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Early Walker!!

We had quite the day in our house!  Morning started with the hubbs dabbling with some beer making.  He loves it!  I did some sewing during Haley’s nap and some more.  She wasn’t cooperating much for her afternoon nap, she probably had a power nap.  Squeeze your eyes shut real hard and you’re super charged now!  So we decided to head out and pick up some pumpkins.  She didn’t seem interested at first until we came around the mini-pumpkins and reached out for one.  It was the one we brought home. 

Afterwards, we decided to swing by the mall, the hubbs needed to put in an order for new glasses.  You read right!  That’s another story altogether for his first pair.  Anyway, on the way back, we stopped at JCPenny to see if they’d have any socks for Haley now that the weather is cooling down and perhaps some jeans and hoodie.  We started with one jean the hubbs spotted.  Then I spotted something cheaper and switched.  Then hubbs spotted something cheaper and switched again.  Haha!  We even got her few shirts too for the cooler temperature.  We headed home since we were getting tired as we braved the mall with no stroller and carrying Haley through, taking turns holding her and the bag of the goodies. 

We got home and I was busy entertaining Haley while hubbs was bringing in everything.  Somehow what happened next went by in a slow motion but fast at the same time.  I had set Haley down on the floor to have her stand, facing me.  As soon as hubbs walked through the door, I’d have scooted back a little bit so I could see her face and encourage her to walk.  Right then and there…  She took a step on her own, and another!  Another!  Another!  (Another!, I think…  I’d lost count…) 

We literally screamed in the middle of our kitchen at what we’d witness together for what was her first steps in her life.  It was surreal.  From my perspective, she was reaching forward and trying to lunge towards in a Frankestein-ish way.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was an early walker and she’s following in that same track as mama.  I grabbed her and hugged her tightly!  I have her try again and it wasn’t nearly the best as it was before then but it was still the best.  This time, hubbs caught it on video!  It seems like she’d have a boom of milestones lately, mastering crawling, pulling herself up, cruising, and first steps.  Then there’s her first word!  Since her first word, she’s been pointing a lot more often.  Each time she points, I would sign to her what it was she pointed at.

Just…  wow…  watching her take her very first steps was amazing!  That’s all I can say about that…

Tooth Chart at 10 Months

Well, I just wanted to update the tooth chart.  Her top left is starting to surface through a la vampire style.    Actually, more like nearly 11 months but really I saw some changes lately since it was hard to have her cooperate for me to check in.  I can safely say her gums are looking very white and must be very uncomfortable.  Our little girl likes to break the rules of teething order, that’s for sure, hehe!


Boogie Wipes

And I mean boogies!  I picked up Haley from the hubb’s parent’s yesterday after work.  I stayed a bit since she was a playful mood when I’d arrive.  On the bed bouncing around a bit and playing “fall over” with the auntie.  She would sit herself up, auntie would push on her chest lightly and sort of go “timberrrrrrr!” and falls back and do it over and over again.  Well it got to the point where she would sit up, stare at us, then we see her hand going up ever so slowly, it was literally slow motion.  Stuck her finger in her…


She wriggled it around, pulled it out, and pointed at us!  ::silence::  “OMG, ewwwww! goes both auntie and mama.  Haley has been in a pointing stage lately and using her newly learned word asking for more food.  Yayy!  The familes are very excited!  I literally sent the hubbs a message.  Simply this:

“Our daughter picked her nose in front of me……..”

His response was:


How can you believe this?!  I’m going to have to stock up on boogie wipes now…  Not only clean her nose but her finger picker!  I headed out to Bashas, needing to pick up a few things for our office potluck for today.  I gathered up evereything I needed to make the goodies and head to check out.  I could easily go to the self-check out, but I decided not to.  When I get there, the lady there (usually I know the people there but this one was new) and she started cooing at Haley, talking to her, and oo’ing ahh’ing on how pretty she was.  Haley just sat there quietly, looked around a bit.  She goes on about her business getting the items rung up.  Then she looks at Haley again and her finger was…

In the nose again!

The lady couldn’t help but stop and laugh at that.  Sure enough, she pulls out her finger and there it was.  The gloried green booger right smack in the middle of her picker fingenails.  Yep, gonna need to pick me up some more boogie wipes.  Seems when she started picking, her finger pointing was a big thing these days.  On the walking front, Haley is still determined to take that step.  Each time she would attempt a step, she’d just fall down.  I know it’s just around the corner!  There’s been a close calls but nothing to make me say yes it’s a first step just yet.

News on the Front!

More news on the front!  Haley said her first word!  Drumroll please…  ::drumrolls::


I’m over the moon and having found out yesterday during her dinner and feeding her.  When I saw that, I thought it was a fluke or was lucky she’d have said it considering her tray also happened to be empty.  So I tried again few more times and giving her a little bit for her to ask for more.  Sure enough, she did it!  For a couple months, she’d babble with her hands, trying to imitate some signing, but she did it!  In addition, her vampire tooth are slowly making their appearance, her left is more and more white while the right is just being dang lazy.  I couldn’t get a good snapshot but it’s there.  May update the nerdy tooth chart soon.  Hee hee!

Wordless Wednesday


Gathered Clutch Tutorial

I did it!  My mom wasn’t available for our usual sewing day together but I still wanted to sew.  The activity book we were working on is going on the next step and wanted to wait for her.  Instead, I pulled off one of the project on my craft list, a gathered clutch tutorial from Noodlehead.  Click here for linky love…  I spent about 2 hours yesterday at Joann’s, mostly for fabrics in coordinating colors and a little bit of browsing and 1 hour last night measuring/cutting fabrics.  I set that aside, went to bed, woke up and did our usual routine.  As soon as Haley went down for her morning nap, I got busy!  I got really far in 2 hours (she normally nap 2 hours).  She was in such a happy mood so I decided to continue sewing while she’s busy playing in her exersaucer.  I think I got another 30-45 minutes out of that one since I stopped at a good place.  She pooped at the same time.  Like I said, a good place to stop.  :D  I picked off after I had sewn the exterior and lining but not yet sewn all sides together.  I picked up again at her afternoon nap and actually finished in 1 hour or less.  I’d like to think this project is equivalent to around 3 nap times.  That is…  if your kiddo is doing on average 2 hours per nap.

To sum it up, the materials listed in the tutorial are as follows:

  • 1/4 yard each of three coordinating fabrics (she’s right, definitely will have scraps left over)
  • 8″ zipper (though I did purchase 9″ and shortened it by following package directions; I bought Polyester All Purpose zipper from Coats and Clark in 56B Cloister Brown)
  • scraps of medium weight fusible interfacing (here I decided to get 1/4 yard of this as well, turns out perfectly and have left overs)

She explains what dimensions are needed and make sure to cut to that.  I wanted both sides to be gathered so I needed to cut pieces twice of what I needed.  I also wanted to include a divider.  The band that covers the center of the gathered sides is the same fabric as it is on the inside divider, polka dots green.  The lining is dark brown while the main color on the outside reminded me of the colors of fall.  Actually, I was drawn to it.  I think I do have fabric left to make another clutch, probably not two gathered sides, I think it depends though.  At the moment, no additional zippers.  In fact, I struggled with the zipper part and sewing all around the zipper.  Comparing with what is on Noodlehead’s post, my edges near the zipper is nowhere near like Noodlehead’s.  It worked, but pretty close I think.

I also think the zipper portion could have been done differently, maybe a bit more clearer.  I followed one of the updated note on how long the end of the covered zipper to the other end of covered zipper should be.  Maybe this was where I had issues assembling the final stitches around the pieces.  Pretty easy to follow otherwise!  I had a lot of fun with it and would do it again!

I insist to know…  why does it take such a long time to pick just 3 fabric colors?!  I had no idea this would end up that way.  I must admit, The fall-ish color fabric I picked is my fave.  I can’t find a picture of what it looks like other than what’s in my gallery.

Noodlehead’s version of the gathered clutch:

My version of the gathered clutch:

(You can see the top zippered edge is a bit wonky - yea, that’s what I had some issues in putting the final stitches.) I definitely will do it again!  I’ll only get better with practice right?!  :)

Update:  I read through some of the comment on the tutorial link and came across this:  I think that will explain why I had some issues with the end tabs.  Maybe it’s time for another trip to Joann’s, see if I can score the same fall-ish fabric?  Yes?  :)

Another update:  So I bought a 7″ zipper rather than 9″ and shortening it.  Since the zipper with end tab should measure 8.25″ or 8.5″, it will make top stitching of the fabrics easier than ending up with a wonky look when you turn everything inside out.  Success!

Wordless Wednesday


Coming Home…

I came home from work today to find Haley rummaging through our DVD collection…  NFT!


Mac and Cheese!

One night, we had mac and cheese for dinner with hot dogs.  I decided to go ahead and give Haley some of that for dinner and made an extra box for leftovers.  While waiting for the water to boil, I let Haley check out one of our boxes. 

What’s that box?

Hmm, it’s mac and cheese mama!


The verdict:  When I finished cooking and getting everything mixed up, Hubbs and I sat down at the table together and Haley shared some with us, maybe a good spoon or two for her.  I put two peices in front of her on her tray and immediatedly grabbed for it.  At the same time, she stopped because it was so sticky and couldn’t get it to go in her mouth.  When she did, she seemed to like it very much!  I’ve given her some grilled cheese sandwich, some cheese crisp, Eggos, and some others I can’t remember, but she loved them!  I’m happy to have made an extra box so we can warm up some for her in the future.  She was very excited to have the box while waiting for the water to boil and I had to chase her down the hall to get it when the water was ready.  Seriously, she ran with the box like a crab very excited with his loot.

Goodbye September

And hello October!  As we say goodbye to September, the last half of the month, I didn’t have much time to blog as Haley did her usual funny, new craft progress, or random thoughts.  The last post was discovering her new progression to acquiring vampire teeth.  I found out that Haley had the exact same teeth as I had at this age.  I find how funny that is, so similar.  When she giggle/snorts, you’d see two swollen white spot on her top gum line and you couldn’t help but laugh more. 

Hubbs and I had a vacation after that post.  We went on adult only vacation.  We all quickly agreed there is a massive difference between trip and vacation.  A trip is just like vacation except you go with your children (they had two boys of their own) while vacation is you have no children with you and you can kick back and do whatever you want.  Well, this was indeed a vacation!  We went sans baby.  She stayed with her Nana/Tata for the entire week packed with lots of things to do.  Many people, when we returned, asked how she did without us.  I would like to say that she did great and was kept so busy that she probably didn’t have time to be upset that mama and daddy wasn’t around.  For her, it was a lot of car trips, visit to Grandpa W., visit from GGma and GGpa, more shopping trips, and even had a visit to the zoo.  I heard she had a visit to her favorite animal, giraffe!  This was her first trip to the zoo.  She even mastered her crawling when we were gone.  I knew it was around the corner since she was doing more army-style and/or crawling with one leg to scoot and another to reach forward. 

While we were gone, we visited to the Bahamas and made the same stop we did in 2008 except we had more time on both ports.  We visited Coco Cay Bay first and were able to stay longer.  All of us decided to go snorkeling and rented equipments.  The water was cloudy as the day was very clear.  It is ideal to snorkel on days that are cloudy like Spring Break 2000 vacation my family took in Hawaii.  My brother and I saw fish so clearly and the whole week was cloudy in the morning and clear in the afternoons.  We went in the mornings now I look back.  We didn’t plan anything special on our stops, just did what we felt like.  We mostly lounged, chatted, ate, and had tons of fun.  In fact, we made new cruise friends with our dinner neighbors.  They were all from Florida and made the trip for one of their friend’s birthday which was later that week.  The second stop was Nassau.  We mostlly walked around, this time, we walked more further out than we did the last time.  It was quite hot and humid than I remembered from the last time.  After we finished with Nassau, we had a full day of sailing.  That day, we spent some time with our dinner neighbors and hung out on the pool deck, just having good time together.  We even had the waiters do tricks for us and our dinner table waiters giving us riddles and party tricks.  I even caught a picture of Hubbs doing one of those tricks at the pool deck.  I attempted my hand, literally, at their spinning tray trick.  No go.  Oh well, I had fun regardless! 

As soon as we got on our boat, first thing I ordered was a Lava Flow from our pool deck waiter, Bjorn.

First day at sea and watching the sunset was awesome…

Getting ready to go to Coco Cay Bay

Our own Corona-like commercial break…  Haha!  Good one Hubbs!

Then there was returning from the vacation and getting all caught up at work that I couldn’t really post until now.  Haley turned 10 months yesterday.  Seriously, where did the time go?!  She mastered her crawling and now can stand independently for maybe 10 seconds.  What a progress!  She moved up to size 3 diapers.  It’s still really big on her and I felt the upgrade was necessary since size 2 was getting to the point of being too small for her and right at the end of the weight limit.  Oh yes…  When we returned, we picked her up from my mom’s friend who lived close to us.  We missed her a lot and had serious snuggle fest there.  When we were gathering her stuff to get ready and head home, my mom’s friend gave us her son’s walker.  We were JUST planning on getting the walker very soon.  As soon as we got home, Haley would put on serious mileage and happily run up and down the hallway.  So cute when she’s attempting to run even though it’s an akward type of running.

10 Months!

Running up and down the hallway with her gadget, the remote…

Helping daddy fix up our computer…