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Chili’s RAK

I have to blog about this…  This happened to us Saturday night.

To fully lead up to the point of this RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) post, I need to start by Friday night.  My mom texts me asking if she could have Haley for the day Saturday to visit with my Gramma and Grampa.  Sure!  This was a bit late in the night than I normally stay up, but I stayed up nonetheless.  The next day, I make sure her stuff is packed, dressed, and ready to go.  My mom arrives and apparently I missed a message from her.  This time, asking if she could keep keep Haley for the night and pack a bit more.  Sure!  Meanwhile, my dad was out in the Man Cave aka the garage as my Gramma always refers that spot of the house.  When the guys came back inside, they got ready to go.  Even Haley has a brand spanking new car seat to ride over to Gramma and Grampa’s.

After they left, we actually had time to THINK for ourselves, alone with our thoughts.  We could finish a sentence!  Hubbs showed me a card he received for Father’s day and along with it was a gift card to Chili’s.  Off we went for dinner!  And no, this is not the RAK yet…

He and I were talking up a storm in our booth at the bar area, we decided to seat ourselves rather than wait for the general seating area.  All of the sudden, the waiter comes up and gives us a gift card along with a napkin and a note written on it.  We both looked at it with confusion.  The waiter pointed across the bar to the guy who gave us this card and he waved to us and had left shortly after.

Who was this guy?  We didn’t recognize him?  Where could we have seen him from?  Nope, still don’t recognize him.  No friends out in this area.  People say that pictures are worth a thousand words.  Here you go…


Our brains churned for some answers.  Inspiration?  What could we possibly have done to inspire this guy?  Us conversing in sign language?  Maybe.  Having driven up in Hubb’s souped up Miata.  Maybe?  Or flat out inspired one way or another?  Maybe.  We might not know as this was a RAK bestowed upon us.

Usually with RAK received, it is also meant to be passed forth.  Pay for someone’s coffee in the line behind you or even in the drive through, buy a hungry college student his lunch, offer the elderly or pregnant women your seat in a busy place, and many others.  It doesn’t always have to cost anything.