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You Know…

I have another “You Know…” to share…

You know you are a mom (who is also trying to cram in some gym time during her day) when you find little surprises in your (gym) bag like this…


I found this when I was unpacking my gym bag (which is temporary and hope to have one made for myself as a project) and seeing this totally caught me off guard and made me smile.  Haley must have sneaked her pacifier in the bag before we left for the day.  In fact, I was just thinking before seeing this how I did really well this week also with exception of Monday that I forgot my bag.  I’m so proud of myself for doing pretty well since I first began 2 weeks ago.

She said it!

She said it!  She really did!  At 21 months ladies and gentlemen, Haley has said daddy AND mama!  Both of them!  On the same day!

This brought tears to my eyes and I think my heart burst in joy when I saw her say those very words in sign language.  I waited for so long to hear her say this.  I’ve been so patience when she started picking up on different words.

We were on our way to meet a friend for dinner but needed to stop by and get Hubb’s box that was supposed to be shipped to us, but we weren’t home.  He parked and I stayed in the car with Haley.  She got upset that daddy was walking away.  I told her that daddy would be right back, he was picking up a box.  She turned back to see where he went and signed daddy.  What?!  I think my eyes turned ever so big to see if I saw it right and even straining not to blink at all.  I asked her again, who she saw.  Daddy.

Yes!  Daddy!  Then he came back.  I explained to him what happened.  He turned to Haley and asked who I was and signed mama (on the nose) and gah.  I could just squeeze her!  We probably bounced back and forth pointing who was who and watching her sign.  I think we sat there for a good few minutes before we were on our way.

21 months later of having Haley, I finally get my “mama” and Hubbs his “daddy”.

Dead Arms…

Okay so my first workout session Tuesday with lower body/abs went great!  Given that I had the aftereffects aka soreness.  Which was fine since I would stretch at my desk when I could.  Then yesterday, I did day #2 in the gym with lower body.  I found myself a bit awkward with the machines so trying to figure out which ones I want and tried probably almost everything plus abs too.

Awesome, after that, my total brought nearly to 2 hours.  Then today was the Pilates class for group fitness.  I really wanted to get back into doing that.  When we began, it seemed they were focusing a bit more on core plus the arms too.  I thought I wanted to die!  My poor arm is probably mad at me right now.  If I keep choosing days to work on some areas and end up doing the same areas they do in Pilates, I expect my limbs to be chiseled, no?

My grand total is just a bit more than 15 minutes shy of 3 hours total.  Not bad for 3 days this weeks.

Fitness Rescue

Okay so I seriously slacked off on the fitness part in my life.  I find it more difficult to try and fit it in at home.  Heck, keeping watch on Haley is a fitness in itself.  My work was offering some sort of fitness incentive so I signed up for it.  I was told I could use the gym AND go to the group fitness.  I looked at the schedule they have for group fitness.  They have Pilates AND Zumba!  Pilates, how I miss thee!  I didn’t have the opportunity to go two Fridays ago, work was crazy-fast so I hope to make it in this Friday.  Zumba, now, I’ve not tried this before but it’s supposed to be pretty cool.  So we shall see, given that all will go as planned Saturday, I’ll get to try this out.  So with a bit more flexibility, I should be able to meet my goal.  I was told, 32 hours until the end of the semester.  Hmm, sounds doable.  I am aiming for a “lunch hour” work out at the gym with some classes thrown in.

Today, my very first work out in a looong time and I feel great!  When I checked out, I was told 55 minutes. Pretty cool.  That included some stretch time, warm up, working out, and even cooling down.  Not bad I don’t think.  I did some stretches, warming up on the treadmill, some leg extensions, calves presses, hip abductors, cardio on the bike, leg press, some Roman chair, and some of the back resistance- thingy.  All in all, it was a good start.

Truth be told, I was REALLY nervous, to be honest, when it came to some abdominal work so I think I held back just a tiny bit.  See, I had c-section.  The doctor didn’t cut my muscle, she just separated it with exception of making a tiny cut on the right side to let Haley’s head free.  I took it easy with the weights, sort of getting to know the machines.  I’ve worked out there before, way back when I was a college student.  Weird coming back at different time in my life as compared to then.  Not much has changed.

Before today, I was looking for a workout shirt and sports bra.  I finally bit the bullet and took my butt down to Target, tried on few sports bra to get an idea what’s out there, what I like and don’t like.  Target had a sale going on and I was determined to find something.  I found something rather quickly!  It’s a simple sports bra by Champion.  I think their new line, supposedly C9 or something.  I also found this shirt from Target, I LOVE it and hope to pick up some more like it:


Awesome isn’t it?  It was just perfect for working out.  Now the shocking part of where I found this shirt.  Get this, I found this in the sleepwear section.  Whaaat?  Yes, sleepwear.  It’s soooo soft.  Hopefully soon, I’ll pick up another set to grow my gear a bit.  I’m focusing on Pilates friendly wear so I can easily go from the gym or Pilates rather than having two separate gears.  So nearly 1 hour down and 31 more to go to meet my minimum hours for the semester.  Of course, I aim to exceed that as well.