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Haley is 28, err… 29 weeks!

Wow, had TWO weeks gone by?!  I completely did not realize this and missed last week.  Yikes!  So much happened lately. I would like to than that to having a crazy work schedule for the summer.  I have longer work days and arriving late after work while having Fridays off for the summer.  While I don’t like it much, given I am home late, I like to see it as having a bit more time with her on Fridays.  She’s been doing better and better with sitting!  She still likes to sit with her legs straight out.  I see more attempts at trying to use her hands to communicate and she use them a lot.  She also spend more time in her exersaucer.  I remember at the first time we used it, she would only stay in there for a minute.  These days, she can do 20 minutes in them, depending on her mood.  Haley is getting crazy about her solid food.  Some she’s not so crazy about like carrots.  At first, she’d not like green beans but eventually she would like it and get used to it. 

I haven’t seen any signs of crawling just yet but I did see her rotate around where she is on the floor.  She is trying but seems pretty content where she is rather than crawling.  I had an uncle in town visiting and he saw Haley again.  He was amazed how big she grew.  He was impressed with her bottle-holding skills.  Found out an interesting fact about his friend.  His friend invented the Ventaire bottle that Haley is using.  Very interesting!  At night, we haven’t swaddled her lately.  Kind of just putting her on her blanket and just wrap her (we still do from waist down).  If she knocks ‘em open, she still stays asleep.  Plus, she’s gotten to the point of being an active sleeper.  She would wriggle around in her sleep.  She is still obsessed with her tags.  If it’s there, it’s the first thing she goes to.  Oddly, it helps her sleep. 

Hmm, perhaps the reason for lack of posting is the World Cup.  Ahem!  We’ve discovered Haley loves watching the game.  There’s been few times I would attempt to feed her during the games.  She wouldn’t have it!  Okay then!  We may have a mini soccer player in our house, just like daddy!  We even have this ball that Haley likes to look at.  She’s quite a kicker.  She kicks while eating, nursing, playing in the Bumbo or on the floor, everything.  Bam bam bam!  On her heels.  Sometimes I think, wow girl, that has to hurt!

Then there’s teething.  You could see the white spot on her bottom left teeth.  She’s been stuffing everything you could think of into her mouth.  It dawned on me we have a lot of teethers as gifts yet she only use the to play with and bang around with when she finds more comfort with the remote.  A remote?  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Burp cloth helps her too, we seem to go through them faster than when she spits up on them.  So much drool!  Then there’s the sink.  She loves sitting at the edge of the sink.  When I do, she starts getting excited and reach out for the faucet to be turned on to play with the water a bit.  Sometimes I fill up the sink a bit so she can splash it with her feet.  She’s grabbing for things, reaching for them.  She even reaches out for my face and sort of touching it gently, caressing it somehow.  It was so cute! 

29weeks a

29weeks b

29weeks c

29weeks d

29weeks f

29weeks g

Haley is 27 weeks!

I feel like so much has happened this past week.  Haley ventured into trying new food - apricots.  While it was a bit tarty, she actually LIKED it!  Wow.  I let her have a few bites followed by the usual facial expression for tartiness.  It was sort of amusing watching her react to each bites.  Haha!  I tasted it before giving it to her and knew Hubbs wanted to be there for that.  So I waited until he was home and had fun with it.  She was quite busy this week!  Lots of things going on for her, her pedi appointment, milestones met, activities learned, and developing a personality, well continuing to… 

Her 6 months check-up.  Perfect health!  I overestimated her weight a bit much but the height, nearly there.  She measured at 26.5 inches long and 14 lbs even.  I have a long and lean girl!  The doctor was asking if she rolls over both ways, sitting up assisted (and sometimes on her own ready for crash control), transfering objects from one hand to another and back, and that kind of stuff.  Yes, yes, and yes.  The sitting part, I must had worked with her for a while since she was able to hold her own weight and have an okay balance.  She fought and didn’t want her legs to be in a bent position.  If sitting her down, she’ll keep them straight out in front of her.  That doesn’t help much on the balance so she had fought with that.  I continued to work with her on that and last night all of the sudden, she sat on her own while playing with her toys!  Whoa!  I even took a video of it!  Of course, you guessed it.  She was still sitting with her legs straight out, not bent.  She’s been reaching out for things and really do well with grabbing things or making attempts to snatch them up if it’s near her. 

I still can’t believe she is half a year old!  We’ve come so far with frustrations here and there but we’ve managed to adjust well to our new lifestyle.  I’m still feeding her and she still hasn’t teethed.  Thank you!  I always cringe when I can feel the pressure from her gums biting down, but no teeth yet.  One thing I can share is the girl loves to eat!  She has tried squash, pears, banana, and rice cereal.  We added apricot to the mix few days ago.  While mixing her food, I can see her reaching out for the spoon as if she’s telling me to hurry up and give her another spoonful of whatever I am feeding her.  Sometimes when we finish with her solids, I wipe the spoon off and let her explore the spoon.  She does pretty good in gripping it but don’t anticipate her feeding herself anytime soon.  I am not sure what the next food of choice will be.  Maybe carrots or a veggie?  Speaking of carrots, I got a coupon in the mail for a starter kit and got oatmeal cereal and 4 jars of carrots.  I don’t think carrots are the food I’ll make due to the nitrates so I’ll be okay with that.  I’ve been mixing the food we’ve tried so far for a combo food since there was no reactions, which is good! 

Tummy time with Daddy!
27weeks a

6 months with her bear (amazing to see how much she’s grown since her first month with the bear)
27weeks b

Being the good girl and waiting for the apricots…
27weeks c

Give Away

I have a friend from a mama group (we met 2 years ago) and she is hosting a giveaway post.  Come to think of it, I RARELY participate in a giveaway.  Jenny at The Adventures of Two Under Two is one of the ladies that I love “talking” with even though we have never met.  With many other mama’s, we have followed her pregnancy of her little boy, Henry and she is currently expecting #2, Holden.  I must add that Henry modeling the hat is adorable!  How can you not crack a smile at that face?  Anyway, the giveaway item is from an Etsy shop, who graciously offered an item of the reader’s choice, is a HARD one to even pick.  I loved them all!  We currently have one, but not this one!  I also spy that a flower can be added too!  Haley has a hat right now and it’s a beanie, but no visor.  This will be great to add to her closet!


::crosses fingers::  I should add that I couldn’t be that crafty with crocheting.  I don’t think I’ll have that much patience for it, I tried years ago and it just couldn’t fly with me.

Haley is 26 weeks!

Umm wow.  Holy hell batman!  Haley turned 26 weeksk today!  26 weeks = 6 months old!  6 months old = half a year old!  Halfway being a YEAR old!  OMG!  ::falls backwards::  I can’t believe how long we’ve come and have decided to start writing up her birth story.  I had it written up a long time ago during my maternity leave which accounted for the raw feelings.  Unfortunately, the laptop had other plans and somehow it is gone.  No matter, I’ll write it again.  I’ll see if I can recruit Hubbs to co-write it with me.  We are having a busy week. 

Haley is growing!  I could feel her being a bit heavier.  In fact, her 6 months check up is coming up soon.  I’ll have to consider my guess for her stats.  First thought is maybe 16 lbs, maybe a bit more.  Haley l.o.v.e.s. to eat!  She goes nuts when she sees any shapes similar to her bottles.  She’s been getting better with holding her own bottle.  She even ventured out with sippy cup.  It’s either a hit or miss with that.  Mostly she’s not very sure about it since it’s somewhat different than her bottles.  During feedings, sometimes she would put her hand on my hand (with the spoon) and push it to bring it towards her face.  She loves her squash and pears.  Pretty soon, we’ll try some apricots. 

I’ve noticed some quirks with her.  When she has her paci, she would have her thumb over the paci in her usual sucking position.  If she doesn’t have her paci, sometimes the thumb is on her chin, of course, in sucking position.  Hmm…  She MUST play with her tags before she plays with rest of the toy (if it has tags).  I don’t know if this has been mentioned, she sleeps in a folded position.  That includes being in a near-folded position for drinking her bottles.  Sometimes if she’s really focused and you move the object in front of her, she’d shake her head as if she’s lost focus or something.  She is handling her tummy time much better these days.  As soon as I put her down, she’d hang out longer or flip over to her tummy.  After a while, she’d throw a fit.  I try and wait to let her figure out rolling to her back.  Sometimes that doesn’t always happen.  She really likes her cuddle times.  I love the fact she wants to cuddle and whenever she rests her head on me, it just makes me want to hold her longer.  I only say this as many moms out there tell me their LOs would stop real early or resist cuddling. 

Not to mention, Hubbs mentioned something interesting, she’ll be entering her first World Cup (he’s a soccer fan).  So I anticipate some summer packed with watching games.  Haley loves a good action.  She has seen basketball, baseball, and a bit of softball, she seems to love it.  Maybe that would account for some kicking action going on during my pregnancy.  She even kicked Hubbs in the face during our maternity shoot.  At the moment, she doesn’t seem much interested with sitting except when she’s on our laps.  She’s more interested in assisted standing.  I have a feeling she wants to go with her own milestone schedule.  Do the harder milestones before the easier ones.  You know the saying, learn to crawl before you walk?  I bet she’ll do just the opposite of that.  She LOVES to play with my hair.  Before you say to chop off my hair, she’s very gentle with it and loves to play with it.  I even have a video of her brushing it on her face.  This reminds me, with her reaching out, she tried to reach out for one of our dogs, Leila.  I’m amazed.  Haley finds the dogs very amusing to watch while they play or banter with each other. 

This is how she tackles her bottles these days.  She actually learned to hold it sideways, not straight up like the bottle is designed to do…
26weeks a

Showing how she likes her pears…  Note her bib:
26weeks b

My best self portrait to date without blurry or shakey picture, I’m so proud of myself!  I love it when she snuggles with me like this…
26weeks c

Being silly!
26weeks d