Tea Surprise

My parents had gone to Boston for their vacation during the last week of August.  They went to tons of places and some involved visiting Cape Cod, Salem Witch Hunt, different breweries, and many other places I’ve forgotten by now.  Hubbs had gone to Boston before and he suggested few places too.  I hope one day to visit there as well.  I had asked for tea and chocolate from my parents.  I don’t know if Hubbs had any request.  When they brought back was pretty cool.  Haley has several shirts of the universities out there.  My parents mentioned the felt like professors walking close to the university.  I believe that brings her university shirts count to 3 or 4 shirts now.

Then there was Hubbs, he received some shirts as well on top of a pretty cool beer mug.  I might show my age a bit here but my parents had visited Cheers bar.  How cool is that?  Some pictures were shared and some funny comments exchanged.  Things like if my mom had applied for Diane’s job or what a big deal it was to sit in Norm’s chair.  My parents brought back the short mug that Norm usually would drink, that short and dimpled mug.  Anytime it’s spotted in an opened and clean set of dishes, Hubbs would swoop in and proceed to fill it with a cold beer.  That was the souvenir brought back for him and he has definitely put it to use.  I declare that we must go to Cheers in Boston to get him more of those mugs.  I think he had no argument about that.

Then there was me, I received a bag full of tea goodies.  Mostly whenever my parents went, they would pick up various tea bags here and there.  I got all different kinds:  English breakfast, roobios, Earl Grey, cinnamon spice, herbal, etc.  Coming to my title of this post, “tea surprise”, Hubbs recognized a specific brand out of all the tea bags that I sorted through and he got really excited and begged me to make him a cup of this specific Earl Grey tea.  Say what now?  Making tea for Hubbs?  I’ve been buying and drinking all sorts of tea (Earl Grey included) and he’s never asked me to do so.  Hmm, okay, so I asked what was up.  He explained that he grew up drinking that brand of tea and it was his favorite.  Ever since, he’s asked me to make him a cup of tea, usually just before bedtime.

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