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Pictures Overload!

As promised, here are the pictures mentioned in this post

Daddy, why am I not facing this way anymore?


Daddy, I can see the front of the car!


This is cool!


Mama look at the car!


I’m cool now!


My new neck pillow


Monkey neck pillow


I took mama’s bottle, shhhh…


Lounging around


Shorts on my head!


Awesome!  I am a fork user now!



See…  I have the hot dog now.  Are you taking notes?


I’ve been tagged!

Holy smokes!  Somehow I got tagged and didn’t realize it and found it in my Google reader.  You’re so lovely Lyse!  Thank you for the lovely award and I will accept it!  I’ve never been tagged, or however you call it, before so here goes!

I am to list 10 things that makes me happy.  Here we go!

1.  Rainy day on a sunny day (Yes, they exist!)
2.  Nap times
3.  Leading from #2, it also means sewing time!
4.  Whenever I whip out my tea brew
5.  Picking up Haley from school (When she seems me, she comes a-running!)
6.  Reading a good book
7.  Our two furbabies (they keep Haley company too)
8.  Spending time with Hubbs especially when he takes me out on dates
9.  Wander aimlessly in craft stores
10.  Meeting up with friends

Alright…  Now I am to pass this on to next ladies, I suppose Lyse tagged 6, so I’ll tag 6 as well!  Like I said, I’m new!  These ladies are part of our online board of mamas.  We “met” oh maybe 3 years ago and have grown to know each other.  Someday, I may be able to meet with them.

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Mrs. Horizontal @
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Melissa @

Catching Everyone Up…

Well well well…  It’s been nearly a month since my last post.  A MONTH!  Ah, well, I was busy gobbling up Hales and with my sewing/crafting too.  I promise, updates will be in this post!  Here we go…

Haley Update:

Since our last post and being a new fork user.  She’s gotten better with using her fork.  She is able to place it over her food but not quite sticking it into the food.  Still need some help in that area.  Let’s fast forward to spring break, which was last week.  Mama and Daddy were off that week and many things happened that week you wouldn’t believe…  We went to IHOP with the gift card I received from my Gramma and had fun that Friday night celebrating the start of spring break.  Haley had fun with her eggs, pancakes, hash brown, and of course, eating off our plates more than her plate. She was more fascinated with the restaurant environment than the food itself.  After that, we decided it was time to get her new big girl seat and changing her from rear facing to forward facing.  When we got it, it was weird to see how much she’s grown!

That very same night she slept in her own room after 15 months sleeping in our room in the pack and play next to me.  Granted, here and there, she’d have naps there but not sleeping overnight in her bedroom.  I can say Hubbs and I were a bit nervous on how her first night would go.  We tested our alert system to make sure it’s working after moving the signaler to her room, tested it few times, had each other sit on the bed while the other go to her room to make bunch of noises.  She slept without a problem and again, weird.  It’s almost like she’s so far away down the hall when she used to be so close to me.

The next morning which was Saturday, I decided to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and of course, taking Hales with me as she loves going on trips like that.  That also meant her first ride in the new car seat.  Let me say she was in awe of how much the view changed and maybe confused with the change in scenery.  She loved it otherwise and waved to Daddy as we backed out the driveway and waving all the way down to Hobby Lobby.

Other things she have been able to do which now needs us to keep a closer eye on her:  she can open doors now and climb up and down the furnitures.  Uh oh!  We’ll have to keep an eye on that for sure!  And finally, the best part of all…  We have a new phrase added to Haley’s vocabulary:  “Down, please”.  Whoo hoo!

This happened when she got so frustrated in wanting to be let down from her high chair after her lunch.  So I tried to ask her to use that phrase and even motioning her hands for her so she knows how to use it.  After not cooperating with me, I left her there so she can make a connection and finished up my lunch while she’s there.  Frustration continues and I saw her pointing down and then pointing to herself few times.  Success!  I showed her how excited I was and unbuckled her and she really got excited about that.

Mama Update:

I was pretty busy with some sewing projects going on:  reading blanket (though others call it quilt, okay then!), animal neck pillow for Haley, and planning a new project for Haley with a pattern I had won in a giveaway from So Tei Tei.  I chose her cuffed short pattern and am very excited to start soon.  I suppose you’ll say that I try to stick with projects in progress and finish them before beginning a new one.  With the quilt, I spent some time to cut up fabric, arranging them in a pattern I liked, sewing them together.  I was more worried on the blocks not lining up or ending to be wonky.  It turned out well!  I’m impressed at myself, the tutorial I am following with some alterations did not mention how much yardage is needed so I just sort of winged it with 6 different colors, a yard each.  With those, I am able to have the front, backing, and even binding.  I can say that I am learning quite a bit with this process.  What needs to be done is to finish pressing my binding and start the last steps.  Then there’s the neck pillow.  It was difficult at first but eventually was able to make it!  Again, alterations were done as I didn’t exactly follow the direction for sewing on the eyebrow and mouth.  I was more worried on the thickness that I had to sew through but somehow I did it.  Wowza!

Pictures to come!