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Wordless Wednesday






Wow, my last post was umm 3 weeks ago?  It’s been quite busy in our house hold, Haley is learning more and more these days and becoming the chatter box.  Currently at her school, they’ve had two types of classroom pets and I use that loosely.  With spring here, they’ve been reading up about tadpoles and how they have “special powers” to transform into something else along with caterpillars.  After we came back from spring break, I saw quite a bit of tiny cups with plastic lids on them with black dots.  Turns out it was supposed to become butterflies.  Each kid had their cups.  I remember watching them grow each day I drop/pick up Haley.  Eventually got big enough to form their cocoons.  Right now, they’re in a butterfly net and cozy in their cocoons.  Then there’s the tadpoles I mentioned.  One morning I thought I saw fishes so I checked it out only because Haley was showing me.  When I did, whoa!  They were huuuge tadpoles.  Normally they’d be small in size but this one was probably the biggest I’ve seen.  Later I found out they were supposed to be bull frogs.  Oh that explains it!  Wow.  Right now, one of them have two super tiiiiny hind legs, which was kind of sad to see but I know eventually it will catch up and get in proportion.

I’ve been quite busy on finishing up several projects.  I’d have made a mug rug (which my mom has now) and enjoyed that very much!  I still need to finish up with my quilting and perhaps tackle on making Haley shirts.  I tried my hand at shorts.  It was really fun, just very tight on space.  Somehow I’d have screwed it up with the leg opening.  Hey, it was really tight on space, I’m only talking about handful of inches to work with here.  Pins hitting the needle, moving things around, poking myself.  Thankfully, the pattern I got came in bigger sizes so will try my hand again with bigger sizes.  That should give me room to work around a bit more.

This past weekend Haley was quite the busy person!  With Hubbs taking me on date night, I asked if my parents could take her for the night and the offered up a sleep over.  Sure!  I hear she’d have a busy weekend too!  Baseball game, zoo, rainy day activities (yes it rained), and of course, there’s being spoiled the heck out of grandparents.  She’s all tuckered out right now.  As soon as she came home, she sprinted for Daddy whom she hadn’t seen since Thursday night (she was still sleeping when Daddy left for work Friday morning).

I’ve also found myself having difficult time wrapping my mind around the fact that this summer meant our girl is soon 1 1/2 years old.  So many have changed since last year at this point.  She was just learning to sit up on her own, not much hair growth, no teeth either.  I’d also discovered I liked sewing even though I knew how for a long time.  This summer:  Haley is communicating and her signs are growing, her hair is longer, she has 8 tooth altogether with apparently another one on the way according to Hubbs, and she’s attempting to run!  Oh boy, this is gonna keep us quite busy but hey!  Keeps us active too!

Speaking of active, somewhere along since my last post, I’m proud to say that I have been able to fit back into what I have dubbed “Pre-Haley Jeans”.  Yes!  I fit in my old jeans!  I’ve been contributing that in chasing Haley and trying to be conscious of what I’m eating as well.