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Milestones as of late…

So, I have to tell you a couple milestones that happened recently.  It’s amazing…

Milestone #1
I got home early from work today and played with Haley a bit before she went down for her afternoon nap.  She seemed to need it.  During that nap, I was reading my Kindle for an hour or so.  I didn’t want her to sleep too long before it’s her bedtime and having her stay up all night because she napped too long.  I go in to get Haley, brought her out, and set her down.  She walked up to Hubbs and said two words in sign:  “eat” and “hungry”.  The “hungry” was cute, sort of in a sideway manner.  After saying the words, she marched to the kitchen and waited for us there in front of the fridge.  Her dinner:  chicken nuggets, pears, and green beans.

Milestone #2
Last night, she was all dressed and ready for bed.  Having not had much dinner, I offered her if she wanted me to make her a bottle of “milk”.  Next thing I knew, she beelined for the kitchen.  In my amazement, I just sat there trying to process what just happened and she understood it plain and clearly at the first time I said it.  Usually it takes few times.  Haley popped out of the kitchen, standing there looking at me, “Well, are you coming or what?” and went back in the kitchen standing in front of where the bottles were.

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You know you are a mom…

…when you find random toys stashed away in your fridge and not notice it until the next morning.  See below picture of said evidence…


Please resume your normally scheduled activities…

Haley’s Birth Story

I’d have written I was working on Haley’s birth story, which was true and finished soon after posting about it.  Then I decided to wait until her first birthday to post it and remember the raw feelings the few days after having Haley.  Truth be told, with the laptop acting weird over the summer or so, I was so afraid I lost the birth story I worked so hard to compose.  Somehow I remembered I posted on an online mama community.  Big whew!  That’s all I can say for sure.  In honor of Haley’s first birthday to the time she was born, I share with you our story.


November 25, 2009
The day started off as any other routine follow up appointment.  As soon as the doctor did an internal exam, I could tell in her face something was different this time.  She believed Haley would be breech and could not feel the head where it should be and sent me off for an ultrasound the same day to confirm.  After the ultrasound, it was confirmed Haley is in frank breech position, meaning she was butts down and feet up.  With the appointment so late in the afternoon, the doctor couldn’t see me again until first thing Monday morning considering the Thanksgiving holiday and the office being closed until then.

November 30, 2009
We had the last few days to go over possible outcomes and anticipating what the doctor might discuss with us.  We met with the doctor to talk about our options now that we know Haley is frank breech.  At the end of the appointment, we had several options.  We came out of the appointment with the plan of having the c-section procedure done on 12/10 if Haley doesn’t decide to come any earlier.  If Haley comes earlier and is still in breech position, a c-section would still be performed.  There was also the possibility of Haley turning and coming before 12/10; natural birth would have been done.  One of the thing the doctor pointed as a possibility but advised against was external version or manual intervention in an attempt to rotate Haley.  The reason she advised against it was causing too much stress to Haley as I do not have the ideal level of amniotic fluid for the procedure.  We were happy with our decision to allow Haley to decide when she is ready to come out as the doctor expressed her determination of not waiting past 12/10.  We decided to do the procedure that is the safest and of the least stress to both mama and baby.  Aside from all that, Haley is perfect and healthy.  All we had to do was to take one day at a time as we approach the due date.  It was also the past weekend I had started becoming nauseous as if I was on the verge of becoming sick that we thought the time was coming very soon.

December 2nd, 2009
It was around 5:30am or a little bit earlier when I woke up realizing I had peed on myself and made my way as quickly as possible to the bathroom.  Either I peed on myself or my water had broken.  After a few trips to the bathroom and not able to figure it out, I woke Daddy up at 5:48am for his help.  I did not feel any constant trickling, leaking, or gushes like I hear other women experience at this point.  It was funny, Daddy had decided to Google up some information since I did not have any more “peeing” episodes.  Based on what we read, we decided to go to the hospital anyways to be on the safe side.  I got dressed while he let the dogs out and putting them into the office for the morning.  By the time we left, it was 6:15am.  To this point, I had not experienced any contractions or pains, which I found surprising.  I only felt nauseous in the last few days.  Perhaps the feeling of nauseous I experienced was supposed to be the onset of what would have come if I had not paid attention to it.

We arrived to the hospital about 10 minutes later and go into the registration office and did some paperwork.  As soon as we were done, we were taken to the triage room.  After changing into the gown and being checked with a nurse to confirm any amniotic fluids, we waited for a while before another nurse came out needing to double check, as the first nurse didn’t take enough sample for confirmation.  While she was collecting what she needed, I could feel more water coming out and the smell was so unique and different.  The nurse said that my water definitely broke and will get it confirmed right away.  While we waited for the confirmation, we notified our parents to let them know today might be the day and to wait for confirmation.  It wasn’t until 10 minutes later the nurse came back to let us know that today WAS the day!  Considering Haley being in the frank breech position just few days ago, they sent in for an ultrasound technician to confirm what position Haley was to evaluate what needs to happen next.  We knew before arriving to the hospital we would have the c-section procedure as the top of my belly had been really hard, as if the head was there the entire time.  With the confirmation from the technician, they went ahead and called my doctor to let her know.  They came back to let us know we were scheduled for the procedure at 12pm.  Another 30 minutes later, we were told the procedure was moved up to 11am since there was a cancellation at my doctor’s office and she could come earlier.

Our parents came to visit us in the triage just before going in for the procedure.  During that time, a lot of forms were filled out, meeting the technicians, anesthesiologists, labor nurses, and other people who would be with us in the room.  We were explained what would happen with the procedure.  The families were escorted out as we prepared to go into the room.  I was given a nasty tasting liquid stuff that tasted like a cough syrup that had gone bad or something.  Well, actually, I was told to down it as I would with tequila to help minimize the nasty taste, which turned out to be true.  Daddy and Cameo, our interpreter, started dressing up in scrubs to get ready.  I was still not in much pain and was actually comfortable except for my butt going numb from sitting down at an angle.  I had asked to walk into the room so I can get some blood moving so I won’t feel as numb even though I knew I would get a spinal tap.  When it was time to go to the operating room, everyone followed me as I was walking to the room.  Daddy went to the recovery room to drop off our personal belongings and to wait there while I was being prepped in the operating room.

In the operating room, which was freezing cold, I was given the spinal tap.  Our interpreter was there which helped very much as everyone explained to me what will happen next.  When they were done with the spinal tap, I could feel my legs slowly numbing up and at the same time becoming warm.  The tap itself really didn’t hurt much and felt like a sharp sting.  They explained that it may feel like being stung by a bee.  Having never been stung by one, I could say that it felt like being stung by a scorpion.  The labor nurse that was assigned to me helped me get set onto the table.  They brought Daddy into the room when they were ready for him.  At this point, I was dressed and ready for the incision and the drapes were drawn up.  They made sure my spinal tap was working by spraying cold water on me starting from my shoulder and working their way down until they were satisfied with my responses.

Daddy saw the whole process and he was very curious what was happening and giving me the support I needed.  With the room being so cold, he used his hand to warm up my right arm while my interpreter warmed up my left arm.  That did help very much.  Both of them were telling me what they were seeing such the incision being made, seeing the feet, legs, and everything.  I felt a lot of tugging and pressure.  I could see Daddy really happy through the whole thing. As soon as I saw his eyes being red, I knew Haley was out.  While that happened, I felt a lot of pressure on my right side.  Apparently, her head got stuck and the doctor’s assistant tried to help by mounting on top of me to use pressure to help Haley come out but when that didn’t work, the doctor had to cut me a little bit to give her some room.  By 11:49am, Haley was out.  It is no wonder that the next two weeks of recovering would be really sore on my right side because of the assistant mounting on top of me.

They took Haley to clean her up and had Daddy cut off the excess umbilical cord. He was really excited to do that even though we hadn’t talked about him doing that.  He was happy they offered him the chance if he wanted to cut the cord.  He even told me it was like cutting through wet rubber.  Daddy was admiring her while the doctor stitched me up. The nurses gave her to him so he could bring her to me.  She was perfect!  They sent both of them out while I was being put back together.  They gave me a warm blanket and I knew they were done and moved me into the recovery room to meet with Daddy and Haley.  I must have slept there for a little bit but do not remember how long that was.  They gave me more warm blanket as I was starting to shake quite a bit.  I was happy that Daddy and Haley had some bonding time while I was in the operating room until I was able to be brought into the recovery room.

We had some pictures taken of her first bath and being under the warm lights next to me in her pretty pink bow.  We were there until about 3pm before they moved everyone to the room we would be staying for the next few days.  After we moved there, we started having visitors to meet Haley for the first time.  Daddy’s family, my mom, and cousin came to visit us.  My dad could not come to visit but he came the next day.  My Gramma and Grampa came to visit their great-granddaughter.  My Gramma was so excited when we offered if she wanted to hold Haley for the very first time.  She even shook with excitement as she held Haley and asked to be helped towards the couch in our room.  By dinnertime, I was very hungry but I was not allowed to eat solid food just yet.  They also had me out of bed by dinner when I was able to feel and move my legs.  Getting up to the bathroom was quite painful, but I did it.  They had pulled my cather out to make sure my system still works.  After the bathroom trip, I wanted to walk up and down the hall a little bit.  As painful as it was, I took my time and it was good to get up for a little bit with assistance.  My nurse allowed me to have dinner, only it was chicken broth.  I did get a little nauseated for a while and threw up few times.  I had maybe a bite or two of a cookie, I wasn’t really supposed to have it.  Oops.  The nurses were trying to get me to feel better until Daddy suggested having them give me ginger ale.  It worked!  Haley stayed with us the first night.  It was not very comfortable sleeping the first night as I was in a bit of pain and could not move very much to make myself comfortable.  We knew our life has changed forever the moment we stepped into the operating room.


Happy birthday my sweet Haley!

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