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Croup II

Long time no see!  Hmm, somebody has been slacking off lately…  Guilty as charged…  Maybe because the holidays are coming up and having had my time consumed by the little lady and family members.  I’ve been slowly plotting out my latest project (which is in the cutting stages right now, yayy!).  It’s my new Cosmo Bag from Amy Butler.  It will be a modified version with outside kangaroo pockets for extra stash.  So I’m looking forward to that.  Onto the post itself…

The past week was a chaos with my work schedule and school schedule, that’s too complicated to go into.  After all those are set aside, she was home with me since Tuesday as well as the festive of Thanksgiving holiday, which we got to celebrate twice!  Good thing I’ve been working just about daily since the beginning of September.  I think I just about cancelled out all those gym times with the two Thanksgiving dinners.

Haley was her usual self, running around the house, playing hard with her toys, same old.  Saturday, Hubbs went off to weld with his dad on his latest project with his beer making process.  So we stayed home instead and tried to play as hard with her possible so she could have a good nap for me to start cutting on the fabric for the project I mentioned.  I would either tidy up during her nap times, read, rest, or even do a bit of project.  Usually it’s so hard to predict what kind of nap she’ll have.  I’ve had as short as 30 minutes to as long as 3 hours.  Wouldn’t it be so nice for Haley to give me an idea so I can plan for her nap hours?  Oh well!

After her nap, she had her usual snack with whatever she was asking for.  Just around this time was when Hubbs came home that he pointed out Haley felt hot than her usual temperature.  I didn’t notice right off but seemed to be there ever so slightly.  So we kept an eye on her.  She started coughing and coughing, restless, and even got up soon after we put her down for the night.  You know when your kiddo wakes up from what seemed to be a nightmare?  She came out of the room looking like that.  Poor girl. Her coughs continued and we started to get concerned when it became apparent of her having difficulty breathing.

I took this cue in starting to look at an urgent care center that was open that late of a time, which was around midnight/1am.  With Hubbs gone most of the day, she just wanted daddy, which was fine with me so I could look around.  I did find something the last time we nearly went to urgent care but decided to wait it out to go see her doctor since the office nearly opened.  I kept that information, and turns out it was really useful this time around.  I had no luck in finding anything open this late in the night.

It was well worth the drive, given it was the only place open that was close to us.  There was practically no waiting time other than filling out the form.  The nurse brought us to have Haley’s vitals to be taken before taking us to our assigned room to be seen by a doctor.  We learned that Haley is barely pushing 25 pounds.  I had her sit at the weighing table and saw the number come up as 24 pounds 4 oz.  Tiny thing!  Shouldn’t come as a surprise since she still has most 18 mos-24 mos clothing.  She has few 2T sizes but doesn’t wear them often, but still!

The doctor came and talked with us about her symptoms and all signs pointed to croup.  As soon as she said that, I was relieved to have this confirmed since it was my first immediate thought.  The doctor even heard her cough just as she came back with information sheet about the croup, even though we had it last time around.  “Yep, that’s definitely croup, poor girl.”  This time around, we had taken her earlier than before.  Haley got her medications to treat the croup and we were on our way home.

So…  1 year 11 months 3 weeks and 3 days, she came down with croup #2.  She’s usually the last of her classmates to come down with anything or being sick.  If any, she has been pretty healthy.  I would think so with all the fruits she loves to eat.  The good news, the little lady is doing well now that she’s had her meds and shot.  I wonder what her 2nd year will bring us.  I can’t believe she’ll be 2 soon!  I feel like sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if it’s really happening.