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Awesome, I went to my Polyvore home and saw this on my activity summary:

“Your sets were in the top 1000 most viewed yesterday! - 10 hours ago”

Pretty cool!  Which is kind of funny, I seem to like to try and visually put together outfits I could see myself wearing.  What is funny, really, is that I have yet to try and find outfits to match the sets I created.  I hope that won’t be that way for too long!  My latest one is wine date.  Dressy yet casual with a bit of earthy laid-back type of sense, no?

Wine Date
Wine Date by sagittmama featuring boot cut jeans

You Know…

You know you are a mom when…

You wake up in the middle of the night realizing you have no sheets over you and find that your daughter stole them all and tangled up in it.  You then proceed to take HER blanky and sleep with it instead.

That was me the other night.


Wordless Wednesday


New Classroom - Success!

Haley’s new classroom was a success!  She adjusted pretty good from what I’ve seen so far.  Majority of the children in that room are from the 1-year old room so she is comfortable.  Her teachers also moved with the classroom, which we are happy with.  That means they know Haley’s sign and what they mean.  We met with her new classroom lead teacher and she is a nice lady.  I’ve been working with her on the signs that the other teachers learned so far.

This week, apparently the classroom theme is jungle animals.  She saw her favorite animal, the giraffe and was the first thing she reached for at the table where it was set.  Other animals included gorillas, monkeys, rhinos, hippos, and bunch of other toys I didn’t get a chance to identify what they were.

They even told me she’s tried the potty few times though it’s not very consistent, I don’t think she’s FULLY interested yet but at the least she shows interest.  I know there’s a bunch of potty books out there, this time, I feel she should lead her potty training.  Even with this, it came with a new sign, “paper” for when she’s done.  I’m really amazed how well she does with pulling down her shorts (sometimes with a little help).

Over the weekend, we went to the library which makes it trip #2.  This time, the experience for me went better.  I learned if I wanted books, I should try and look them up in advance and put them on hold for me.  That way I just get them, browse with Haley and check out when we’re ready.  After the library, we headed over to visit Nana and Aunt Barbara (who happened to have a sleepover at my mom’s).  That trip turned out to be an impromptu trip to GGma’s (or Gramma’s).  We all had fun!  I think Haley especially enjoyed her lunch which was grilled cheese and fruit cup.  There were choices like fries, mac and cheese, and few other things.  Knowing she loves her fruits, I got her that and it came with blueberries!  She killed those off first before she worked on other fruits.  She loves that next to strawberries.

Not only that, she and I went swimming for the first time!  Well not her first time, but my first time ever to be able to take her.  She does so well.  I should probably get her some puddle jumper or something.  I think she was more thrilled to be able to wear her water shoes.  She loves them.  Or even to be able to use our spray-on sunscreen.  She really loves that too.