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My different hats…

So, lately, I’ve been noticing the many different hats I’ve worn since having Haley.  Keep in mind I am a working mom plus a wife as well.  Since having Haley, I’ve been finding myself doing these:

Personal Chef
(Yes, I realize it’s Gordon!  Hehe!)

Event Coordinator
[I couldn't find a picture :(]


Personal Shopper




Fashion Designer
(I realize there’s personal shopper listed above - this one is putting Haley’s outfit together for the day…)

Personal Maid
(England’s Queens of Clean on BBC, Kim Woodburn and Aggie Mackenzie)

Spa Attendant
(I do what I can to help Haley on her fussy days by soothing her aka teething and such…)

(Somebody’s gotta trim her nails and it’s me!)

Hair Stylist
(Even though with what little hair she has now, I still comb it and make it look presentable…)

Waste Management
(The poopy diaper’s gotta be changed by somebody!)

Fan Club
[I couldn't find a picture :(]

Personal Trainer
(Encouraging her activities and the such…)




I am sure I have plenty more!  It’s crazy I even find time for myself…  In a 24 hours day, 8 of those are for sleeping, 8 of those are for work, which leaves 8 hours.  Then I have to factor in the driving time to and from work, maybe 1 hour total, leaving 7 hours.  I play with Haley maybe 3 hours, send her off to bed, maybe do some upkeeping around the house for another hour. That leaves 3 hours. I think… That’s during the weekdays, but I am sure on weekends I’d be able to do a lot more, just still have to plan ahead. I think that’s the key for myself, planning ahead. Otherwise, I won’t do much. Perhaps that’s why weeknights feels so much more cramped in terms of time. It’s hard work, but at the end, it is rewarding being a mom, working or not.


I received a brand spanking new sewing machine from my parents as a graduation gift.  Yippie!  ::happy dance::  I’ve been searching for a long time on a sewing machine but couldn’t decide which to get.  I did narrow it down to a Brother, just not which model.  Ayy!  It was like shopping for a car!  So…  Without further ado, I welcome the new member of the household…  Brother CE5500PRW with an universal sewing case.  What’s amazing, it’s really light!!



It has a lot of cool features on it as a computerized sewing machine.  This one is Project Runway Limited Edition computerized sewing machine.  After trying out some of the stitches and features, I couldn’t believe how easy it is to change from one feature to the next.  Basically, the description from Brother’s website stated the following:

Treat the Designer in you to a range of professional features in the CE-5500PRW, a Project Runway Limited Edition computerized sewing machine with 50 built-in stitches, 87 stitch functions and 5 sizes of auto-size buttonholes. Use the bright LCD display screen with computerized stitch selection to choose from a range of decorative, quilting or heirloom stitches to embellish your wardrobe. Experience virtually effortless sewing on denim, tweed, and other thick fabrics with the exceptional feed system. Complete with an advanced needle threading system that makes threading easy, fast bobbin winding system, Quick-Set™ bobbin and super bright LED-lit work area, the CE-5500PRW will help you turn clothing into runway style creations in no time!

Main Features

  • Awarded a Consumers Digest ‘Best Buy’ Award
  • 50 built-in stitches including 5 styles of one-step automatic buttonholes
  • 87 stitch functions
  • LCD screen with computerized stitch selection
  • Quick-Set™ drop-in top bobbin
  • Advanced needle threading system
  • Super bright LED-lit work area
  • Fast bobbin winding system
  •  Specifications

  • Built-in decorative stitches
  • 5 built-in buttonhole styles
  • 87 built-in stitch functions
  • Quick reference stitch guides
  • Quilting stitch functions
  • Heriloom stitch functions
  • Stich width up to 7.0mm
  • Utility stitch functions
  • Stitch length up to 5.0mm
  • Accessory storage
  • Included accessory feet: buttonhole foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, overcasting foot, blind stitch foot, monogramming foot, zigzag presser foot
  • Screwdriver, needle (3pcs), twin needle, extra spool pin, ball point needle, seam ripper, cleaning brush, softcase, large spool cap, medium spool cap, small spool cap
  • Automatic bobbin winding system
  • Bobbin horizontal
  • Needle threading system automatic
  • Upper thread tension system for perfect stitches on any fabric - adjustable
  • Needle positions - variable
  • Thread cutter button
  • Maximum sewing speed (stitch per minute) 850
  • Free arm
  • Presser foot attachment - snap-on
  • Superior feed dog system 6-point
  • Super bright work area
  • LCD touch control panel
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • Machine dimensions 14.80″ H x 9.92″ W x 19.49″ D
  • Machine weight 10.58 lbs
  • I think I was more impressed on how easy it was to set up.  I have sewn before and knew how to do everything in the set up.  It was almost like riding a bicycle.  As a little girl, my mom would sew as well as my Gramma.  I’ve always resisted a bit since I hear all crazy stories of how the ladies would sew themselves or that kind of thing so I just never had a machine of my own.  Even the first trial sew on this machine took me by a scare since it was too fast for my own liking.  But I got used to it quickly.  Just have to be alert and mind my fingers.  I need my fingers! 

    I also didn’t bother on the presser foot until the 2nd time I used it.  That was when I discovered - overcasting foot.  W.O.W.!!  That’s all I can say.  It’s like a serger machine except it’s really basic and you just have to do it well and with practice.  I was pretty proud that I did well without any prior experience in this.  I feel like I can do sooo much with this machine and I need to STOP bookmarking projects!  Whoops!  Then I also realized, I haven’t take a picture of the machine itself at all.  That’s going to come very soon!

    I was more impressed that this could be used in quilting as well since there were extra features that didn’t come with the machine.  I think it was something like walking foot or something.  Pretty cool.  I think my goal here is to try and learn as much techniques as I can.  I see things like bias tape, French seams (I’m getting the hang of this), and all types of hemming.  Oh, and there’s yardage thing.  It’s pretty easy, it’s just the determining of how much is needed that is what get me.  But one has to learn, right?  Hopefully with projects that I find, I’ll gain those experience.  Who knows, years from now, I’ll be upgrading from this machine.  Right now, this is the perfect machine for me!

    Big thank you to my parents, I love it!

    Houston we have…

    Teething!  In fact, two of them!  I’m not sure how that happened!?  It felt only recently that I had posted about her tooth eruption chart.  I actually got pictures and updated the chart.  I’m still in shock how 2 came up!  I don’t even remember seeing a 2nd one at all! 

    First chart…


    Updated chart…


    Actual photo…  Hopefully it was large enough to be viewable.  If not, linky: bottom 2 teeth


    Moving to Months…

    I’m now confusing myself with Haley’s weekly post.  Yikes!  Instead, I am going to move to months.  If I want to post something new for Haley, I’ll go right ahead and post it.  Anyway, the main reason for this is really to show off few more pictures including Haley’s tooth eruption chart!  I have another mama, The Adventures of Two Under Two, who does this for her boy, Henry, and I loved the idea!  I figured I’d start now while Haley pretty much have a blank slate or nearly…  She’s still working on one tooth surfacing.  It has been this way for the last 2 months.  You can see it’s there. 

    So, here it is…  Haley’s tooth chart…  Hopefully it’s large enough to see it or something.  For now, it’s bottom left tooth (I actually had a hard time remembering if it was left or right.  This chart is as how I remember looking at haley’s mouth.  I have to remember that this is as I am looking into her mouth.  Sometimes I confuse myself which is which.  Hehe.  Shouldn’t be that hard, I hope! 


    Oh to more pictures…  This was how much she loved her plums the other day…  I knew it would stain a bit so I had her only in her diaper rather than fretting over laundry stains.  Turns out she had too much fun with it!  I’ve had some people tell me I was brave to feed her on our lighter colored rug.  What they don’t know was that I was wearing a WHITE shirt from work.  WHITE!!  It survived and will continue to be white for another day.  Whew!   


    We also think it’s time to get her updated with a high chair.  She’s gotten good with feeding herself with Graduate Puffs.  I don’t think I have pictures of those yet, but she’s probably had them 3 or 4 times so far and she’s gotten really good with them.  She also really loves her exersaucer these days.  Come to think of it, she’s in her bouncer less and less these days.  I did find it really funny how she works herself up in the exersaucer.  I even caught a video of it…  Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to get it shown here.  Bummer.  I get a lot of comments how soft her skin is.  Aside from babies having soft skin, they say they haven’t seen it as soft before.  Mama loves her lotion, that’s for sure!  So Haley must be my good girl and let me put lotion on her!  Haley also loves being held up to a standing support.  Again, she’s really good at supporting herself.  No balance quite yet but it’s getting there! 

    Another thing is her sleeping habits.  She is really good with her sleep and she seems to love them too.  There are few things she must have in order to sleep:  blanket, her pink giraffe, and her paci.  With those three, you’re golden for sleep.  Once she’s out, she’ll sleep through the night.  I’m not sure if she must have those for her naps, but I’m sure she does okay without her pink giraffe.  It’s making me think about picking up some extra in case anything goes horribly wrong with the only one we have now…  Sometimes burp cloth makes it into her criterias too…  Anyway, her pink giraffe looks like this:


    See how peaceful she is?!  Granted this was on the floor in the living room.  She had fell asleep like this while I had put her bouncer cover in the wash.  That was how I found her when I came back to check on her which was only few minutes later.  Usually, I would have her sleep in her PNP, but she was out like a light and I wasn’t going to risk moving her and have her wake up again.  Notice her burp cloth under the giraffe.  I’m tempted to call it Sophie because there is a Sophie the Giraffe out there for teething.  Supposedly it’s a hard/flexible rubber for teething.  I couldn’t bring myself to fathom the idea to even buy the teether for her.  It’s supposedly to be $30?!  The giraffe is a gift so it costs us nothing.  So…  no name for the little giraffe yet!

    That is it until the next time I feel like posting newer updates!

    Haley is 30 weeks!

    Haley is making a lot of progress these days.  I changed her baby bathtub to use the opposite end.  Instead of recline bathing, she is sitting up while I give her baths.  I had changed her exersaucer’s height to the next level.  Ever since then, she’s been more active.  She even sweats.  She also moves around a lot and shows excitement, almost like her entire body shakes with excitement only to make herself more excited.  Then there were the new food she has tried lately.  She has tried peas, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe.  Well, actually, the last one wasn’t a puree.  It was more of the sliced fruits that I gave her with a mesh feeder.  It was a hit.  I’ve been starting to mix other foods she’s already had to make a “meal” out of them.  Plus, who knew carrots stains really bad?!  Her new food will be plum that I whipped up for her this morning.  I have a feeling this one will stain as well.

    Not to mention, it was her first 4th of July yesterday!  We had a nice quiet day and went to the pool when the sun was a bit lower.  I was a bit nervous, to tell you the truth.  Gazillions of people in the pool but she did just super!  My dad went in the pool with her (ahem - my swimsuit didn’t exactly fit well otherwise the “ladies” would have wanted to come out and swim too…).  At first, Haley was like umm, what is this, a super-sized bath tub and why are there other people with me?  She really did look confused.  After a while, she warmed up and started paddling.  Which was amazing since we hadn’t gone to swimming lessons or anything like that.

    Today, I let her sit up for most of the day and sort of had an independent play time where she would play on her own with me nearby.  She dug into her purple box of toys and knocked herself out.  I had crash control behind her aka Boppy.  It worked out just fine and didn’t need the crash control for it.  She was pretty distracted with eating her food lately and it’s been getting difficult.  I imagine we’ll be looking into a high chair pretty soon.  I think after this weekend, I’m pretty exhausted.  Come to think of it, I haven’t had a day entirely to myself where I don’t have to worry about if the diaper is clean, baby is fed, bottles are washed, housework done as much as possible, etc.

    In the past week, mama graduated with her master’s!  Yippie!  We’ve had a party for that as well.  It’s been a very busy household since then.  Not to mention, I’ve taken her 7 months picture yesterday knowing it was few days late.  Mostly because of her 4th of July outfit I had for her.  She’s sitting up on her own pretty well.  While taking pictures of her, she sat up the entire time and looked around to find that the bear was there.  She started grabbing the bear.

    Mama got me a new cup!  I love this one better!
    30weeks a

    7 months old!
    30weeks b

    My first pool outing!  I wasn’t sure why there were other people in this “super-sized bathtub…”
    30weeks c

    Swimming with Tata!
    30weeks d

    In the shade with Nana
    30weeks e

    Mama made me plums!  Yummy!
    30weeks f

    Nomming on my apple!  (These mesh feeders were really cool!  We got them as a gift.)
    30weeks g

    Busy huh?!