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At 1 year 1 month 3 weeks and 5 days later, poor girl have the croup.  Thursday started off like any normal day, I dropped off Haley at her day care school (by the way, theme this week was color: red; shape: circle) and went off to work.  Of course, one of the rarest day where I forget my phone.  ::sighs::  So as soon as work was done, I head over.  I couldn’t help but feel like something was up.  Mama’s instinct, if you will.  Sure enough, I get there and one of her teachers had a question for me (by this time, she’d greet me, but not this time).  She texted me around 4pm, not too long before I started wrapping things up at work.  She tells me Haley was having difficulty breathing after waking up from her nap and ran a temperature of 100.3 (later temped at 100.5).  They added that she was wheezy.  I find Haley and her Grandma was there too.  She tells me the same thing.  Only that I can’t hear the wheezing.  Right away, I get concerned and we go to her classroom (she works 50 feet away from Haley’s classroom, yep!).

With my phone forgotten at home, I didn’t have her pedi’s information and wanted to use her computer to get the number.  We find it quickly and she called them for me and interpreted.  The soonest they saw Haley was yesterday morning.  Great!  So we take her home and find even wheezy, she still played well and ate well.  It didn’t seem to affect her.  She did cough only sounded like seal barking for fish.  You wouldn’t have known she was sick at all.  We searched for a humidifier so we called Hubb’s parents to see if they could bring theirs by as before leaving the school, Haley’s Grandma tells me they have one and would bring it over.

After dinner and having had a bath, they come with the humidifier.  I think Haley thought she had a new toy and literally put her face into the mist vapor.  No worries, it was cool mist.  Seemed to help her.  Even with visitors, she was running up and down the hall, showing off her “running” skills to her Grandma, Grandpa, and Nina (or Tia).  By the time they left, Haley was definitely fighting to stay awake by staying mobile.  We get her ready for bed and put her down.  Within seconds she was out.

Morning came and she seemed okay but still sluggish.  I stayed home with her and waited until our appointment time.  She had her morning nap long enough to the point I had to wake her up to leave.  We get to the office only to find that we didn’t quite have the appointment.  WTF?  I had CALLED to come in for the soonest spot, though we hoped for her normal pedi whom she loves.  We’d take anybody at this point.  Anyway, they tell me we can wait another hour until we can see someone plus the whole office was behind.  I suppose a doctor was out that day or something.  Blah.  Keeping Haley occupied for another hour was difficult as I hoped to show up, wait 20 minutes max and leave so she’s not as cranky or initiate a melt-down.  She was antsy and wanted to play with the toys but I couldn’t let her do that unless she was not sick.

Finally they call us, the nurse met with us, takes her weight measurement for the doctor, takes us to the room and waited some more.  Then the doctor came in.  He talks with me, checks Haley out.  She barked and sort of had a meltdown since meeting this new doctor rather than the pedi she liked.  She immediately started bawling.  Then he tells me she has the croup but doesn’t hear anything in her lungs, only in the throat area.  Which is good since it’s in the early stages.

She got her steroids shot to help with the relaxing the throat muscles while prescribing her behind the counter Tylenol for pain (which is lovely to try and administer the doses, like some type of rodeo event).  At that point, we were out for nearly 2 hours and go over to get her script filled.  That’s another hour.  Poor girl was cranky and wanted to go home to snuggle.  By the time we got home, Hubbs got home from work.  So that was a good chunk of the day spent out of the house.  Of course, we had snuggle-fest.  Today she seems better and I can hear her cough rather than bark, must be an improvement, right?  We haven’t decided if she’ll be able to go to school Monday and to wait it out, see how it goes before we can decide.

On the flip-side, with this being the first time she’s been sick, I admit it was a bit scary.  I find myself somewhat amazed we’ve had an healthy year with her.  At worst, she’d bump her head as compared to finding she has a croup.  Quite the step up there.

What about mama?

Oops!  What’s the whole point if I use this blog for baby and all that goes on with mama?!  Tsk tsk me…

I’ve been trying to decide what to do next with my machine now that I’m finished with Haley’s activity book.  Yes, shame on me for not showcasing it…  Let’s do that shall we?  With picture issues, here’s a link instead:

6 pages total with 12 pages of activities.

  • vest
  • ribbons
  • shoelaces
  • back pocket (”H” is embroidered by Nana!)
  • matching shapes page one
  • matching shapes page two
  • zipper
  • buckle
  • counting
  • match the color rainbow
  • another pocket that will hold her favorite animal - giraffe who so happens loves the next page…
  • magnetic page to hold the giraffe who so happens to have magnetic joints

I’d say it took from the time I received it as a graduation gift from my parents mid-July to the time I finished the final touches mid-November.  I don’t think that’s so bad meeting at Nana’s bi-weekly or so while I am busying away with the project.  Not to mention some times here and there where I needed to steal away Nana from Haley for some rescuing.  Eh, call it more of learning new techniques here and there. :D  Anyhoo, with those 6 pages plus two more to act as front and back covers, sort of a book cover if you will.  So, yea, since mid-November, I’ve been trying to think of a project to work on.  Perhaps at the rate I’m going, I’ll finally start mid-July?!  Let’s see shall we?  But, the one project I can say that’s been on my mind lately is perhaps a throw blanket of some sort.  Hmm, maybe something I can snuggle up if I find myself reading.  Ya know how you might like snuggling up with a cozy blanket when reading?  Sort of like that.

I think I see you perking up asking what book?  For Christmas, I got myself a new e-book for my Kindle.  It’s Tasha Alexander’s Tears of Pearls.   It’s a Lady Emily mysteries series.  This is the fourth book in the series.  The first three being, And Only to Deceive, A Poisoned Season, and A Fatal Waltz.  Lady Emily is a strong-willed woman who can be stubborn at times.  In other words, when she has her mind set on something, she goes for it because it’s what she wants to do.  Umm, sounds like me.  So I can relate.  She is also a debutante, again, I can relate to this.  So add the strong-willed woman who throws debutante solving mysteries, you got a well rounded woman.  She is also well-read for her time on top of her sleuthing skills.  I should say I would not have came across this book when I was out at Costco one day, innocently browsing through the books section and was drawn by the cover and the title of the book and started to just leaf through the first two pages.  Before you know it, I was glued to the books on the way home.  So yeah, that’s how I am here about to start book four.  I didn’t even know it was a series; once I did, I had to keep going. :D

So there you go, Haley’s activity book to snuggly throw to my next book.  What a post!

Teething Saga Continues…

Epic?  Perpetual?  Well, for me, it seems with Haley teething since new year’s day with 4 new sets.  Well more like 3 new ones plus 1 that decided to try and surface again.  I can’t say it’s been easy.  Hellish?  Maybe.  Some days I just can’t stand the constant whining and whimpering.  Then again, the silver lining in all this was the cuddle times we had.  Or perhaps it’s a glimpse into mama-hood that no one talks about candidly?  I try to tell like it is rather than unicorns, rainbows, and puppies here.

Well, one of the teeth finally surfaced yet Haley seems still in pain.  Poor girl.  I think it’s no wonder she’s been moaning, whimpering, and clingy…  The top left, instead of a fine line and slowly surfacing to a thicker line.  This one…  Try imagining seeing a hint of white underneath the gum and all of the sudden a fat white block trying to surface.  Yes, a block, not a line.  There are still moments where she would flash us a grin and things like that.  The top right doesn’t seem that far behind.  The bottom left next to the bottom two already there is breaking through but not as painful as the block.  Yeech.  Then there’s the one that’s been very lazy - the right vampire fang.  ::sighs::  Let’s make up our minds shall we?  Either surface and breakthrough or don’t surface until you’re ready, mmkay?  Haley says to the 4 attempting to make their appearances:  pleashurryyesthankyoummokaybai.

With that said, try imagine that until I’m able to update a tooth chart.  Perhaps if I’m lucky, with the pictures I took on my phone contains a good picture of the new chompers.

Theme Weeks at School

So, Haley’s school does theme weeks.  (Never mind my lack of posts recently, I hope to get her teeth chart updated, photoshop isn’t being cooperative with me lately to let me update it).  Even uploading pictures was wonky and wouldn’t let me post.  Hmmp…

I picked her up today from school and saw they started a new theme.  Seemed her first two weeks at school was one theme and they just changed it.  I thought it was pretty awesome.  They try to plan the activities around the theme but really it’s a development.  They have a paper showing the theme of the week with strands of activities such as motor skills, fine tuning, logic, sequence, cognitive, etc.  I think I saw around 6-8 groups.  First theme was transportation.  Some of the activities involved the use of water, sand, blocks and the such.  I remember one being that the kids go outside with a tub of water, seeing boats floating around and they would put blocks on it, seeing how it goes from one place to another.

What’s the new theme this week, you ask?  Well, why it’s dinosaurs this week.  This morning, they had activities, like any other morning, ready for kids at drop off.  There was black paper taped to the table, sweet blackness, with chalks available to use.  Well, Haley had the honors of being the first kid to, well, scribble on them.  The other kids were a bit busy eating their breakfast (she’s had hers before school).  We shall see if it’s themed week every week or changes every other week.



More teeth!

More teeth!  Haley is starting to have one on her left next to the bottom two already there plus top twos.  Her right vampire tooth has been really lazy as of late and isn’t quite breaking through.  So at the moment, she is working 4 at the same time.  I cannot believe 12 months post was overlooked.  Whoops!  This month, she is 13 months.  How is that possible?!  These days, Haley is really having her own personality.  This past week, it was a big event for us.  First day of school!  Though it is not school, but it made more sense to call it that.  I mean, learning to share, lunch schedule, activities planned.  Sounds a lot like school.

I was a nervous wreck the first day but was so much better when I had picked her up.  The rest of the week went super.  Her teachers said she did great!  I can tell you that when I went to pick her up first day that she was so excited to see me, she ran!  I had stepped in and closed the gate behind me, turned around and she’s making her own attempts to run towards me (she’s learning to run, or call it brisk walking towards me).  That was probably the best part of my day, getting the hug from her that says “Mama, I missed you, it was a long day!!”  As of late, she had a lot of energy and going to school definitely works off that energy she has.  See below for some, well, proof…

Before school

After school


Wow, it’s here!  1-1-11.  I still cannot believe a whole year has gone by.  I barely remember what my life was like pre-Haley these days.  I think Hubbs and I have grown and matured into loving parents for Haley that we never thought we would dream up.  Don’t get me wrong.  When we met Haley for the first time, it was like a stranger, we don’t know her, she doesn’t know us, only through the womb we knew her.  As we got familiar with each other, we got more comfortable with each other.  Haley has a big personality and if I may say so, pretty smart too!  We grew in terms of our family, when we got married, it was just the two of us, then we got our dog, Leila, then Cosmo followed along.  Then came Haley.  In the past year, I’ve finished my master’s, Hubbs is pursuing some business ventures, Haley is…  well, being Haley.  In fact, she rang in the new year with a glimpse of her top two teeth now coming through.  Her left vampire tooth broke through long ago while the right one decided to be lazy and stopped on the progress.  Poor girl, working on 3 tooth now.

Here’s to the new year!