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Wordless Wednesday


Sewing Update

My fabrics for the cardi wrap and apron have been pre-washed.  Holy cow!  The pattern pieces for the cardi wrap was ginormous that I couldn’t trace it on the back door as I normally have done.  So I decided to cut into the tissue paper.  I NEVER do that, but I felt that it was necessary for this scenario.  I should probably look into something where I can have a sturdy board to cut onto.  Dining table was much too small for that feat.  I had to do the cutting on our bed.  Not the best place nor was it sturdy either, it was the best option I had at the time.  Reason for not cutting into the tissue is mainly so I can easily go back and trace myself a new size or anything like that.  The only exception is if it’s a one-size kind of thing, then okay, I’ll cut it.  But why oh why must the tissue be soooooo thin!  Breathe all wrong and the paper will tear!  That’s how I felt.  The pillows will be on hold since I’m running into a “sew-er’s” block.  Ya know, like writer’s block?  I didn’t know how else to make it sound right, but was close enough.

I’m very excited in the prospect of this up and coming cardi wrap to make it’s debut in my closet.  I wait and wait until I get some sort of coupon or see a sale going on, then I just might be there searching for the right fabric for the project.  It’s funny, I sorta do it the opposite.  I don’t actually fabric stash but more so, I find a project I want to do, make a space for it on my desk (or so called desk) which is really a baggie (I hope later on I can have a nice sturdy storage box for something like this) to hold my projects.  When I clean up and put away my project, it goes back in the bag, nice and organized.  If I see no bag, means I have nothing in progress and letting me think or brainstorm of the next project.

Going back to the cardi wrap, I noticed my “wish list” of closet items have majority of cardis in the pictures.  Oh yea, they’re my Polyvore stuff I posted waaay back.  I’ve not made new creations lately but I did eye few of other people’s creation.  I can’t help but think to myself “Oh yea, I could probably make that!” or “I swore I saw a pattern for this somewhere…”

Well, I should probably get myself into bed, it’s pretty late in the night (or early?), however you look at it.  I promise to post a picture of the completed items!

Summer Sewing!

I have quite a bit of projects lined up for the summer!  It involves a mountain of pillows, UFO (Unfinished Objects), few tops for myself, an apron, and re-doing a top for Haley.  The last bit I ran into some trouble.  I’d mess up on the instructions and when I followed it, the top didn’t seem to be finishing up.  Around here, I started making some adjustments and realized later on in the directions adjustments were being made.  Blargh!  I normally read ahead on the directions to sorta “study” them, but didn’t actually catch this kind of stuff.  Whoops!  Now I know what to expect next time around.  I know there will be additional modifications made at my end as well.

As far as pillow goes, I have 4 more to finish up.  Once I do, they all will be hand sewn shut.  I’ve been pretty curious on garments and have few tops to try out.  They look pretty good for beginner though I’ve been picking up a lot of sewing tips and skills as I go along.  The tops involve a cardi wrap, a kimono tee, and a pattern that I am borrowing from my mom.  I need to trace out the cardi wrap and the pattern from my mom in my size.  I actually don’t really like cutting up the pattern tissue.  I feel like I just trace what I need onto a more sturdy paper and go from there.  That way, I could also make notes onto the paper itself for future reference.

I’m sure like anybody who sews, they keep a running list of projects, inspiration board, and blog hop for project ideas.  In fact, the other day, I found few more blogs to follow and they are starting to span outside of the country.  I find it a really friendly community when you contact them to compliment on their posts or have inquiries about them, they seem open to answer them even if the posts have been pushing beyond 1 year ago.  The trick is, I find, when contacting them, in the first line to include the direct link to the post itself and go from there with your message.  Anyways, today was a productive day, I hope to finish up the pillows seeing how it’s the holiday weekend here.  That’s on top of having had gone to a BBQ party and coming home with a sleepy toddler ready to pass out with a full and freshly opened box of juice from the said BBQ.  Sleepy much?  Hehe.  That usually helps.

Fitness Goal Met!

So let’s see!  My post about my fitness goal?  Met!  I finished this semester with just over an hour or so of clocked gym hours.  Not only that, I also passed my Mile Challenge Club for the 2nd time in a row.  First time was 100 miles and I exceeded waaaay over that by the time the challenge was over.  Second time around, I decided to bump it up to 200 miles.  I exceeded this as well.  Go me!

About last month, I participated in a health incentive for all of employees to have their blood sugar checked and for few other things such as cholesterol since I missed my day at my home campus (Haley was sick that day).  No problem, I just signed up for the one near my parent’s house and drove straight there after dropping Haley off.  I showed up and signed in.  Just when I finished filling out forms, I was informed I was “x” numbered person to sign in and that I’d won two VIP tickets to the movies!  Yeah baby, yeah!  Austin Powers much?  Moving on…  I was thrilled and got to work.

Well, guess what, I not only won two tickets, but I won ANOTHER two more tickets for the mile challenge club for logging my miles on a regular basis (I was really on a roll at the time).  Whoa!  FOUR tickets?!  Can we say date night!?  I’ve not decided what movie to watch but definitely can see this in the near future.


Then just today, I got an email from the coordinator of the incentive program for all things health related at work, saying that if I had completed the challenge early, I could pick up my prize for completing this.  I walk down to the office to claim my prize and it’s a brand spanking new gym bag, though I have my own that I made.  It’s great for toting few things or have a stash in the car for backups.  The bag, by the way, is Amy Butler’s Cosmo bag which I modified with some instructions I found online to add outside pockets.  What a beauty!  I always love toting this to and from work for the gym and always get compliments on this.  It goes as far as which store I had gotten it from.


What a beauty huh?  I can see why people ask me about it.  It’s like a super size purse that holds everything you can imagine.  More like Mary Poppins bottomless bag.  I have yet to decide what to do about summer fitness hours.  I know their hours at the gym will be limited and will be offered at certain times during the day.  Have yet to look into this but still contemplating this.

Aside from that, I do have few projects planned for the summer.  I had gone to a shoppe this past weekend since I had a gift card to that place (with some balance left still, I underestimated the amount on the card).  I picked up an apron pattern (Sew Liberated Emmeline) and a yummy fabric from Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo Scattered Blooms in Green.  See?



The fabric I picked up will be that apron, I just need to find the coordinating fabric and get to it.  This is my summer project, one of ‘em.  Oh looking forward to it!  I also have bought more than the yardage listed on the pattern since I liked it so much.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a muted green type of mint, and so soft too!

Treat for Mom

So, Friday I had the opportunity to take off work much earlier than my usual time.  I was just heading on the way to pick Haley up to go to the store to stop by for few things.  On a spur, I remembered my aunt had given me a gift card for Starbucks.  Change of plans and I veered off course to find the nearest Starbucks.  I’ve not been to one in ages!  More like waaaay before Haley was born.  More like…  back in my college days…  I had my mind set on a caramel frappe and went in with this in mind.  What did I find as soon as I walked in?  A big sign right in my face saying that until Sunday, they are offering a “frappe happy hour” from 3pm to 5pm for half the price.  Say what now?  I wait in line eagerly for my turn and ordered up the treat.  Then just before I paid, I had asked if they could give an extra helping of caramel?  “Sure!  We can do that!”  Oh boy!

I browsed around a little bit while it’s being made since it was somewhat busy at the time.  I think there were about 8 people in front of me, one lady had a group order of 8 frappes and only two pairs of hand AND her own purse and car keys.  She was a pro at it, it seems.  My name was called and I go up to pick up my drink.  I must have seen the sky parted and the light seemed surreal and shining onto my drink in a weird way, but good.  Yea, that’s how it was for me.  Here I was, about two hours early to get Haley from school.  I sure as heck made it count.  I sat in the car for oh good 20 minutes.  It’s always been go go go for me lately and it was nice to just…  sit.  If ya know what I mean.  I headed over to Target to browse a bit and picked up few essentials for myself which included a nice smelling body wash from Aveeno.  Yum!

And here’s my lovely drink that was consumed…


Yeeessssh, that’s life.  Look at that drizzling of the caramel.  Perfection!  I still have some balance on my card.  I may or may not pick up another treat before the week is out…