Homemade Love for the Pups

So, I have to mention this recipe I found on Pinterest, homemade peanut butter dog treats.  I’ve lost count how many times I have made these so far.  I started making them earlier this year.  The first time, the dogs didn’t pay much attention to me.  They went from “Our she-human is just busy in the kitchen, just ignore her” to “All attention on deck!  Look smart laddies!”  I will provide the said evidence momentarily.

Why did I go homemade on the dog treats?  I’m not sure exactly.  I guess it was just that there were so many ingredients that was listed when it should be a lot more simple than that, right?  Ya know, things like milk, peanut butter, and flour?  Plus, I probably could make some savings by making my own.  So off I went to Pinterest (I like that you can search by pictures, I’m visual like that) and rounded up potential recipes.  I eventually narrowed it down to Brown Eyed Baker’s Peanut Butter Doggie Bones.

The yellow lab pictured there is nearly exactly how our dogs looked like while waiting for their treats to be baked.  Sometimes I have to kick ‘em out of the kitchen before they flood it.  I’ve been using a dog shaped cookie cutter until about two batches ago with a small circle cookie cutter.  We seem to favor the circle shaped.  But can easily be done with any shapes.

When I’m ready to make more, I usually double the recipe only because I don’t want to take the extra step by measuring out half the peanut butter container into the measuring cup, then again into the bowl.  So I just sort of scoop the whole thing out.  The recent batch yielded 120 treats (three cookie sheets with 8 rows and 5 columns of treats each).  My latest trip to the store was to pick up more peanut butter since it was the only thing I was missing.  I paid $5 for two peanut butter spread.  It was on sale.  The rest I had at home, and inexpensive too.

Here are the pictures of the treats on the cookie sheet ready to be baked and after having been baked.  I should look for some sort of container since I’m still using the ziploc bag.  I wasn’t sure if this would be a one time thing, but obviously not so I should get a pretty container.



With each batches, I sort of experimented with how long to bake it and how thick to go for.  It seemed that my perfect combination is the thickness that would take me about halfway through the circle cookie cutter, I suppose 1/4″ thick or a smidge more and baking at 15 minutes instead of 20 minutes as the recipe called for.  Making these batches is also a good work out.  Mixing, kneading, and rolling.  Like, without my beloved KitchenAid mixer.  How I miss thee!

Now, photographic evidences…


Then somehow, each batches I make, they’ll sneak closer and closer to the oven.  See?  Never mind Leila’s eyes going all “Feed me!”, that’s just the flash.  Hehe.  Of course, Cosmo decided to amp up his game by attempting to get closer to me than when he first started, see the picture above (behind Leila) and below (in front of Leila).


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