New Workout Gear

So!  It sure has been a crazy few weeks which contributed for being MIA lately.  Sometimes over the summer, I managed to pick up new capris and t shirt for my new workout gear.  I am staring my third semester of employee section class at work.  I decided not to continue that through the summer otherwise it would be my fourth semester.  Naturally, I was worried my body would become lackadaisical but surprisingly not since I remained active over the summer in another form.  My summer consisted of a compressed work week which in turn made my Fridays being my off day.  I am slightly sore but nowhere near the level of soreness I experienced my first semester.  Holy cow!  Walking or even stretching was a major chore!  I look forward in seeking out additional items for my workout gear.  Sadly, my pilates mat doesn’t seem to be used much anymore.  It’s lost the stickiness since I keep slipping and sliding during class.  Silly, I tell you.  For now, I’m using the general mat provided by the group fitness.  I make sure I pre-wipe the heck out of the mat, like crazy.  I much rather have my own.  I like it sticky, long, and even a bit thicker but most I’ve seen is pretty thin.  Boo.  The search continues.


So naturally, new clothes made me feel good!  Surprisingly comfy!  My main concern was would the outfit be as comfy as I work out?  It did!  First day back, which was yesterday, consisted of the following, some running on the treadmill, leg press, bench press, and some mat work with the medicine ball.  The mat work consisted with bent leg roll ups, traditional roll ups, some Russian twists, and a bit of stretching.  I was impressed with the gym at work since it went through a bit of remodeling in terms of floor materials and rearranging the equipment to flow a bit better as one moves around the gym.  Tomorrow, pilates!  It will be two hours earlier than my usual time but dang it, I’m committed to go!

Not only that, I have also signed up for a third round of Mile Club Challenge.  I started out with 100 miles since I had no idea what is involved and second time around, I doubled that.  Now this time around, I now signed up for 300 miles in 100 days.  It’s not yet started but soon will!  For example, I would have earned close to 3 miles for riding the stationary bike today in 50 minutes (woot woot!).  The program credits 1 mile for every 3 miles cycled.  I would have met my daily goal.  Not to mention, you can include the steps you have done that day.  It varies from day to day but for something like today, I would have totaled 1 mile.  If it was last week, I sure spent a lot of time outside the office so I am sure it’s probably twice that!

With summer winding down into fall even though we are still experiencing summer temperatures, I’ve been downing water like crazy.  Shall we demonstrate?


A bonus would be a glimpse of Haley’s lovey, Sophie on the bottom left of the picture.  No, in all seriousness, I didn’t drink all those bottles myself.  We have a water delivery and normally get 5-7 bottles, depending what we need that month on top of Hubbs’ hobby of brewing.  We had missed a delivery so whoops!  That meant we were holding those empty bottle for a bit longer than usual.  Haley do love helping us stack them outside, ready for the deliver/exchange day.  She has been such a little helper these days.

In other news, I have been toying with the idea of signing up for Warrior Dash after my two dear friends have completed their courses earlier this year.  My supervisor and/or co-workers would be involved in marathons, triathlons, or even events including Tough Mudder.  A might too extreme for me, until my friends told us about Warrior Dash.


It’s more on the fun side and the course itself is 3-miles ridden with obstacles course (Tough Mudder is so much tougher and longer than that).  So far, I haven’t taken the plunge, but the thought is there.  Go ahead, Google up Warrior Dash and check out the images.  Doesn’t that look like fun?  Right now, no local races but out of state.  Road Trip?  Yes?  Hmm, still contemplating…

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