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Boom of Milestones…

Seems since she spoke her first word, we’ve been getting boom of milestones.  Let me count the ways…

  • First word
  • First steps
  • Pointing and clapping
  • Used straw sippy cup
  • Progressed to more walking
  • Progressed with more communication (we have some signs we’re trying to figure out what they mean)
  • Top left teeth cut through (finally!)
  • Uses fork (you give her some food on it, she’ll take it, bite it off, give it back to you)
  • Perfecting her downward dog position
  • Sorting toys
  • Gives items to you (can become a game of it’s mine now, now it’s yours…)
  • Putting the stacking rings on the post (one of her toys) but no order just yet
  • And finally, she’s walking a lot more these days than crawling

I could hardly believe she’s nearly one year old.  ::gasps::  Even to the point of while I dress her, as soon as a shirt is over her head, she searches for the arm holes and stretches her arms out!  I also have seen her pull herself up to a stand only if there’s something she really wants from the floor like her toys, bottle, or whatever trinket she finds.  With her walking more (nearly) than crawling, she’s always on the move.  Sometimes she has a bottle in tow!  Haley is very curious.

On another note, Hubbs and I decided to move some furniture around (after 4 years of the same placement) to try something new.  Turns out the new placement flows better.  In fact, it gives us the opportunity to see Haley from where we sit more.  We can see her waddling down the hall.  I shall now leave you with pictures of Haley and her fork.  Toodles!



Waving and Walking

I’ve sort of been MIA for a bit.  My laptop went on the frizzy and decided it was a good idea to spaz out.  Good thing save much there that I could lose.  So I am up and running again and getting settled in now.  Since Haley took her first steps, she decided to start become more mobile which means more trial and error (and bumps on her head - ouch…).  It was incredible to see her build her confidence and watching her develop her balance better.  Like a baby deer learning to walk for the first time, there’s that awkward-ness about it that I find really cute.  Sometimes she forgets to mind her surrounding.  She would get soo excited she can move and would jump up and down while walking (or in other words, hopping), she lose her balance and plop to the floor.

I can see her top left vampire tooth coming in, and much faster than the righty I might add…  It’s weird seeing the tooth there but it’s there.  I have yet to capture it on picture and have to get her to flash me a goofy grin.  Maybe I need to whip out the tickle monster and try and capture it during her laugh-fest.