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Fabric Shopping is Half the Battle…


It’s been a while since my last post for a lot of reasons.  We’ve been busy with the approaching holidays, our life, work, enjoying Haley, and mama working on finding time for herself.  Well, one of those involves crafting/sewing.  Recently, we had celebrated Hubbs’ birthday.  I had ordered him an awesome gift and decided, while I’m there, I might as well order myself something awesome.  So, in comes Amy Butler’s Style Stitches.  First thing I really wanted to do was her Cosmo Bag.  I’d already done her free download of the yoga bag and LOVE it!  I’ve been using it this semester on my Friday’s pilates class.  I think the ladies in the class were oogling my bag and always make comments on it.  It was something I made for myself.

The Cosmo Bag, I am intending to have this made for myself as well to replace my temporary gym bag, which is sometimes crammed to the brim for my gym essentials.  Now that I have it picked and all.  I just need to pick the fabrics.  The rest will be easy-peasy.  Right?  Wrong!  I’m STILL trying to choose my fabric!  Who knew that this would be half the battle?!  Or maybe more than half…  Ugh…  Maybe I’ll have this done by the time Haley graduates from high school.  I kid.  I kid.

But in all seriousness.  I had this idea/vision I would go with yellow/white/black/grey sorta gym bag.  Right?  Yea well, only when you find yourself flip-flopping on the fabric choices you had in mind.  This yellow for the lining?  No, make it the spotlight fabric on the outside?  Will it match the other fabric?  Do you stay with same designers/lines or do you go daring and mix and match?  Polka dots and stripes overkill?  See, you have all the possibilities of designs in something so simple.

It’s always good once you have the final purchases in your hand and you start putting them together and seeing the final product.  Until then, why can’t it be just simple as walking into the store, seeing the fabric you like, and be done with it?  No no no.  This is the one area I feel that takes a rocket scientist and a professional planner to finalize the product itself.  A bit much of a visual?  Well, you know what I mean…  Carry on.

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