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Latest Personal Goals

Lately, I’ve been making a point to continue my exercise routine.  The last post I did under the “exercise” category, yes I even searched it up, was this.  Once in a while, I would post some moments I find myself thinking “You Know You Are a Mom When…” and found Haley’s binky in my gym bag.  What a surprise.

Well, last semester, I finished out my gym just over the time required to “pass” the course.  Yes, I signed up for a course.  The kind of person I am, I hate failing in a class.  So I used that to my advantage.  Oh yea, and with my work, I got some mad discount on the tuition and only paid the class and registration fees.  Pretty much beats out a gym membership.  I even work out during my lunch break.  I go around 4-5 days a week, depending on what’s up that day.  Sometimes Haley would be sent home from school before I could hit up the gym or I have appointments for myself.  With the success of that, I signed up for another semester of gym class.  Same gig.

I love going to the gym these days.  I see it sort of a bit of time for myself.  Sometimes I would do some free weights.  Sometimes I would do some stationary bicycle.  Usually when I’m on the bicycle, I’d also read while cycling.  Hey, multi-tasking!  No joke.  I think I got through all of Harry Potter books, thanks to my mama friend, in few months.  I made it a goal to finish it all before the last movie.  I don’t know how I’ve not read those books before the first movie was released at all!

Before going in the gym, sometimes I would draft up my own gym sheet to keep me on track rather than hemming and hawing on what to do that day.  Usually, they consisted of going to Women’s Health Magazine’s website.  I think I started visiting that website from reading the uber old magazine of theirs while on the bike.  They would have few sets of exercises shown in the magazine.  What I really like about their website was that I can do a lot of multi purpose moves during my short lunch break.  That’s what I noticed when I used their weight circuit systems as compared to doing multi purpose moves.  With the weight circuit system, sometimes I am in an awkward position and having to take few minutes to adjust myself.  With the multi purpose moves, I could do free weights to do squats AND bicep curls.  So sorta like hitting two birds with one stone than hitting up two separate machines.  Not only that, seems everyone is using the machine and I just can’t wait for them to get off.  So using body weights or nearly no equipment works best for me.  I would scour the WHM for ideas, or sometimes Googling for additional ideas.  I use some resistance bands, stability balls, free weights, medicine balls, bosu ball, or just my own body weight.  Fridays is my dedicated day for Pilates.  Oh how I love Pilates.  Just something about it I like.  Even though it’s not all go go go, it still gives me the focus to make sure my form is correct, it’s just about me.  I’m always bummed to miss Pilates but have gone to every single one of them since the spring semester began.

Lately, I worked mostly on planks.  My first time around last semester, it was sorta pathetic:  10 seconds.  There, now you know how it was for me.  Now, I’m working towards 45 seconds plank and aiming for a bit longer.  But in no way I’m aiming for the world record of the longest plank hold, which appears to be nearly a year ago by an Australian guy, holding at 33 minutes and 40 seconds!  Umm, wow.  I’ve gone 5 seconds over that, but not 33 minutes additional!  Eek!

So all in all, I sort of forgot how important exercise was to me.  Not necessarily “exercise”, but moving around.  I mean, I participated in team sports all the way up to high school.  College, I did some co-ed teams, but not so much in terms of competitiveness.  Most of my time was dedicated to my studies.  Then college was over.  It was sorta muddy trying to sort myself out.  Never too late, right?

Haley’s School Musings

So, the last week was pretty interesting for Haley at her school.  Usually, there may be some questions of the day or question of the week.  Sometimes Haley’s name would have a blank responses and I know they tried getting something out of her.  So, I had gone in one day and asked the teachers if they can encourage her to actually say the words rather than having her point or drag them over to what it was she wanted.  It was the same day I spoke with the school director and I suppose she understood my perspective to encourage a child that receives languages well but the expressive part still needs some work on it and put an analogy that they could understand.  Well, next day, I came in  the classroom to sign Haley out and have her help me collect her stuff.  We turned to leave and saw that she had something filled next to her name.  Couldn’t it be?!  A response!

Some of the questions of the week involved:

Favorite Animal?  Dog

Favorite Fruit?  Orange

Favorite Song?  3 Little Monkeys

Interesting!  Granted, we have two little dogs so I imagine it was the first thing that came to mind.  Then there’s the fruit, she’s been on an orange kick lately.  Finally, the song, I’m pretty sure I have an idea how the song goes, but I do know the school do some signing with songs too.  In her One Year room, she loved the Apple Tree song, seems that it’s evolved to the 3 Little Monkey.

Then there’s the promised pictures as of late.  She has become so independent lately and tries to do most things herself.  Sometimes she needs a bit help.  She even went as far as to feeding Nana her own dinner!  That was pretty hilarious.

Here, she is playing a bit of dressing up, mostly with all the bags we had in her room.  Some of them used to be my purse, some of them were made, and some were sent home with her from a party we went to.  She found some necklaces that I somehow still had all these years.  Not quite for daily wear, but fun types of necklaces.  I think she had a blast putting them on and such.  She even picked up the play kitchen phone to chat.


Sometimes Haley and I take a trip to our library to get her some books.  The one day we went, we were pretty early so I decided to take her over to a nearby park which was just over the hill.  As soon as we got there, she practically had no interest in the park whatsoever.  Hmm, oddly, usually she’s all bent over.  Then I see what she was looking at and explains why she had no interest.  See, she is really into birds these days and even makes a point to stop and point out the birds for me.  While driving, she would point them out, while shopping and spying a bird, she’d point it out, or even on the way from the car to her classroom.  So we walked over to the nearby lake and saw all kinds of birds (at the least to her).  There were ducks, geese, pigeons, and some bunch of assorted birds.  I’m pretty sure they all thought we had came to feed them.  We had nothing with us.  I was pretty nervous since she got awfully close to the edge so I asked if she wanted to sit and watch.  I love the picture I took!  Totally reminds me of the times my mom would take us out to the park.  Good times.


And finally, I totally think she loves to snuggle up with a cozy blanket.  Just like mama.  I love doing this while watching TV, reading a book, hanging out.  If there’s no blanket nearby, you could probably find me resting my hands on top of a pillow or something.  This was one Saturday morning and Haley woke up asking for the mini pancakes and wanted to watch Mr. Bean (yes, the funny guy).  She even asked for my blanket that I made to be stuffed up around her.  So I did that.  Usually her pancakes would have whipped cream or that sort, but this time was plain.  I quite didn’t want to mess up my blanket that I’ve only JUST finished making.


So, there you have it.  Haley’s latest musing at her school along with few bonuses thrown in.  People at work always stop by my office to ask how she is, usually they’d refer her as the baby.  She’s not so much of a baby these days, but she’ll always be my baby.  It’s amazing how much she can do these days and have a mind of her own.