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Well, more tea stuff continues…

I came home from work and found that a package was on the table and Hubbs was excited to open it.  Turns out he ordered more of the same bag of tea I made for him.  Harney and Sons Earl Grey Supreme, to be more specific.  Now that would make sense of all questions he was asking me if pre-made tea bags or loose leaves was best.  Most of my stuff are loose leaves, since one would have more control of the strength as well as blending with other flavors if desired.  He bought the pre-made tea bag only it contained loose leaves.


I didn’t actually see the website but saw that they had several tins that looked pretty cool way to display on top of the kitchen cabinet when done with them.  My mom has bunch of those displays at her house and I’ve always loved ‘em.  I’m pretty sure they’re a lot older than I am but that’s part of the charm about it.

Now I will have an excuse to get more tea stuff knowing he likes tea.  My next task?  Find a good scone recipe (or two) to go along with a good cup of tea!  Onward with the search…

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