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Err, Updates!

Ah whoops!  Let’s see…  I last posted…  nearly 3 months ago?!  Lots have happened since then!  It consisted of some sickness with Haley and being in/out of school.  Soon after her croup treatment at the pediatrician urgent care, she got better.  She also had some hearing appointment which resulted in some series of appointments.  I have to say I am happy to be back on track.  That itself is a long story!  Haley turned 2 years old sometimes during that time.  I mean what?  Two?  Really?  She’s been very “Miss Independent” these days.  I don’t really feel she is in the “Terrible Two’s”, it’s just that she’s in the phase of wanting to do stuff herself and if she doesn’t get her way, might have a bit of meltdown.  I had a co-worker who brought her recently born daughter (approximately 10 weeks) and I totally forgot how small Haley had been.  It was surreal.  Haley’s hair is getting much longer!  I always get asked when she is going to have her hair cut.  My response:  not anytime soon.

Then there’s me.  During that time, I completed my employee incentive for gym hours, which I found to work really well.  With Haley sent home from school or her doctor’s appointments, my last month wasn’t very productive with the gym hours so I barely met my mark.  In this same period, I signed up for a mile club challenge and exceeded my goal (it was 100 miles at the time).  With both of these, I signed up for another semester of gym incentive and another mile club challenge.  This time, I decided to double my goal.  My challenge started 2 weeks ago and I’m on target for completing the 200 miles in 100 days.  During that time, I made progress with my sewing and craft projects:  few bags, drawstring bag, plastic bag storage, and even pushing closer to finishing Haley’s sewing basket.  I also baked few things and had some first time experience with hard boiled eggs.  I even hosted a girl’s tea party with some loose teas I had bought over the winter break, they were really good.  Hubbs is busy as usual, he has his variety of projects that keeps him busy and includes brewing some beer.  I can tell he is anxious to brew another batch soon.  He’s had an experimental batch and it turned out well.

The major thing during that time frame was that I had a new phone, the old one didn’t quite take good pictures.  You could see it get fuzzy.  It was either that or my point and shoot.  So I’m excited to upload the ones that has been taken so far to the photo gallery.  Which means possible AW-type of post with bunch of pictures to date.