It’s 100 here…

Today, this happened…


Okay, I will allow you a few moments to get yourself collected.  I think it’s at that point where you have to peel yourself off the leather seat in your car if you have those.  Or even feeling the heat coming off the asphalt more than coming from the sun itself.  Yikes and it’s barely May!  Why, just couple weeks back, it was actually very nice and we were getting, I would say around 80’s.

I think that only means few times, swim suit season are unto us folks.  That also means trips to the ice cream shop!  I think the little one will appreciate the latter the most!  In fact, we’ve had one not too long ago.  I think she was excited about this outing and she chose her very own concoction.  If you must know, it was raspberry sorbet with rainbow sprinkles.


I imagine we may have few more of that this summer.  We normally do not go out for ice cream like this often, but I would say this was definitely worth it for that picture.

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