think next will be peas.  Maybe go about this bag first before going into that.  I fear for making too much!  So that’s why I wanted to wait a bit before making some more.  What I did not plan for was the fact she did her raspberries the ENTIRE time of feeding it to her.  So hilarious!  Did I mention raspberries?  Yea, she’s been doing this a lot more often.  Lately, if you stick your tongue at her, she would mimic you.  Sometimes she would top it off with raspberries.  She’s starting to look around more often.  Not just side to side, but looking for you above and to the side of her. 

Then it hit me, I have been back to work for the same length of being at home on my leave.  Truth be told, I miss it terribly.  I sort of wish that I was a SAHM.  I really enjoy my time with her, being home, and bonding with her.  These days, I feel like as soon as I get home, I’m frazzled.  I worry that the house would suddenly have a mind of its own and dirty dishes popping out of nowhere, dishwasher forgotten to be started, laundry stacked but yet to be put away.  I do a lot of these things after Haley goes down for the night, I’m not wanting to do them during her awake time.  I have this fear that I’d miss some moments with her if I did.  If I was given a chance to be a SAHM, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  Granted, I’m scared to be out of the job market if going that route.  My mom was a SAHM for as long as I remember to the point of being in 4th grade or so?  During my leave, after I was able to drive, I tried to make it a point to get out of the house.  Early on, it was difficult.  Now Haley is much older, she’s almost predictable (almost) and going out is a whole lot easier.  I love my job, I’m always eager and anxious to leave so I can pick up Haley or meet her at home.  Or maybe it’s because carrying my extra bag aka pump bag is getting old.  Fast.  But I do it to continue feeding Haley so it’s for good reason. I think most of these feelings has to do with being at home and there for her, not to mention, wanting to open an Etsy shop of some kind.  I’m pretty sure with time management I could, but ultimately, I’d like to be a SAHM.

Anyways, as promised, pictures!

Watching Daddy talk!
23weeks a

See how the Bumbo is swalling her up?
23weeks b

Doggies?  (They were running back and forth near her and she was watching them play.)
23weeks c

Homemade butternut squash…
23weeks c

2 oz. later, she was still excited!  She loved it right away!
23weeks e