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Crock Pot Night!

Well, shame on me…  I rarely use our crock pot but decided to whip it out after picking up some crock pot dinner stuff on top of our dinner the other night.  That one was cheese steak sandwiches, in case you were wondering.  Yum!  Haley loves that stuff!  Anyhoo…  It’s been a bit cool and overcast lately and thought the timing was perfect for the recipe.  I decided to try this.  So far it’s been making the house smell good!  I’m around 2 hours away from putting in the baking mix.

Then I thought to myself, having some potatoes, celery, and carrots still left, I looked to see what recipe I could possibly use to try use it up.  Ya know?  Rather than letting it go to waste, just use it up since we have it, just throw in other stuff.  I think I found it!  A bonus was it’s another crock pot recipe.  Hmm!  This time is the slow cooker chicken pot pie, but without the pastry cooked.  I liked how it suggested you can pour it over baked biscuit.  I just might do that since I have the baking mix that I needed for what is cooking now.

No use crying over spilled milk?

Ehhh, depends…

If you have no children, you might say this phrase.  BUT having children and/or having had pumped breastmilk, you might have a different perspective.  Well, I am part of a mama online board and this topic always comes up.  All the energy and effort to pump this white gold flushed down the drain if there’s any mishap transferring it from the collection bottle to the bottle in question.  That includes missing the opening, forgetting to screw the bottom closure, or forgetting to line the bottle.  Not to mention, transferring the milk into a freezer bag designed to store milk.

Anyway, yesterday morning, we all get up early.  Saturday is meant to sleep in!  Oh well…  I wake up and see that Hubbs and Haley was walking out of the bedroom.  So I get up too and get the bed made.  Takes me a few minutes as I’m also getting my zipper hoodie on and my glasses.  I walk out to the kitchen and Haley is standing there with a “let’s go Daddy, come on” look.  I looked up and see Hubbs putting the milk container down.


This is one of the moment, I WISH I took a picture…

What I saw was, a bottle, the top part with nipple inserted.  Base of the bottle closure with vent lined in there but NOT screwed on the bottom of the bottle.  Uh oh!  The milk was sitting there in the bottle slowly leaking through whatever gaps there were on the counter top.  There was about 3-4 oz of milk, I would say (not breastmilk otherwise I would have cried than laugh, it’s white gold, make note of that…).  After few minutes, Hubbs was able to clean it up and I’m still laughing.  He gives me a dirty look and his excuse was two reasons, too early in the morning and not having had our morning coffee just yet.

New Fork User!

People…  We have a fork user in the house!

For a while she didn’t show much interest when she would take a bite off our fork or holding it but not really taking a bite off.  So, wasn’t interested at the time and didn’t push her to try and learn how.  That was maybe few months ago before she started day care.  Today, we were having our breakfast.  I made her some eggs, cut it up and had my fork with me that was used to cut the pieces.  After few bites, she just pushed the plate away.  So I set it aside for a bit while I finish my egg sandwich.  THEN she wanted some of the eggs because I’m eating my breakfast.  Giving her back the plate which also had the fork too.  First thing she did was pick up the fork.  I thought maybe okay, she’s interested.

Sure enough, she picks up the fork waaaay at the end of it while “scooping” the food up, which resulted in no food on the fork.  I guided her hand on how to fork the food.  She was able to eat it off.  Watching her try to eat the egg at an awkward angle was sort of hilarious.  Long fork, short neck, fighting to get the prongs into her mouth which held the egg.  Yeah, she needs a shorter fork for sure.

After few more minutes of showing her how and moving her hands closer to the prongs so she can easily eat it.  She did it!  She was able to fork few of her own eggs.  I got up to get her tissue since she had a runny nose.  Actually, more like Niagara falls at the rate the household is using the tissue boxes…  I turned around and saw her waving her fork around with an EGG!  I didn’t do that!  I slapped Hubbs and told him to loooook!  We were thrilled and give her bunch of praise.  She got excited and waved the fork a bit too much and the egg went flying.  Whoops!  There you have it people…  Fork user!  Next will be spoon.  Perhaps will attempt that with Jello so it’s a bit easier than thick consistency of some sort of food?  We shall see!  For now, I’ll wait until she shows interest in using spoon.

Purple Yumminess

I know yumminess isn’t a word, haha!  It was on my mind since I came across it.  Simply yummy!  I did a bit of e-shopping while Haley was napping (in her crib - yes, crib for the first time ever!  That’s another post on it’s own…)

I was looking around on Fabricworm’s website and came across Kate Spain’s Central Park for Her, a bundle pack of 10 different prints.  I just love it!  If you haven’t guessed by now with following the blog (or other than knowing me personally), purple is my favorite color!  I’ve always loved purple.  There were a couple years that I took a break from purple.  One experience scarred me for a bit that I just wanted to not see purple for a while.  Let’s say that the purple was not used in a way I would have liked and had put me in a sad state for a while.

The fabric bundle I came across is just adorable!  Maybe I should try and convince Hubbs to pick this up for me and say it’s a Valentine’s gift?  Hee hee!

::continues e-shopping::

::runs back in post::

I knew I’d be back.  I came across this really cool fabric at the same place…

Melody Miller Ruby Star Rising Viewfinders Pink.  Too bad it looks like it’s out of stock at the moment.   

And see…  more purple!  Told you…

Nacho Libre Spoof

Monday morning this week, we were playing with Haley and being a bit goofy with her before it was time for me to drive her to school.  Anyway, she followed Hubbs around the house in this weird walking stance that totally reminded me of Nacho Libre at the scene where Esqueleto brings a note to Sister Encarnacion from Nacho.  After the note was presented, he backed away with this silly look on his face and turned to walk away with his hand straight behind him sort of chicken walked away or however you might want to call it.


Cardboard Adventures

A week and half ago, I woke up one Saturday morning to not seeing Hubbs in bed nor Haley in her pack n’ play in our bedroom.  I see the door is also closed.  I go out there after getting my specs on.  As soon as came around the corner, I see a cardboard box with a door cut, a tiny window and a hesitant Haley.  How awesome!  Hubbs set up a cardboard box house for her.


After some coaxing, she started to play in it.  It was difficult to snap a good picture since she’d be out of the picture by the time the picture is taken or blurred (but I’ll take it!).  A week later, Hubbs decided the “house” needed an expansion and she was able to get a wing, if you will.  Since then, she’s been running in and out.  Sometimes she’d “lock” the dogs up in there and run away or hide their toys in there.  She also hides in there from us.  From time to time, we find ourselves crammed in the little house with her.  Not so pretty if you’re a woman, wide hips, as compared to a man, who doesn’t have wide hips.  So, yea.  Having Haley, the dogs, and ourselves in the house was pretty awesome for all of few minutes.  Even took a few shots inside, or even some hint of attempts to show what she looked like inside or peeking out from the window.

When inside with her, we would wave to Hubbs through the tri-windows while he works on computer stuff.  Haley would squeal with delight when he notices and starts tossing things through the window.  Poor purple sock monkey, he gets tossed through the windows more time than the monkey would like to swing for fun.  Otherwise, the monkey seemed to enjoy the fun too.  She even tried tucking the monkey for a nap.  That took place outside of the house rather than inside.  Oh well.

In other news, her school have been such a fun to work with.  She seems to be learning so much.  Last week theme was Shape: Circle Color: Red and this week theme is Ocean.  The teachers in the classroom have been absorbing as much new signs as possible to help her develop her language skills on top of the basic ones.  When I arrive to pick her up, I find her at this see-saw but not quite see-saw bouncy center thingy.  Not sure what it’s called, but basically, she’d sit at the edge, she can bounce herself independent from the others connected to the center.  She seems to like playing there.

More cardboard pictures to come!

Pictures are here!  Where is Haley in these two pictures?




I love this picture below, it seems she has this sly smile when I was taking this from my camera phone.  I have to say, she LOVES the house.