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Polyvore Sets

So…  With my latest post asking about some clothes I found online and made an image.  I’d have only created four sets before I stopped for quite a bit.  You see, my fourth set, it was created a bit more than a year ago or so.  My daughter is *almost* a year and half.  Umm wow.  How did I get to this point already?!  Then finally, my 5th set, Purple Haze, was created a week ago plus some more following that week.  It’s strange to see my first 4 set and the latest 4 I made, you can probably see a bit of sense in style evolving.  I can see myself wearing these.  Probably something to try and break from my usual sense of style.  Maybe it’s from the fact I’m a mama now and wanted to be stylish rather than dress like a mom.  Ya know, wearing stains and not realizing it’s there until too late.  Instead of eating out, we’re eating in.

Here’s some more for your viewing pleasure!  I saw that I can copy/paste the codes, yippie!  Well?  Like ‘em?

Purple Haze

Purple Haze by sagittmama featuring shirts blouses

Cool Fall Days

Cool Fall Days by sagittmama featuring leather belts

Casual Date Night

Casual Date Night by sagittmama featuring vintage style jeans

Work Casual

Work Casual by sagittmama featuring sterling silver bangles

Work Casual

I’ve really liked this website.  It allows me to put together an outfit from many different places in one spot.  I am hoping this will give me an idea what an outfit would look like without pouring too much time in the store.  Sometimes having something like these would give me an idea what I really like.  Here’s one for work casual.  I’ve always talked about having a fitted blazer.  I came across one and built the look around the blazer.


Update:  I first posted this back in November 2009, jeez, has it really been that long?!  Well, as you can see, couple of the readers kindly asked about this set.  This was back in my “newbie” blog day where I wouldn’t have made proper reference to which website I used to create this set or where it was.  Well, I used Polyvore.  I first heard of this from a mama friend on an online community and have known them since oh, 2008?  I haven’t created much set for a long time.  When visiting again, I saw one item on the website, and well, it led to more items being added and from there, more sets was created.

Let’s try this again shall we?  I made the image “linkable” so it will tell what items is from where.  Since it’s so long ago, it’s probably out of stock but can most likely find something similar to it.

Shirt:  Arden B
Blazer:  Forever 21
Jeans:  BKE @ Buckle’s
Shoe (on right):  Kohls
Shoe (on left):  Mudd
Purse:  Fossil
Ring:  Fossil @ Buckle’s
Scarf:  Gap

If you click on the image, it will take you to more details.  I was amazed all these items except the purse were all under $50.  Wow!  Let’s put it this way, all items is less than what the Fossil purse would cost.  Don’t believe me?  Click the image and see for yourself!  : )  While you’re there, check out my other sets I created too.  I’m liking my Purple Haze set I created.

Amy Butler Nigella Yoga Bag

I just want to show off my yoga bag that I have made this past Sunday.  It is Amy Butler’s Nigella Yoga Bag.  The bonus - the pattern is free on her website.  I decided to go with the outside and inside the same fabric print.


From arriving at my parent’s house, shopping trip, the lunch we had, putting together the project, AND completing it took only around 7 hours.  I say that’s impressive considering a toddler in tow.  Thankfully, my mom kept her company when she was up from her nap.  We made slight modifications to this pattern but if I had another opportunity to make another, I definitely would!

Wordless Wednesday



First Take with Clothes

So, a while back I came across Jess’ blog over at Craftiness is Not Optional and found this post, Chrysathemum Top and had to have it!  Many of her reader begged requested for a tutorial how she created this top.  I booked marked it and came around to it when I found the perfect print for that!  Then I realized, I have NO experience making clothes but looked simple enough to give it a shot.  I followed her tutorial she later posted for what she called Leah Top posted in four parts:  here, here, here, and here.

When I finally put on finishing touches, the top turned out quite…  poofy if I may say.  I did add to the sides a bit of a steep seam rather than tapering off.  Like I said, what do I know with making clothes to have forseen that.  Out came my trusty seam ripper for the sides and I make teeny tweak and all was good!  I give you my version of Jess’ Leah top!

Front view

Side views


Back view

PS - I followed Haley around and some were slightly blurry but thought it was sorta cute image.  She really really wanted her pacifier but I wanted to get few shots of her pretty face and this snazzy top without that.  Once all was done, she got it back.


Wordless Wednesday