I’m still around!

I’m still here!  I didn’t fall off the blogging-sphere, if that’s a word.  Since my last post, there’s been a number of things that happened here.  Like what?  Well, for starters, potty training is full on force in this house.  We have one stubborn little girl, people!  It is sort of a one step forward and two steps back type of progress here.  We’ve tried just about everything!  We have our good days and our…  better days.  Sure, there are frustrating moments here and there.  I KNOW she is sorta trained at her schools.

“Schools”?  Yep!  She started at a half day preschool once she turned 3 years old.  For the past few months, we were hard at work with our IEP team to ensure a smooth transition into school environment.  This school is a total immersion of ASL as her source of learning which is great!  Unfortunately, it is only half days.  I still cannot believe she turned 3 years old only last month.  Not just that, 2012 seemed to go by in a flash!  We celebrated her birthday with a tamale making party.  I have had some of these party fall on my birthday as well and it is quite fun!

Somewhere since my last post and this one, life also happened as I am a busy working mama!  Well, we had some incident at our house that involved a certain dog that shall not be named (Cosmo), and my right pinky finger.  Simply put, it was discipline gone bad that I err…  lost majority of my nail (nearly fully regrown).  I struggled for a while with using computer at work that using my laptop at home was just out of the question while I healed.  Typing was such a chore that for about 2 months, my right ring finger did both typing for its own plus the keys for the pinky finger.  Rest assured, lots of pictures were taken during that time though I doubt I will include the aftermath of the incident that involved a trip to the ER.  Hubbs did great with Haley in the waiting room while I was being seen.

Halloween was a blast!  Haley dressed up as the Wicked Witch who kidnapped Toto.  I dressed up as Wenda.  Hubbs, dressed up, according to him, as the rugged man.  Hmm okay.  Haha!  If you must know, he WAS supposed to dress up as Waldo.  Haley scored quite the stash as we trick or treated in my parent’s neighborhood.  Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us take over your house!  WE found few houses that could probably be considered THE house to go to when trick or treating.  They were doling out full sized candy bar.  FULL!  Wow!  Among the stash was a full sized Twix that I had my eyes on.  Shamelessly, I took it and had some for myself.  In my defense, Haley had her share of variety goodies in her bag.  When we were done, we headed home to help Nana hand out treats.

I promised her I would write about this.  We had fun passing out candies and seeing all sorts of kids and their costume.  We must had been outside for couple hours, maybe more.  Our candies to pass out would get lower and lower each time we gave them out.  Then finally, just enough for one kid.  Two or three pieces.  The last few kids were just single group so we figured maybe next kid will be just solo with his or her parents.  Well, we were wrong!  Next group that came along was a group, that’s for sure.  THREE kids came.  Oops.  We announced we only had enough for one and since they came in groups and assuming they were siblings, I had intended to give it to the youngest.  To our suprise, these kids said that was okay AND gave us THEIR candies to give to other kids that came along.  Uhh what?  WOW!  I…  just…  wow!  My mom, Hubbs, and I were sitting outside seeing all this and flabbergasted at this act.

Thanksgiving came along.  Let’s put it this way, I simply ate way too much.  We had lots of fun.  Surrounded by family and friends, food of course.  Hubbs brought along his home brew and it was oh so good!   There were some football game being played in the background.  The pies, oh the pies!  Why do we find room for dessert even on a full stomach?  Do we have a second stomach that we do not know about?  I seem to always “make room” for dessert.  The weather was perfect that we ate outside in the back patio.

Along came Christmas.  Oh phew!  That was quite the fun!  My mom suggested that we spend the night there after we do our annual Christmas Eve dinner with Hubbs family.  So we did that and did human tetris with our Jeep and the dogs, their crate, gifts, overnight bag, etc.  Good times!  Haha!  After dinner, we headed over to spend the night at our parents, my mom had a special plate pulled out for Haley to set out for Santa.  This was the same plate that I used growing up doing the same thing.  We set out few cookies for Santa and had her make a wish list.  Well, more like drew it, I suppose.  Set it with the cookies.  Christmas morning, oh boy, that was priceless!  Haley usually gets up early anyways.  So we went to wake Nana and Tata up.  Haley saw the cookies were eaten and asked us if we ate them.  We said no and she was in total shock.  We had quite the lazy morning and opening the gifts.  Haley was the official gift-opener for gifts that weren’t for her.  She just likes ripping the wrapping off.  Haha.  Christmas afternoon we headed to Hubb’s parent’s house.  More gifts openings there!  Then we ate dinner with them as well.  We had brunch with my parents and dinner with them.

New Year’s eve was low key.  Usually is for us and we watched the ball drop on the TV and went to bed after that.  Surprisingly Haley stayed up.  I heard that she actually beat Nana in staying awake.  Of course, Haley is up like the early bird next morning (or technically, that same day).  She has been on weird nap schedule or the lack of naps lately.  It would appear that she is moving towards to days with no naps.  I have no concept of that, naps are normal for me so it’s pretty scary to think about days with no naps.  I do stuff during her naps!  Like kitchen, laundry, and stuff!  Shall be interesting to see how it goes at one of her school since they do nap times there.

That would sum up our last few months.  Watch for photos to come soon!  Thank you for staying through to the end of this post of events.

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