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Haley’s Tooth Chart

::whips out chart::

Time to update the chart again!  I wasn’t expecting for what I’m about to share with you…  I was expecting either new ones next to the one she already has or two more on the top aka chompers.  But nope…  She’s growing those vampire teeth now…  Yes…  Vampire teeth.  Huh?  I swear, she is!  I even had hubbs confirm this. 


I checked on Haley and saw…

No pictures, the battery was dead and was slightly lazy today…  I walked in to check on Haley after having put her down for her morning nap…  She was standing up and gumming on the top rail of the PNP.  1.  She stood up all by herself!  2.  I’m glad she didn’t fall down or anything like that.  3.  She should be napping!  So I told hubbs that he had to see what I was seeing and had to hurry up.  We hung out with her for a while.  She played until she literally passed out.  I suppose that also means it will be more difficult to get her to nap.  Or she’s attempting to eliminate it. 

Haley:  0  Nap:  1.

Tag Monster

I made this over the course of the afternoon, Tag Monster from CraftSchmaft.  I had my eye on it for a while now, printed it up but had to work up the courage to jump into this.  I think the idea of turning this inside out and hand stitching some certain parts scared me.  It was today after a lunch that I decided to stop by Hobby Lobby.  Haley and I took a trip there (she ate in the resturant high chair and I put her in the shopping cart too!  What a big girl!) and she had a blast looking around the store.  She is in this phase of nodding at everything.  ::nods::  ::nods::  You ask her something.  Her response - ::nods::  Anyway, I had some scrap fabric at home already and only needed to pick up one more color ribbon, to make 3 different kinds, felt for the legs, and the poly-fill.  I ended up not using the felt.  No matter, it’s pretty purple felt! 

There were few points I wished I could have done differently:  heat sealed the ribbons, wider opening for turning inside out, adjusting the ribbons a tad shorter, and better job at stitching the closing together.  The ribbon edges are raw, but I did zig-zags through the rows, twice.  Which means 2 rows each ribbons, a grand total of 6 zig-zags.  I suppose it was because the direction didn’t seem to mention it plus I didn’t realize this until too late.  The opening, at best, was barely 2 inches.  I was so worried I sewed the ribbons at the sides, but found I didn’t.  Whew!  Even if the ribbons are a bit too long for my liking, Haley sure is crazy about tags, so I figured it will strike her fancy rather than me.  Then there’s stitching the closing together.  I saw a tutorial on how to do a good closing but turned out sloppy. 

It turned out rougly 10″ tall by 6″ wide.  I think the part I liked the most was stitching the eyes but not so much on the mouth.  It was akward.  The most challenging was pining everthing just before sewing the parts all together just before turning it inside out.  Phew…  It was so fluffy and lots of pins were used.  I poked myself few times.  Gah! 

This is the monster from the tutorial’s website:

This is mine:

Craft Update

My mom and I have done some crafting more regularly these days, every other Sunday.  I’ve been enjoying my time at her house.  Haley is with me usually.  They would have their own bonding time while I’m busy at the sewing machine.  My latest project is a quiet book or activity book.  In fact, I took NO pictures of my progress!  How lame is that?!  So far, I’ve done 2 pages total (both sides).  I have vest that buttons up, rows of ribbon (you know how crazy she is with her ribbons).  The second page is a shoe for praticing lacing up and velcro flap on the shape of the back jean pocket.  If ya’ll are thinking my machine is sitting out there in the dust, I assure you it’s not!  It’s being used!  Just I have to remember to take pictures.  That’s the hardest part when I’m having too much fun…  Hehe!

Pack and Play Realization…

I also realized, we just recently removed the bassinett part.  She is no longer sleeping near the top.  She’s sleeping on the bottom.  Yes, we still have her in our room.  I think we’re not really ready to move her out to her own room.  We might progress her by way of naps.  But first, we have to actually lower her crib. 

Cue tears…

Haley is 9 Months!

I think this post is sort of bittersweet, but in a good way!  I promise!  The last month was very busy since Haley discovered mobility.  I realized this when I was uploading pictures to it’s appropriate folder.  Only 3 pages for 8 months old.  Even snapping the 9 months was challenging as she could sit and more around on her own, we didn’t stay in the crib like we normally do.  I did bring out the bear I’ve been using to the sofa.  I just had to make sure I am close enough so she doesn’t fall over and not being too close for a good picture.  Ya get the idea…

No, really, I had a lot of fun playing with Haley since we got her several new things, foam mat for the play area, blocks, and new food for her.  I also would play with her by moving her around the house, she likes “kissing” herself in the mirror.  She goes nuts for that.  I actually find it, after today, that it’s the only way for me to get her nails trimmed by sitting her out in the sink so she can focus on that without realizing I’m trimming her.  I just have to be fast (except slow so I don’t trim her skin).  She seems to get longer and leaner these days.  In fact, she STILL wears the 3 months onesies, the bright blue one.  All others, she outgrew.  This one is not giving it up without a fight, that’s for sure!

Once in a while, Haley likes to give me an open mouthed wet sloppy kisses.  She also does this thing, when she gets tired, she’ll rub her face into your chest and falls forward to lay down too.  Even after you give her the blanket, she will do that again and you know for sure she’s ready!  On some shopping trips, I would take her out of the car seat, carry her into the store, and put her into those carts.  Kind of cool that only 9 months ago, she was just a teeny baby and now she’s making all those progress! 

Now this is where I am leading the post to, the bittersweet-ness of it.  That’s not even a word I think?  I realized that she is now older than the time I carried her.  I suppose I’m just saying that I enjoyed every bit of my pregnancy.  It was such a positive experience.  I don’t want to say easy because I didn’t have any issues.  It was still hard work, making sure I get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and dealing with the tiny bathroom at work.  Being an “outside” baby longer than she was an “inside” put a lot of things in perspective.  I’m not sure how or in what way they did, but they did.

Back to the post!  When I take pictures of her, I noticed she does this really cute thing.  THe orange light will come on to get ready for the picture.  She would start out with a goofy face or a toothy grin.  I even caught a few! 

I leave you with few pictures outside of the crib!

I realize this picture looks like she’s crying, but I promise, it’s not!  She’s flashing her toothy grin in preparation for the orange flash…