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Crawling and Sleeping!

Umm, yea!  I said crawling!  For a while now, she’s had some attempt at crawling.  They usually only end up with a hand or two in front of her and she would return in her sitting position.  Now she’s a pro at sitting up from upright position to the floor and back.  If she’s laying on her back, she’d roll over first before getting in the sitting position from there.  Before this point, after setting her down, she normally would scoot around in circles on her butt but going no where.  These days she’s very mobile.  Uh-oh!  We’ll have to watch out! 

In the house, we also got foam mats for her.  I’d say it’s about 6 ft. x 6 ft. with letters and numbers.  It’s really cool and bright in colors for Haley.  We also got blocks for her to play with.  It’s a given she might not actually use it, but she’s been pretty good with taking it apart.  When we bought it, hubbs mentioned the lady at the register was telling him if he realized the toys were for 3 years old or older.  While we realize that, Haley is still under supervision when we play.  With the blocks, we took all the small sizes out until she’s old enough.  For the foam mat, there’s removable letters and numbers from within the square. 

Haley is getting better at pulling herself up these days as long as the object is firmly planted or heavy enough to support her.  She’s been an eating champ.  She loves her food, that girl…  I actually had some veggies pureed for her from the frozen section.  It had some broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.  I think that was the more challenging food to puree since it doesn’t have a lot of juice.  I must have added a glass of water.  It ended up more watery than pureed.  So I had to add some rice cereal.  Actually, oatmeal.  It worked better.  That was yesterday.  Today, I’m nearly out!  I have 6 cubes in the freezer (the rest was in the fridge since I meant to feed to her right away).  LIke I said, the girl loves to eat…  You might notice the lack of pictures.  Trust me, I have lots of pictures, just I haven’t been able to upload them due to Haley’s newfound mobility.  Simply for that reason.  I just find it hard to believe at birth, she was totally helpless and now she can make herself move around.

Sunny Side Up

Right this second…  Haley is sleeping on her belly with her butt sunny side up.  I was tempted to take a picture, but given it would probably wake her up, I decided not to…  Too cute!  I know I’ve had my share of those moments.


Okay, I had to say something about this, but this was so strange to even hear this word…  Ma’am.  It’s so…  old fashioned, I don’t know…  I was at work, giving some instructions to some of our office employees on some document that needed to be done and explained it step by step, simple stuff.  Cheerfully, the lady says sure, I’ll do it for you ma’am!  I kind of froze.  For a moment there, I felt old!  The lady was older than me!  No matter, I understood it was out of respect.

I do remember being in Texas once on a business trip from a previous company and they use that word like it was their lifeline.  It probably wasn’t such a big deal with I heard it just recently, just taken back I haven’t heard the word in such a long time.



So, lately, I’ve been told and noticed this myself as well, that Haley is now realizing she has hair.  She would reach up and sorta grab or attempt to grab what’s on her head.  Even if it’s not really much at this point.  Nope, not even enough to hold up a hair clippie.  Not even.  Believe me, I attempted and it looked so sad hanging there for its dear life.  It was purely out of curiosity that I did that.

Haley has been sitting up so well by herself and I can see some attempts to sit up from lying on her back.  The most cutest thing she’d do is to sit on her butt (after I put her there of course), and scoot around in circles with her feet.  I see some attempt to crawl these days now.  She’d reach forward in a sitting position to reach for something, but not quite on her knees, just almost.

She also have been pretty good at folding herself in half on the floor just to nom on her teeny feet.  She’s still a tall and slender baby.  Heck, she STILL wears some 3 mos onesies.  I swear, it fits her perfectly with some room to grow.  How is that even possible?!

One thing I have to also add is I LOVE it when I’m on the floor with her and she would turn, give me a bit of love by hugging my chest.  She’d sort of flop herself there and hang out there for a bit.  Ahh!  I wish I can stay where I am at that point for as long as possible.

I am continuing my summer hours at work which means I see a bit less of Haley during the days I work.  For those days it means arriving home, taking her to do her bath, feed her, diaper change, keep her entertained, and finally bed time.  The moment I get home, she squeals when she sees me like she’s never seen me in so long!  I find it amazing how such a little thing can make your life really out of whack but in a good way.  I’ve had to learn to let go of trivial things.  I can be honest about that.

I’ve wanted to upload some pictures of her walking with assistance.  I realized, we don’t have one!  Either we did a lot of that, but no one took the picture because the other person isn’t around while one is helping her walk.  I just have to be sure to do that soon.  Looking back, she was just a teeny baby, just at 6 lbs and not able to do anything for herself and here she is today, holding her own bottle, attempting to crawl, wanting to walk with us everywhere we go!  Even flashing us some of her goofy gummy grins.  I suspect we’ll get more teeth coming in.  There was a moment of her bottom two that came through that seemed to disappear all of the sudden.  Her gums were really swollen.  I took that as a sign as more teeth to come.  Perhaps one on each side?  We’ll see!

Haley is 8 months old!

No, I didn’t fall off the planet. But Haley is 8 months old today!  How did that happen?!  Oh right, she was born and time flew by.  Yea, that explains it!  We’ve had quite the month.  Haley is getting more mobile these days!  By mobile, I mean with assistance.  She wants nothing to do with crawling.  She must be thinking crawling are for wimps!  Oh girl, it isn’t so bad if you do that and you can make yourself mobile to go where you want to go.  When she is on her stomach, she would sort of do this backward crawl.  She would scoot around on her tummy too, but not forward.  She can scoot in circles, kinda…  Speaking of scooting, she does this funny thing where you put her sitting up and you scramble toys around her.  She would actually scoot herself in circle using her feet/legs.  It’s kinda cute!  She sees the dogs running up and down the hall, she’ll scoot.scoot.scoot to watch them. 

Then there’s her new highchair, we’ve been using it a lot more these days.  Pretty much no more Bumbo, bouncer, or even her swing these days.  Perhaps they’ll go back to their boxes until next time?  Her exersaucer is still getting mileage these days.  In her highchair, the feedings have gotten sooo much easier.  She seemed more focused while in the Bumbo, she thinks it’s playing time when I try to feed her.  I’ve found she doesn’t quite like green beans/peas.  So I’ve mixed in a bit of yoguart in them and it’s worked like a charm.  Her hair is starting to grow. 

Back to the mobility, Haley looves walking around.  She would concentrate on each of her steps moving where she wants to go.  Sometimes she gets too excited and bounces thinking she’s in her exersaucer.  The funny part is when she approaches something she wants to pick up, she walks right up with it at her feet and bend at her hip making the reach too far when it should be few steps away.  I have to hold her while she makes herself in a triangle for the said object.  I’d say she sits up pretty well since I’m behind her these days.  She doesn’t sit up on her own from the floor so I think until she can do that, I don’t have to worry much about having a crash control behind her. 

Haley is becoming really attached with her giraffe.  I am needing to come up with a name for her.  Something easy for her.  I think I’ll wait a bit longer on that.  Sadly, I had to take it away from her for about 20 minutes at bedtime so I can sew the ever growing hole.  I decided to snip off the handle that supposedly plays music.  I didn’t see a point in keeping it that way.  Plus it’s nice that the former music box is in the head giving it’s weight and sorta floppy.  Kinda cute in it’s own floppy way.  I think I sewed it up pretty well.  At the least I have needles and some thread in case I need to act as a surgeon again.  Add that to my ever growing list of hats I wear… 

Haley also seems to have grown and yet she’s still slender.  Her 6 months shirts and shorts still have room to grow.  I’m actually surprised.  She STILL has some 3 mos shirts here and there.  How is that even possible at 8 months?!  I also find it funny her hair is now starting to grow although you can’t really put it in a ponytail…  I also have heard from her daddy that she’s given him quite the day with erm… some poop adventures.  I’ll leave that for daddy to re-tell of the tales. 

One of the things I’ve noticed lately is whenever I bring her to the changing table and lay her down, she will put her feet up in the air and assume the position, ready for a diaper change.  I find this kinda cute.  Of course, not so cute when I’m trying to attach the tabs as she thinks I’m done earlier than anticipated and wants to roll over and see what’s behind her.  Behind her is nothing!!  It’s just a wall!  Argh!  No doctor’s appointment this month as we are going to see him next month.  But I imagine she’s gain some weight.  Her personality is really coming through.  I would have to say she’s one strong-willed little girl with some Irish blood in her.  When she wants something, she’ll let you know.  When she isn’t happy, she definitely will let you know. 

Here is my little girl at 8 months!  I love you girly! 


Hubbs calls these chompers…  I still can’t believe 2 came at once!!

Sleeping Beauty!  (See the pink giraffe?  That’s her favorite toy to sleep with and will NOT sleep without it…)