Emmeline Apron

So that sneak peek post couple days ago?  It’s finally done!  This is Sew Liberated’s Emmeline Apron.  Never mind my awkward pose with the elbow.  I wanted to show the apron in its fullest.


I had this pattern picked out while we were out shopping at a new fabric store.  Well, after I got the pattern and wandered around the store, I spotted a quilt with a block of fabric that jumped out at me, which is the picture above.  This is Lotta Jansdotter’s Echo in Scattered Blooms Green.  I really really liked it that I ran up to the ladies at the cutting table and asked where to find the bolt.  After being directed to it, I immediately wanted to make the apron I had in my hand.  So I beelined for the table again and promptly ordered the yardage plus more for extras.  This is supposed to be reversible and the other side, I didn’t quite catch the line but it was really nice, sorta floral but not floral.  Looks sorta ivy-ish.

I would say it took me about 2 hours to cut out everything only because it was stop and go while the girl napped.  She napped unusually long that day so checked on her few times to make sure she was okay.  The pattern was one sized and only had to tape two pieces of paper together for the straps, the rest of it was directly cut from the envelope.


Because there would be bias tape, I usually would just go ahead and make the bunch while I’m at it.  The pattern only called for 2 yards and I ended up with a total close to 8 yards.  So, I will be able to get 6 more yards of use (or practice) of the tapes.  It wasn’t so bad.  Once I got some sort of system figured out to attach the pieces together, flipping the tape to make the ends look seamless went faster.  If you see dark pictures, most likely it was my night time sewing or even prepping.


The instructions was really good and actually went from the last step from making the bias tapes to attaching the halter straps only took me 5-6 hours.  I was really bummed I was so close to finishing the halter straps.  Alas, I had to clean up so I could head out to get the girl from her school.  It wasn’t until last night I finally finished.



Ta-dah!  Finished!


Close up, whoa!  Don’t you love that Echo?


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